Aug 8, 2017
Boy's "Bar Mitzvah of the Century"

Lazer Galperin, the boy who suffered 3rd-degree burns over 80 percent of his body, had the Bar Mitzvah of his dreams with Jewish music stars from across the world joining the joyous celebration.

By COLlive reporter

Lazer Galperin, a Chabad boy who was severely burned as a child and is still recovering, celebrated his Bar Mitzvah Monday night at a grand celebration dubbed "the Bar Mitzvah of the Century."

As a child of 5 years old, Galperin was severely burned during a fire that broke out in his family's home in the Israeli city of Kiryat Malachi in 2010. He suffered 3rd-degree burns over 80 percent of his little body.

Even if the boy would survive, doctors had speculated, he would require more than 17 skin graft surgeries in his first year alone and that he'll have his forearms and lower legs amputated.

A mere 11 days after the devastating fire that had many praying for the boy, the father Shmuel Galperin took his coma-induced, critically injured and utterly unrecognizable little boy for treatment in the USA.

After 18 months of treatment at Shriner's Hospital, Lazer Galperin returned home. He has since undergone years of surgeries, therapies and painful treatments.

Recently, Lazer was required to travel to the US once again, to undergo reconstructive surgery at Shriners Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia, that would enable him to wear prosthetics.

While in the US for treatment, Lazer was deeply saddened that he was to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah, far from his home, family and friends.

This week, with the help of the Vital One organization, a grand celebration was thrown in New Jersey.

Held Monday evening at the event hall in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ, the young boy made a grand entrance with a marching band led by 2 horses. The event also included a 20 minute fireworks display and lavish food and décor.

Lazer was surrounded by family, friends and relatives who traveled from near and far, who heard Lazer recite the Bar Mitzvah maamer as is customary.

Video: Lazer recites the Maamar

Jewish singers from around the world made the special trip to entertain at the Bar Mitzvah and cheer the young boy who has faced so many challenges in his young life.

Performers included Avraham Fried, Shmueli Ungar, Beri Weber, Yishai Lapidot, The Shira Choir and music by the Sababa Band led by Mendy Hershkowitz. YouTube star Meir Kalmanson got the kids into lively dancing, while singer Mordechai Ben David sent a video greeting as well.

Video: Avraham Fried sings at the Bar Mitzvah

The evening's star, Lazer, also made sure to do Mivtzoim at the event, helping a man to put on Tefilin who hadn't done so in nearly 40 years.

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Opinions and Comments
Absolutely BEYOND Beautiful!!!!
This brought tears to my eyes!!!!
How Precious!!!!!!
(8/8/2017 11:16:54 AM)
Mi Keamcha Yisrael!!!
(8/8/2017 11:32:31 AM)
Yidden are soooo beautiful ! Now, please let Moshiach come today so that everyone will be completely healed & all the tzuris will end
(8/8/2017 11:36:06 AM)
mazel tov
absolutely beautiful!!!
(8/8/2017 11:55:34 AM)
Midwest Lady
Thank you to Vital One and all those who made this happen for a very special young man. Jews take care of Jews.....May he see a complete and speedy recovery very very soon...Amen
(8/8/2017 12:09:38 PM)
This is Beautiful!!
Wow So Special only Simchas!!
(8/8/2017 12:59:35 PM)
(8/8/2017 1:18:52 PM)
When Moshiach comes... is US who will be standing on this bar mitzvah boys shoulders to get a glimpse....
(8/8/2017 1:34:53 PM)
To # 7
YES it is, little Moshie is Lazers cousin. He came in from Eretz Yisroel special for the bar mitzvah.
(8/8/2017 1:47:24 PM)
To number 7
Yes it is. He flew in with his grandparents. Leizer is his first cousin.
(8/8/2017 2:24:44 PM)
Courageous boy
We had the zechus to get to know the special Galperin family, while they are here for treatment for Leizer, they are residing in Lakewood, NJ. Leizer and his sister Mushky are attending the local mosdos, Torah. The love and achdus that whole klal Yisroel has given to this family will surely bring Moshiach!! May Chaim Eliezer Lipman Ben Devora Laya have a quick Refuhah Shelma
(8/8/2017 2:53:26 PM)
So happy to see this!
Ever since the fire, I have been saying Tehillim for Leizer daily. This is just beautiful, may he continue to improve and succeed in all his dreams. Mazel Tov!
(8/8/2017 3:08:55 PM)
This is just beautiful
This is so special. Lazer definitely deserve's this.
The food is making good my mouth watery
(8/8/2017 3:42:01 PM)
Mi keamcho yisroel
Hashem look at the love your children have for each other we are ready for moshiach!!!
(8/8/2017 3:46:00 PM)
so beautiful, mi k'amcha yisroel
(8/8/2017 9:44:34 PM)
Thank you
Thank you Mangels of Cincinnati for all you did for Lazer and his family.

From a family friend
(8/8/2017 9:53:48 PM)
R' aizik Lieder from vital one
he is the one and only one to thank for this grand celebration of the bar mitzvah of leizer galperin.

thank you so much Aizik!!!

a family member.
(8/9/2017 3:44:57 AM)
Thank you for sharing kindness in the world
Very nice to see good news!
(8/9/2017 6:15:24 AM)
Such a beautiful event, for such a beautiful boy.
Thank you to all who made this happen. What a great zechus!
(8/9/2017 7:19:52 AM)
Thinking of You
So proud of you, Lazer! I felt like I was celebrating with you! May you go from strength to strength! You are a valued member of Klal Yisrael. I hope you will regain strength. Always remember we are thinking of you.
(8/13/2017 2:41:29 PM)
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