Jul 12, 2017
JLI Holds Annual Conference

Over 550 Shluchim from across the globe gathered in Brooklyn recently for JLI’s annual Adult Education Conference and Expo.

Over 550 Shluchim from across the globe gathered at the opulent Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope for JLI’s annual Adult Education Conference and Expo.

Participants enjoyed a day of professional training, idea-sharing, best practices, and brainstorming new ways of expanding all forms of Mivtzah Torah in their hometown communities for the upcoming academic year.

Highlighting the Conference was one of the world's most effective social media experts, Sal Litvak; founder of the popular Facebook Page “The Accidental Talmudist.” Mr. Litvak described his personal journey toward Torah observance while outlining how he managed to build a webpage that shares Torah thoughts daily with over one million followers.

In his classic style, world-renowned orator Rabbi YY Jacobson lectured on the fundamentals of preparing a great class and how to really captivate an audience, before a large crowd of Shluchim which itself was riveted to the subject at hand.

Friend of Chabad and Yeshiva University Professor of Talmud Rabbi Benjamin Blech, shared with his audience the secret to dynamic public speaking, while New York University Professor Lawrence Schiffman, along with JLI's course editors Rabbi Mordy Dinerman and Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, unveiled some of the content of JLI's flagship courses for the upcoming academic year.

Also addressing the Shluchim at lunch were Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, Rabbi Zalman Abraham, Rabbi Hesh Epstein and local Shliach Rabbi Shimon Hecht.

Additional sessions included best-practices panels by Shluchim and JLI staff, including Rabbi Zalman Gordon, Rabbi Chaim Mentz, Rabbi Sholom Ber Cohen, and Rabbi Yossi Mendelson.

Alongside the sessions and workshops was a well-visited expo, featuring dozens of booths displaying the multitude of educational offerings, curricula, and products available from JLI and other mosdos.

The Conference concluded with a much anticipated “Ten-Yad Talks”, to assist fellow shluchim with new, innovative ideas for Mivtza Torah. An enthralled audience enjoyed a series of powerful, concise and fast-paced talks by Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein, Rabbi Yosef Levin, Rabbi Yossi Serebryanski, Rabbi Abba Perlmuter, Rabbi Zalman Margolin, Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin, Rabbi Yisroel Beenstock, Rabbi Ronnie Fine, and Mr. Sal Litvak.

Finally, as the day came to a close, Rabbi Yisroel Deren addressed the Shluchim, reflecting on the approaching day of Gimmel Tammuz and what we as Chassidim can do in the present circumstances.

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Opinions and Comments
Rabbi Mintz
Yasher Koach
(7/12/2017 12:46:33 PM)
Rabbi Abba Perelmutter
How I use humor when I teach. That is the reason why I love Rabbi Perelmutter classes because even the most mundane subjects he teaches injected with his sense of humor makes the class fun !!!!!!!!!!!
(7/12/2017 4:06:02 PM)
Rabbi Sudak
Rabbi Bentzi Sudak is the head of Lubavtich UK. He is a role model and someone we can all learn from.
(7/12/2017 4:45:59 PM)
Shlichus how it used to be
I think it is time to turn the clock back to the original shlichus model . We get so caught up in titles, fancy packaging and labels and programs , we forgot how to simply put on Tefillin with a jew , put a mezuza up in someones home , invite a jew for shabbos ect. Shluchim have become robots , just read a jli text book and repeat it , follow the instructions you are given on what to say to a young professional ect. We lost our heart and soul . We need to go back to the original mesirus nefesh shliach from the heart to the heart.
(7/13/2017 10:35:07 AM)
Rabbi Mintz
Rabbi Efraim Mintz is the head of JLI. He is a role model and someone we can all learn from.
(7/13/2017 1:33:54 PM)
Rabbi Abraham
It was a pleasure listening to all of his great marketing tips.

Thank you!
(7/13/2017 11:05:00 PM)
Rabbi Beenstock
It was great listening to his TED talk, I cannot wait to join the Virtual Assist program. JLI just keeps outdoing itself.

Kol Hakovod!
(7/18/2017 12:47:23 PM)
Food A+
The food was out of this world!!
(7/18/2017 4:27:10 PM)
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