Jul 22, 2009
Donor Prints New Imrei Bina

Biotech businessman Mouli Cohen announces another donation of his to republish Imrei Bina, one of the important Chassidic texts. "This facelift would not have been possible without the generous support," said Rabbi Asi Spiegel.


Donations by philanthropist Mouli Cohen have made possible the republishing of the "Imrei Bina" (Words of Wisdom), one of the most profound Chassidic texts.

Authored by Rabbi DovBer, known as the "Mitteler Rebbe (Admur Ha'emtzai)", the renewed access to the text has caused a tremendous excitement in Chasidic circles.

Rabbi DovBer was the leader of the Chabad movement for 15 years, from 1813 until his passing in 1827, carrying on and expounding upon the torch of Chabad Chasidic philosophy handed to him by his father, Rabbi Schneur Zaman of Liadi, founder of the Chabad-Lubavitch.

He published his Imrei Binah, in 1821 in Kopust. Imrei Binah is a multi-layered exposition on the mitzvot of Reading the Shema and Tefillin. It is considered one of the most profound of all Chasidic texts.

Previous printings of Imrei Binah were photo-reproductions of the first print of 1821. The typeface used in that edition was the Rashi script, popular in rabbinic writings of 200 years ago.

Due to paper shortages and costs, printers were forced to tightly cram the pages with several hundred words per page. The reproductions of this edition have deteriorated over the years and desperately needed a modern-day facelift.

Rabbi Asi Spiegel , Director of Chabad House Jewish Student Center at the University of Oregon, says, "This facelift to the text and access to the text for a new generation of Jewish and Chassidic scholars would not have been possible without the generous support of Mouli Cohen.

"We are honored to support the republishing of this important book and we look forward to supporting important Jewish causes in the future," said Cohen and his wife Stacy Cohen.

During the short span of Rabbi DovBer's leadership, the amount of Chasidim attracted to the movement increased in the tens of thousands. Building on the structure of his father, he expounded, developed and articulated the new teachings of Chabad.

While his father's teachings were brief and seminal, Rabbi DovBer's were lengthy and explanatory. The rivers of elucidation that he unleashed demonstrate an unfathomable brilliance. He saw it as his life's mission to bring Chasidic thought to the people and expected his students to understand the Divine levels with the same familiarity as their five fingers.

The beautiful new edition has been received by the community with great joy.

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Opinions and Comments
kol hakavod may he had lots of hatzlacha......and asi keep it up
(7/22/2009 7:23:00 AM)
i saw it
another well job by rabbi eli matosof and rabbi gavriel schapiro. from otzer hachasidim
(7/22/2009 8:05:06 AM)

Why no mention of who he gave the donation to: Kehot Publication Society, and who published it: Kehot Publication Society?
(7/22/2009 9:15:23 AM)
what is the benifit of this to the jewish people this only helps a minor sliver of a statistic whos knowledge ramps them to this point of being able to comprehend this work
but us what do we get?
(7/22/2009 9:48:56 AM)
Not nice
The holy sefer on that background.
You could do better.
(7/22/2009 9:54:08 AM)
Your attitude is a bit selfish, not every time someone sponsors something does it mean that you have to a direct beneficiary. The Rebbe encouraged the printing of the Rebbeims works, particularly when something received a face lift, making it more attainable to a larger audience
(7/22/2009 10:29:02 AM)
to 4:
how selfish! not everything can be translated into english!
(7/22/2009 11:51:09 AM)
job of kehos
The job of kehos is to publish sifrei chasidus, even those that few people read.
(7/22/2009 2:03:59 PM)
start learning how to be able to learn from it
(7/22/2009 3:38:51 PM)
to #4
My advice to you is to engage a chabadnik who knows and understands the issues presented in this volume and I'm sure it will overhaul you and your future for a better quality of life. Try it! Thanks a million to the sponsors of such a vital cause! you guys are great!
(7/22/2009 8:02:04 PM)
Rabbi Asi should teach the Sefer on the internet in English
how about Rabbi Asi giving an internet Shiur in English on the Sefer? then we can all benefit. get Mouli to sponsor it.
(7/22/2009 10:14:31 PM)
"Yafutzu maay'no'secho chutzah"
Did any forget what the Baal Shem Tov said, and how many times the Rebbe repeated it?

Printing Imrei Binah, and the like, brings the redemption. Period.

So blessed should they be for giving Kehot the opportunity to it.
(7/23/2009 4:53:32 AM)
what about likutei sichos?
we still don't have a full (normal) copy of hebrew and english likutei sichos... its 15 years after gimmel tammuz!!!!!

Nu? anyone step up?
(7/23/2009 4:13:47 PM)
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