May 17, 2017
Local Stores Unite Against Drugs

Crown Heights stores are giving customers a timely reminder to be alert to the potential dangers of substance abuse.

This week has been dubbed National Prevention Week by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

In an effort to promote awareness that we all need to be alert to the potential dangers of substance abuse, Operation Survival has partnered with Crown Heights stores to relay a timely message for parents and educators: Teach Kids to Refuse to Use! This message reminds us to empower our children with the confidence and skills to turn away from people and situations that promote the use of alcohol or other drugs.

"There is research that demonstrates that over 80% of young people ages 10-18 say their parents are the leading influence on their decision to drink or not drink," said Rabbi Yaacov Behrman, Program director of Operation Survival.

"Working together as a community we can strengthen our children so that they grow up safe and healthy. Many thanks to the businesses who understood the importance of this message enough to trade in their usual shopping bags for the ones with this timely message," said Behrman.

Within the last 10 months, Operation Survival trained over 100 Crown Heights residents in Opioid Overdose prevention and distributed free naloxone kits.

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Photo: Twitter @Mottel
Photo: Twitter @Mottel

Opinions and Comments
Great message
I feel like a few months ago everyone was all hyped up about the problem but it got quiet. I'm glad to see that someone is keeping the momentum going. Yasher koach Rabbi Behrman!
(5/17/2017 1:15:47 PM)
Beat the crap off the dealers. Especially Jewish ones, especially "frum"/"hassidic"/"meshichist" ( all quoted on purpose, they are truly none of those ) because they have stronger way to influence. Let them rotten in Jail, shamed, no help with child services issues and so on.
(5/17/2017 1:16:57 PM)
Hope to Hashem it works
(5/17/2017 1:57:15 PM)
Imagine Yeshivas didn't allow their "drugs" called alcohol be used by their kids? Sad to say: we choose which drug is good and bad.
(5/17/2017 2:08:16 PM)
Alcohol prevention? Choose to refuse?!
Has anyone spoken to the menahelim/mashgichim of Lubavitcher mesivtas world-wide??? This is where the problem starts!!!! In the name of a farbreingen.....
Kids are being ENCOURAGED AT AGE 15 TO DRINK. I don't care if it's more or less than 4 oz. underage is ILLEGAL!!
(5/17/2017 2:09:30 PM)
a little mistake
kids dont use drugs!!!

adults do!!!

so why does it say on the bag "teach KIDS"? it should say "teach ADULTS".

and btw sad to say that 80% of CH does drugs, why? because the higher ups running CH are so corrupt and crooked messing up the neighborhood & try to cover up on their actions. and those ppl are doing way more illegal things, JUST BTW!

and i am warning all of u its about to catch up with each and every one of u around the corner!

you can run! but you CANT HIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(5/17/2017 2:24:36 PM)
come on
teach you r kids to be normal chasideshe bochrim and they wont think about drugs
(5/17/2017 2:30:05 PM)
"There is research that demonstrates..."
(5/17/2017 2:34:12 PM)
Weed ain't a drug
Weed is an organic herb that no one in recorded history has overdosed on!
(5/17/2017 2:39:50 PM)
Way to Go
Yacov Behrman !! Always trying to improve Crown Heights in a REAL way
(5/17/2017 4:03:21 PM)
To #9
False info is dangerous - weed is a gateway drug. All drugs are potentially lethal.
(5/17/2017 4:35:10 PM)
to no 6
there are a lot of adults that do drugs u are right and as a recovering addict weed is a drug wake up
(5/17/2017 4:38:54 PM)
Rehab center in Brooklyn (kosher,)
Will be big help for the frum community.
B'gashmiyut ub'ruchnyut. This center will save many good
Neshamot. I belive that everyone will sponsor this mosad.
thank you for this idea.
(5/17/2017 5:01:35 PM)
To comment #12
I happen to agree with #6 big time. And where does it mention weed in his or her comment 6? Look in the mirror and wake up yourself.
(5/17/2017 6:04:22 PM)
Recovery centre
As a addict in recovery u cannot have a centre in Brooklyn
(5/17/2017 7:06:28 PM)
to #6
it doesn't say anywhere that 80 percent do drugs,,reread
(5/17/2017 8:17:35 PM)
You can always tell...
....when somebody has done a good thing because it makes people argue! The good news is at least now people are talking about the problem. That's a good step towards doing something. I think that instead of criticizing people would actually go to organizations like Survival and find out what they could do to help, we could actually see some progress. If we all just sit here making argumentative comments, nothing changes.
(5/17/2017 8:52:25 PM)
Most of ch does drugs including many up and ups. I can't tell you how many times articles are posted on COL about certain individuals highly regarded programs and they themselves do drugs! We have very honest good examples yet. It's heartbreaking to see where we will be years from now.

The worst thing is we did it to ourselves. By allowing/encouraging children to drink alcohol, that's the real gateway drug!
(5/17/2017 9:48:39 PM)
It all starts
It all starts with the Ritalin in school for "ADHD"
(5/17/2017 9:51:23 PM)
drug dealer
the community learns enough chassidus to understand the essence of a problem and a solution that doesn't involve lame bags don't wont really help anybody.
if you bake a cake and it doesn't taste good will you yell at the cake?
(5/17/2017 11:26:50 PM)
The police together with shmira will stop the dealers
There is many drug dealers in our community, some of them coming from out side,some of them from hear,
Someone need to take care of them imidiatly, if you know
Something, say something " don't keep it for your self, we can stop them ,send them a way, and clean the shcuna,
Rihgt a way.please help our children.
(5/17/2017 11:39:59 PM)
to no 19
it starts with getting all pedophiles put in jail for life
(5/17/2017 11:42:08 PM)
dr tsaichung chao,m.d.
treats addicts, both drugs and others,this is his website he does take insurance with co-payment
acupturnture and chinese herbs, he is k'ah 74, practicing for 50 years, the waiting room are full, l have an auto immune problem, with the rebbe brachas always, he con't to encourage me to go and l do,l lot better
(5/18/2017 9:12:33 AM)
"gateway drug" myth
While there is good evidence that cannabis may cause permanent IQ reduction when used while the brain is still developing (i.e. 'till the mid 20s) there is no credible evidence that it is a "gateway drug". It is certainly benign compared to alcohol, which is toxic and can be deadly (alcohol poisoning).

Everyone agrees that young people should not use cannabis or alcohol, but we need to provide fact-based education that young people will respect, not false claims and exaggerations.
(5/18/2017 12:30:46 PM)
Boruch N. Hoffinger
The biggest threat to public safety is not criminals: drug dealers, robbers, rapists, burglars, etc.
(5/18/2017 12:42:27 PM)
What about mashkeh?
There is a harmless plant that was decriminalized by the American government in 1937 for strict business and capital gains.

There are ZERO recorded deaths to weed, yet there are hundreds of thousands of direct deaths recorded to Alcohol, but all we were told in Yeshiva at 14 was 'Have another L'Chaim"
(5/18/2017 8:31:47 PM)
#24 Can you prove your claims?
What evidence is there that proves that most of those who started taking drugs in their youth, did not start with Pot?

Also it is more dangerous than alcohol.
For one thing, the propaganda that it's supposedly so much better will make users to be more likely to be high while driving and/or doing other dangerous work.
For another, I was bullied very much in my secular non Jewish neighborhood (my family where the only Jews, for at least one block, in all directions and any other Jews were lightly scattered throughout the area, but more to one side then the other) and every single violent bully without exception, was a Pot smoker.
One of them even told me "Only Pot smokers, are cool".
Also Michale Savage who studied it's history, said on his radio show that the violent group in India known as the "Thuggies" (from which we get todays word, 'thug' from, used to get high on Pot before going out ad committing their terrible and violent crimes.
So before you go and promote the left wing talking points, you should go and find out the ugly truth about Marijuana, that you won't hear in the liberal controlled 'news'.

And speaking of the liberal agenda;
#19 is right.
The feminists have taken over the schools and drug boys up on Ritalin to keep them under control and from learning properly so the girls can get ahead to promote the liberal lie that girls are supposedly so much better then boys.
This is a big part of the reason why women graduate college at 3 times the rate that men do (the other reasons also are because of other feminist liberal mechanizations, like the false
'abuse' cases made against me who by many university's rules, are not even allowed to defend themselves from the false charges and then get kicked out of school).
(5/19/2017 1:20:51 AM)
Ritalin warning
Ritalin is one of many a stimulants that can cause life threatening heart problems and weight loss too, the outcome is even worse than the benefits.
(5/19/2017 2:26:56 PM)
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