Apr 20, 2017
New Building for Melbourne Cheder

Community members and friends of Cheder Levi Yitzchok in Melbourne, Australia gathered to celebrate the grand opening of its new building.

Cheder Levi Yitzchok, a grassroots Cheder in Melbourne, Australia that has been growing exponentially over the past few years, recently celebrated the grand opening of its newly acquired building.

The dedication was attended by parents, friends, and community members, all who came to rejoice in this historic event for education in Australia.

The Cheder, which aims to provide Chinuch Al Taharas Hakodesh at the highest level, had humble beginnings over 10 years ago with one boy leaving regular school to continue learning limudei koidesh each afternoon. As time passed, more and more boys joined, and the classes were spread throughout different locations across the city. As the numbers continued to increase, it became apparent that a more cohesive school environment was required to accommodate the growing number of students and to allow for the school to function optimally.

After purchasing the building and spending several months on renovations, the school relocated to its new home several weeks ago. State of the art classrooms, a multipurpose zal, meeting rooms, playgrounds and halls decorated with pictures of the Rebbe were all in place to welcome the students as they marched through the building with a sense of pride and gratitude.

In his address to the students, Cheder parents and guests, one of the contributors to the Cheder, Mr. Eliezer Kornhauser, connected the Cheder’s establishment and trajectory to the pioneering work of Reb Zalman Serebryanski, who together with his wife Brocha, were responsible for originating and overseeing Chabad’s primary educational infrastructure in Melbourne – Yeshiva College and Beth Rivkah College, and the Rabbinical College (Yeshiva Gedola).

Mr Kornhauser referred to a letter that the Frierdiker Rebbe sent to Reb Zalman shortly after he had arrived in Melbourne, expressing his warm appreciation for the decision to open a Yeshivah without considering the number of enrolled students.

The building was dedicated to The Rebbe, commemorating the Serebryanski's dedicated contribution to authentic Jewish education in Australia for over 40 years. As a special token of the Cheder's esteem, and in recognition of his indispensable leadership and guidance as Reb Zalman’s Memalei Makom, Reb Arel Serebryanski, together with his wife Zlata, were presented with a symbolic key to the Cheder.

At the ceremony, the Cheder reiterated its mission to raise a generation of boys committed to the teachings of the Rebbe, who are shining examples of what it means to love and to learn Torah, with the aim to hasten the coming of Moshiach.

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Opinions and Comments
Rebbe''s Shliach '98-'99
Reb Eliezer,
You areally a breath of fresh air! Back almost 20 years ago, you inspired us young Shluchim with your utmost dedication to the Rebbe and his Mosidos. Now almost 20 years later you giving me goose bumps as I see what you are accomplishing in the amazing City of Melbourne.

Hashem should Bentch you and your beautiful family with Kol Tuv B'Gashmius U'Bruchnius B'Goluy!

Keep making the Rebbe proud!!!
(4/20/2017 8:38:34 PM)
Beautiful new school building and,
Simply exquisitely beautiful Chinuch Al Taharas Hakodesh, Yasher Choach! Moshiach Now!!
(4/20/2017 10:10:45 PM)
where is it located?
(4/20/2017 10:19:09 PM)
Amazing initiative and amazing work Go kornhausers!
(4/20/2017 11:09:38 PM)
Very nice
Where is the building located? Which street
(4/21/2017 2:38:41 AM)
Chapel St between Alma and Dandenong Rds
It backs onto the smaller section of Alma Rd Park on the north side of the railroad.
(4/21/2017 7:49:41 AM)
Alumni 2000
Wow! Chinuch in Melbourne has come a long way....

Kol hakovod to Eliezer and his aishes chayil for persistently and proudly, implementing the Rebbe's horaos for chinuch.

May Hashem bentch you with menuchas hanefesh vehaguf to do even more and open a girls division.

(4/21/2017 11:15:34 AM)
I see two original Miriam Teleshevsky Paintings...

Frierdike Rebbe and Rebbe Mh"m.

Very nice

Michayil el choyil

Hatzlacha to all

Yasher koach R' Eliezer!
(4/21/2017 2:04:28 PM)
He was my favorite teacher. There is no one like him!!
Always with a smile and genuinly cared for every single boy in my kitah.
AF from Brookstone
(4/21/2017 6:00:28 PM)
Kornhauser Family
Continue the inspiring work you do for the Melbourne community!
(4/22/2017 2:03:40 AM)
Rabbi Lieder is the KEY of the Cheder!
The Cheder is being run day to day by Rabbi Yankel Lieder!
He is the key to the Cheder's success
He cares about each and every student like no other principal would!
I am a parent and am so proud of sending my child to this Cheder because of Rabbi Lieder's and Eliezer's dedication making each child feel important! Not just another number
Rabbi Lieder you are the best thing that happened to Melbourne!
(4/22/2017 2:36:32 AM)
Yasher koach R Kornhauser
Shkoyach for uplifting Australia!
(4/22/2017 2:36:39 AM)
I see you Chaim Lieder. So nice to see you there. so nice to see the support you are giving over and being such a nice bochur.
(4/23/2017 12:19:18 AM)
Thank you
A huge thank you to the kornhausers and all ofvthr incredible and devoted staff. We are eagerlt awaiting the girls school iyh!
(4/23/2017 1:27:58 AM)
Fantastic teachers
THE Cheder has been additionally blessed with the very best and very dedicated staff and teachers.

Families Kornhauser and Lieder have made an incredible moisod where both staff, students and parents feel like one big chassidisher family.

(4/23/2017 6:24:09 AM)
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