Mar 20, 2017
Dear Neighbor, Clear the Snow

From the COLlive inbox: 2 Crown Heights residents each witnessed or experienced why you should clean the snow by your house.

Email #1:

Dear neighbor,

I have been in pain this weekend. Do you know why?

I went to do my Friday errand and I slipped on the ice in front of your house. This is a busy avenue close to a school and a shul and a lot of old and young people pass by.

I wish you would be more considerate and take care of the sidewalk in front of your house and not cause a chilul hashem - not to mention pain to other people.

How long does it to make to shovel in front of your house or put some salt? How difficult it is to buy salt from the hardware store across your house and put on the ice?

Is it right that people like me be in pain and can't sit or do anything because of the fall.

What are you thinking?

Email #2:

Dear COLlive, please post this and show people the importance of shoveling snow!

I was driving on Troy, between Crown and Carroll. They tried putting up a yuppie condo building here but did not get approved so the lot is empty.

This elder man was walking with things in his hand and I saw him falling down. I caught the aftermath of the fall from a distance. He then got up but was struggling to continue to walk on the snow/ice.

Luckily there doesn't seem to have been any injuries.

I can't blame anyone specific for not cleaning this part of the sidewalk. I hope those who do own homes and businesses will make sure they clear up what's in front of their properties for the sake of the public.

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Opinions and Comments
Very pertinent article
Thanks for posting, it's been a difficult week because of the snow & ice. It's a true Chesed to consider pedestrians ( Jewish and non) and to salt or have your snow shoveled.
(3/20/2017 3:37:37 PM)
Maybe the police should take a break from ticketing cars and ticket homeowners whose sidewalks are not shovelled and salted. Back in the day kids would walk around with shovels and offer to clean sidewalks for a few dollars.
(3/20/2017 3:38:36 PM)
Email #2
Although you can't blame anyone specific for not cleaning that side of the road, the other side right in front of a school was unfortunately not shoved at all either.
(3/20/2017 3:45:05 PM)
Mitzvah of Chesed
Everyone needs to be responsible for shoveling their sidewalks for the safety of everyone, including themselves.
There are elderly and infirm in the neighborhood.
How wonderful if the schools and yeshivos would make it a chesed for the children who are old enough and capable to offer assistance to these families...The girls schools have chesed projects to help young mothers, etc, this too would be a wonderful chesed to assist those who are unable to shovel for themselves. What a beautiful way to help another and keep the sidewalks safe at the same time. Everyone can gain from such a thing. For the price of a few shovels, and some salt....Most of all it unifies our neighborhood and teaches our children to help another....
(3/20/2017 3:58:09 PM)
Reply to number 4
Boys Yeshivos have a full day schedule, when they come home it is time for bed. I am assuming you weren't referring to girls breaking ice and shoveling snow as a chesed project.
(3/20/2017 4:13:29 PM)
In pain
I slipped last week because a property owner failed to shovel properly and i have really bad injuries because of it
(3/20/2017 4:17:10 PM)
Perfect World
I would like to share a storie, a few years ago my father cleaned the snow on the sidewalk, afterwards someone feel
The judge held my father responsible. Since then "NO MORE SHOVELING" , the fine for not shoveling is the best /only smart option
(3/20/2017 4:17:29 PM)
shovel snow
yes the corner of empire and brooklyn need to shovel the snow! i know 2 pregnant women who fell and sliiped and 1 man. if you dont want to shovel the snow then pay someone to shovel it for you.
(3/20/2017 4:18:50 PM)
Doesn't make sense
It's so hard to walk out
(3/20/2017 4:22:29 PM)
Life saving !!
Just want to commend Apple Drugs because they shovel the entire sidewalk, I even see the main guy Lloyd shoveling in front of the doctors office next-door.

Thank you Apple Drugs for setting an example for the entire community, I will only shop there they have the best service ever!!!
(3/20/2017 4:30:30 PM)
Agree with #4
Excellent idea! This is Mivtzah Ahavas Yisrael, for anyone who has to justify sending youngsters to do this.

If we can ask / expect our young people to perform Mivtzah Neshek and Mivtzah Tefillin, why not Mivtzah Ahavas Yisrael?
(3/20/2017 4:31:09 PM)
a home owner's responsibility!
Every person who owns a home should be caring and responsible to shovel their walk. There are many people on our sidewalks, mothers with strollers (who need more than the width of 1 shovel, as some people tend to do!) If you are not in town during a snowstorm, make sure you have a plan in place to get the job done. Anyone who is not considerate in this area should be ticketed.
(3/20/2017 4:35:50 PM)
Thanks for sharing
This should have been addressed ages ago!! It is such a Chutzpah for people to not even attempt to shovel, or some people shovel a path for a pigeon. People are struggling to walk, slipping and falling. I wish these people would get tickets.
I'm wondering who is responsible to shovel a house with tenants? Is the owner responsible or the tenant?? Our block has a few houses owned by Jews and rented out to Jews, and the tenant NEVER shovels, last year I slipped holding my baby and smashed my head. What are these people thinking????
(3/20/2017 4:59:41 PM)
Can't agree even more! I believe it's a yid and i think that was who email 1 is referring to.

(3/20/2017 5:00:57 PM)
To #7
Excuse me but you make no sense at all. So maybe your father didn't do a fair job, but if you don't care about your fellow Jew or anyone else for that matter, and someone falls & is injured, G-d forbid, then you'll be liable for both not shoveling and your victim's injuries!! You're unconscionable!
(3/20/2017 5:01:33 PM)
Out of towner
On the point!
And also it won't hurt home owners to put down salt on the sidewalk so we don't have to risk our lives every time we walk down the street.
(3/20/2017 5:04:51 PM)
City of NY
The city of NY is big enough that the city should send out mini snow plow trucks to plow the sidewalks just like they do in many other cities. Why should it be the responsibility of the home owner to shovel? What if they are old and infirm themselves? What if they happen to be on the other side of the globe? Just like the city plows the streets they should plow the sidewalks as well.
(3/20/2017 5:07:07 PM)
A Montrealer
I live in Montreal where we have snow and ice all winter. Fortunately, the city cleans and salts the sidewalks. For a few dollars you can buy a rubber piece with metals cleats that you can slip under your boots to give you traction so you won't fall, even where there is ice. Highly recommended.
(3/20/2017 5:08:51 PM)
Excellent article!
To add to the chessed, whoever has a willing heart can shovel, or reshovel, and put salt at the cross walks at street corners. Even if those have been shoveled once, many times they become snowy/icy a second time by the next day and are treacherous areas, especially for seniors like me. I feel very lucky this year that my neighbors all shoveled B"H. And some kids on the block pitched in very nicely, as well. Thank you, neighbors!!! Finally, I suggest people at risk of falling buy some cleats or ice grippers to slip over their shoes/boots. These help a lot in preventing falls. I wish a local store or two would sell them, but they don't!! I recommend the kind that cover the shoe sole (not just the toe part). Buy them now to stash away for next winter -- by then Moshiach's team will clean the snow iyh. Refuah shlaima to everyone who fell!
(3/20/2017 5:25:21 PM)
response to email #3
of course you should blame the person who owns the property. this is not hefker property. someone owns it, pays property taxes on it and is responsible to clear the snow.

As to tenants, in most jurisdictions it is the property owner's responsibility to clear the snow and not the tenants. However, the owner may have included this in the lease, so this would make it the tenants responsibility. If the tenant does not clean it, the owner should clean it or hire someone to clean it and charge the tenants, if they had agreed that the tenant is to clear the snow.
(3/20/2017 5:47:10 PM)
To # 17
If the homeowner is elderly he can still salt his sidewalk or pay someone to do it for him. Sorry if he can afford to own a private home he has to be able to maintain it and that includes clearing his snow covered sidewalks. If he rents he should include that responsibility in the rental contract, just like the renter must take out his own garbage! There's really no excuse, just gross negligence on the part of a few.
(3/20/2017 5:48:55 PM)
City's responsibility
Why should a homeowner be responsible for a public sidewalk. We pay enough taxes. If it's my responsibility I should be able to close it off! Where else in the world are home owners responsible for cleaning public sidewalks? No where!
(3/20/2017 6:01:10 PM)
Can't understand
I saw something on Balfour that I just couldn't wrap my head around. 2 homes (with mezuzahs) had their stairs shoveled down to the street, but NOT the sidewalk in front. Can anyone explain that??
(3/20/2017 6:02:57 PM)
Odd article
No one tried putting up a yuppie building someone tried putting building for fellow lubavitchers but some lubavitcher was upset about his lighting and therefore it sits empty as it is not profitable to build there.
But the article is correct that people need to shovel. Even if a family goes to Florida for the winter please have someone shovel outside your house in crown heights
(3/20/2017 6:03:04 PM)
To 18
U have snow 12 months a year !!!
(3/20/2017 6:04:26 PM)
to the author
You are very right about your article. Yet you are VERY WRONG to write lies and Loshon Horah about things that you are completely ignorant. How dare you write "They tried putting up a yuppie condo building here" do you know the owners?? do you know that the owners are the from nicest ppl in CH, from the biggest Balei Chessed, constantly helping poor ppl, pay for over 1000 bochrim and girls who come to be Tishrei with the Rebbe. etc etc, and will NEVER rent or sell a house in CH to goyim r"l. Just say that they are wrong of not cleaning, that's all.
(3/20/2017 6:39:16 PM)
Agree with 17
Where else are all of our tax money going to?!
People's pockets?!!
(3/20/2017 7:37:21 PM)
What about the corner of Crown and carrol?
Just because there's a lot of snow does not make it anyone's fault you're for sure not be a lot of snow .
How dair One shovel ?!
I. Would not allow such a thing for my kids to do .
All of your responsibility how dare you shovel.
Let's just all be friends and get along
(3/20/2017 7:37:28 PM)
to #5
There are always the snow hustlers ringing on our door bells
(3/20/2017 7:44:58 PM)
Email 2
Instead of taking pictures, you should of gotten out of your car and helped the eldery man.
(3/20/2017 7:57:47 PM)
Very pertinent...
This is so applicable to what is happening in CH you walk up certain streets and there are blocks of ice that we have to walk on because the streets are jammed with cars and there is nowhere else to walk... BH for the nice CH residents who go around and shovel even places that they aren't legally obligated to shovel! :)
(3/20/2017 8:19:57 PM)
I agree with number 4
I'm sure my boys would have helped that day if they knew where and when
(3/20/2017 9:44:29 PM)
To # 22
It happens to be the law here where you live. So you can disobey the law and risk a fine and possible lawsuit for injuries sustained due to your disregard for the law as well as the safety of fellow Yidden and others who must walk pass your dangerous domicile! This is the law of the land you chose to live in!
(3/21/2017 3:03:15 AM)
To #17
if you own a home you are responsable for your propert to shovel the snow.
yes you are resposible for the side walk even 18 inches into the street is yours and you can get a ticket for it.
The poeple who own the building across from Klien are not from Crown heights they are from BP
Yes they dont care if there is snow and ice on the ground
(3/21/2017 3:34:46 AM)
same here
i myself triped
(3/21/2017 4:35:13 AM)
to 13
the owner of a house is responsible, not the tennants. same goes for an apartment building.
(3/21/2017 4:43:10 AM)
heated sidewalks
i had an idea thats a little expensive but in the long run will help a lot...
If each block chips in it will end up being cheaper than if each family pays individually
or maybe the city should take that job on themselves
I know its expensive but it will definitely be a big help
(3/21/2017 4:49:03 AM)
Yeshivos may not stop!
Please consult a Rov before suggesting the boys to stop learning. I would suggest all the business to be put on hold and employers & employees alike should go & shovel. This will also serve a good two fold message to the boys. #1 the importance of being a mentch and caring for your neighbor (be sure if it on a large scale word will get to boys in no time) & #2 more important yet that learning Torah isn't the 1st thing to stop! first go all the busniess people & laborers so that the boys can continue the precious words of Hashem!
(3/21/2017 5:34:38 AM)
City of NY
The city of NY is big enough that the city should send out mini snow plow trucks to plow the sidewalks just like they do in many other cities. Why should it be the responsibility of the home owner to shovel? What if they are old and infirm themselves? What if they happen to be on the other side of the globe? Just like the city plows the streets they should plow the sidewalks as well.
(3/21/2017 5:46:40 AM)
If you were injured
If you were actually injured, you can sue. It happened to my friend in crown heights. She fell and was in lots of pain, though no fracture. She got $50k from the homeowner (through their homeowners insurance).
(3/21/2017 6:33:17 AM)
i know a victim
he has been homebound now for months, broke his ankle very badly, davened at 770 every morning. still waiting for him to return to our minyan. iyh, he will. he is probably around age 65? literally slipped on ice and broke ankle, a very long time to heal, physical therapy needed for months, maybe even a full year.
(3/21/2017 6:46:43 AM)
To # 39, 27, 22
If you have a problem with the city & the Law, be a mensch, & take it up with the authorities or city officials. Don't take it out on all the innocent people who must try to navigate your sidewalk without getting hurt!! According to Torah you must follow the law of the land in which you live unless it goes against Torah! We are all taxpayers, but if you want to know specifically where your taxes go ask the government officials!
(3/21/2017 6:52:54 AM)
to **** Carroll between Kingston and brooklyn you know who you are!!
Whoever you are: I heard youre out of town, you knew nice and well there was a blizzard, you could have hired someone to clean up the snow or asked one of your chidlren who live in town to, its already a full week later and there is still ice there and I fell and am in pain because you went on vacation and didnt have the decency to think about "what happens if it snows?" " who will clean up and shovel so the sidewalk in front of our house is cleaned?"
Something to think about...
(3/21/2017 6:58:41 AM)
fell on the ice and severely hurt
Last year a student fell on the ice across the street from their school and got hurt so badly they were out of school for two months. Plus the family had medical expenses. I That should give homeowners an idea of how dangerous their unshoveled sidewalks really are.
(3/21/2017 7:07:22 AM)
Former Community Board Chaiman
The law states that 12 Hours after a snowfall the owner must remove the snow or face fines . There are extenuating circumstances such as being away , that has to shown to a hearing officer if you get a ticket . Every block in Crown Heights has a few BAD homeowners that do not care as one told last year on my block Whoever put it there should take it away . He got a 150.00 ticket and has been cured of his disease . Someone falls on your property and gets hurt 12 hours after a snowfall and YOU did not clean it up , the insurance Company will NOT pay the lawsuit , It happened on my block several ago . Several days ago an elderly lady fell on my block on a piece of un shoveled snow , I and another neighbor lifted her off the snow and BH she was OK . I woke up the owner and told him clean it up now or I will call the Sanitation Police . He did . Bottom line , if you own a house , among the things you need to do is to keep your property safe .
The property across is owned by a guy by the name of Gedalya Belz , lives in BP and does not care . He gets tickets all the time . He is a lowlife .
(3/21/2017 7:34:29 AM)
To those who own property
and think shoveling is not their concern. Until about 3 years ago my husband was a very physically healthy & very active individual. Then one day it snowed hard and became very cold. The snow on this stretch of walk turned to ice. My husband was returning from Mincha, slipped and fell. He broke his ankle and got a cellulitis infection in that same area. Though it eventually healed, he has not been quite the same active person ever since. Consider the ramifications of your indifference and selfish disregard on your neighbors. He was only one block from home at the time.
(3/21/2017 7:50:15 AM)
Grateful we left
This rarely happened in Boston. People took their responsibility and shoveled. I fell in NY several times because too many people didn't even bother. Need I say more ?
(3/21/2017 9:15:38 AM)
Why would anyone shovel???
The laws in NYC are structured in such a way that it makes no sense to shovel. If someone slips on your property that isn't shoveled, the worst you receive is a ticket because it is an act of G-D. On the other hand, if you shovel, and someone still slips (black ice etc...), you can be sued because it is now "caused by your shoveling".
(3/21/2017 9:58:39 AM)
What about mothers with strollers
It was near impossible pushing my double stroller from Eastern Parkway to Bais Rivka last week. I see that some do an excellent job and I know it's labor intensive. I'm not taking that away. But shoveling a path only large enough for a single human to walk on isn't enough for even a single stroller to get through. I was lucky and a lot of frum men stopped and helped me carry my stroller over the hills of snow that were at each corner. But when it's not shoveled or not enough there's no excuse. We have have certain responsibilities. Mine include calling the building manager and making sure the goy comes early and shovels and salts as that is his job. And the sidewalks needed to be salted a lot last week because they kept melting and freezing. It's very scary and I slipped a few times while pushing my two young children. The only time someone was really hurt as when we walked by a large brick wall and due to the wall of ice from the city plowing my stroller crashed into the brick wall and scratched up my babies hand. People will say walk in the street down brooklyn but the traffic is behind me and not the safest choice. All in all if this happens next year I will be calling in complaints bli ayin hara so that those that deserve it getvticketed.
(3/21/2017 10:57:34 AM)
To 30
If she knew that he wasnt injured then she obviously helped him
(3/21/2017 3:28:48 PM)
I believe someone with the mentality of #38 needs to be
Ticketed with the Abishter's help, as often as possible, to prevent him from being the deliberate cause of injury to Yidden and others. After all that's been written on this issue and it still appears to be lost on him, nothing more need be said, it's a rachmonis on him, really pathetic! Please don't hesitate to call and report these matters to the Department of Sanitation! You're doing a big Chesed and showing Ahavas Yisroel too. It could be Pikuach Nefesh for you or someone else next time. If the owner of an ox that has gored has been warned, as is the case here, and still doesn't prevent this, he is culpable!
(3/21/2017 5:20:32 PM)
Department of Sanitation Crown Heights 718-284-2467
We pay taxes too, to be able to navigate safely & securely in our own neighborhood. If someone shows wanton disregard for his fellow's safety and well being, it's a mitzvah to report it to the proper authorities. Your cell phones can be your lifeline here in dangerous situations. Don't hesitate, do it for yourself and your neighbors. You also Google the number to call. Schoyach!
(3/21/2017 5:42:36 PM)
l didn't go out, but
you can be darn sure that when l did, l got to the dr just in time, literary a hair breath
(3/21/2017 8:04:15 PM)
To the snowman bullies -
The community doesn't have to be intimidated by you. Pedestrians please take pictures of the offending residence including house addresses for further proofs or evidence if,G-d forbid, needed for injuries incurred for legal proceedings.
(3/21/2017 8:10:43 PM)
black ice
Last winter I slipped on black ice. I had multiple foot injuries for 4 months. This year, again those people did not clear the snow/ice, even after I texted them. During the most recent storm, adults and children slipped and fell there as they walked up/down the block. People, please notice this, it is extremely dangerous. Shovel and at the very least, put salt.

Thank you.
(3/26/2017 10:27:40 AM)
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