Feb 23, 2017
Shluchim Host 'Civic Dinner'

Scotland Shluchim Rabbi Chaim and Sora Jacobs hosted Mayor Alastair Carmichael and other officials in their home.

Lubavitch of Scotland held a Civic Dinner Party at the home of Shluchim Rabbi Chaim and Sora Jacobs in honour of Alastair Carmichael, Provost (Mayor) of East Renfrewshire Council in Glasgow, Scotland, and Lady Provost Liz Carmichael.

Among the guests on Monday were present were Councillor Jim Fletcher, current leader of the Council and Joint Presidents of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council Nicola Livingston and Evie Yedd.

Also present were the three sons of the Jacobs family Rabbi Mendel Jacobs of Glasgow Rabbi to Shul in the Park & founder of the Jewish Tartan, Rabbi Yossi Jacobs, Senior Minister in Birmingham who came specially for the event and Sholom Jacobs who came specially from New York and sponsored the event.

The event was held in appreciation of all the support and friendship shown by the Provost over the past five years to the Jacobs Family, Lubavitch of Scotland and the Jewish Community at large.

Rabbi Jacobs welcomed the guests and recited a specially written Civic Prayer praying for the health and welfare of the Provost and all citizens of East Renfrewshire.

Toast to the Provost was given by Immediate Past President of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council Paul Morron, Toast to Lubavitch was given by Dr. Steven Kayne. Toast on behalf of the guests was given by Rep Council Joint President Evie Yedd.

A presentation of a Crystal decanter was made to the Provost by Rabbi Chaim and Sora Jacobs on behalf of Lubavitch Scotland.

In his remarks, the Provost spoke of the warm relationship he has enjoyed with the Jewish community throughout his life and in particular during his past five years in office. He also paid tribute to the work of Lubavitch Alias the Rabbi Chaim and Sora Jacobs and their son Rabbi Mendel.

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Rabbi Chaim Jacobs
This report show that contrary to other reports Jewish life in Scotland continues to thrive Boruch Hashem
(2/23/2017 4:10:06 PM)
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