Feb 16, 2017
Amazing Tale of My Yeshiva Tuition

From the COLlive inbox: A bochur who couldn't afford Yeshiva tuition found help through an amazing twist at the Ohel.

From the COLlive inbox:

Leizer (a pseudonym) is currently studying at the Yeshivah Gedolah of Melbourne. At a Farbrengen during a recent Shabbaton, he recounted his extraordinary experiences in which the Hashgocha Protis (Divine Providence) was clearly evident:

It was around Pesach 5771 (April 2011) that I made a decision to attend the Rabbinical College of Australia & New Zealand. I had never been in a post high school Yeshivah before, and it was something I very much wanted to do. I have two close friends who were attending the Rabbinical College at the time, and they recommended it to me.

I got my passport and papers in order, and started working on the next hurdle the tuition fees. I spoke to a number of family members and acquaintances, who each agreed to shoulder a little bit of the cost. I went off to American summer camp, convinced that all was arranged.

When I arrived back from camp, an unpleasant surprise was awaiting me.

The group of people who had undertaken to help me were no longer able to do so. I decided to work for the next couple of weeks, in order to put some money together.

In the beginning of October 2011, I found a job as a part time Mashgiach in a busy New York kosher restaurant, and I put in as many hours as they would give me. In my spare time, I made sure to learn for at least several hours a day with a variety of Chavrusos (study partners).

After a couple of weeks, it became very clear to me that I was not earning anywhere near enough money to pay for Yeshivah. One day, there was an unexpected ray of light. An envelope came in the mail, and it contained a cheque in my name for several thousand dollars. It did not say who had sent it, but I assumed that it was someone who was anonymously trying to help me pay for Yeshivah. I took this as a sign from Above to renew my efforts to attend Yeshivah.

However, I was in for a big disappointment.

Several days later, I was notified that the check bounced, and my account balance became negative due to the bank fees, which triggered the bank to close my account. In addition, I was notified around that time that the restaurant in which I worked would be closing down at the beginning of December 2011.

I was now without a bank account, and soon to be without a job. Being so distant from my goal, I resigned myself to the fact that I would not be attending Yeshivah next year. In late November 2011, I applied to Touro College, for the semester beginning February 2012.

Several days later, at around 1:30pm one Sunday afternoon, I was casually walking down Eastern Parkway. As I passed 770, I impulsively decided to go in to daven Mincha, even though I normally daven Mincha later in the afternoon. As I awaited a Minyan, I met one of my mentors who I hadn't seen in about five months. My mentor currently lives in California, and he had come to New York just for that one day, in order to attend a wedding. As we got to talking, I filled my mentor in about my predicament, and he told me that he would do what he could do.

I came away from the conversation uplifted, even though I did not see how he could possibly help me. I didn't hear from him for several days, but then he called me with the most surprising news. He told me that he had met someone who undertook to pay the entire tuition, and he gave me his contact details. A couple of days later I was on a plane headed for Melbourne.

What happened?

On that fateful Sunday, after our conversation, my mentor headed to the Rebbe's Ohel. As he was davening at the Ohel, my mentor announced somewhat unconventionally in a very loud voice, "I know a bochur who wants to go to Yeshivah in Melbourne but cannot afford it. If there is anyone here who would like to help, it would be a great Mitzvah."

Many people heard the announcement, and it touched one person in particular.

Due to the great size of the crowd, he couldn't pinpoint where exactly the announcement had come from. However, he was so taken by the request and felt such a responsibility that he began asking around who had made the announcement.

After close to an hour of asking, he finally noticed my mentor, who was in the corner saying Tehillim. The man approached my mentor and asked if he was the one who had made the announcement.

When my mentor responded in the affirmative, the man told him that he was willing to pay the tuition in its entirety.

The man went on to explain that he lives in Melbourne, and that he was visiting the USA to accompany his 16-year-old son as he participated in a series of tennis tournaments. He was in New York just for the day, and a rabbi whom he knew encouraged him to visit the Ohel.

At the Ohel, whilst he was davening for the success and health of his son, he heard the announcement involving the Yeshivah in Melbourne. Since he himself came from Melbourne, he felt a special responsibility to help.

The Melbournite paid my tuition in full, and took me under his wing when I arrived in Melbourne. Every day, I marvel at the Hashgocha Protis, and am so thankful to Hashem, the Rebbe, my mentor, and my sponsor who humbly maintains that he is "only the conduit" for the Rebbe's Brocho (blessing).

I try hard to make the miracle worthwhile by learning well, and doing my part to reveal more G-dliness in this world.

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Opinions and Comments
Very nice!
(2/16/2017 3:19:07 PM)
in tears...
beautiful story thank you for sharing. There are many amazing bochurim that need help with Yeshiva tuition, this is not a lone story of a lone bochur needing help....
(2/16/2017 3:28:18 PM)
great story!
Very nice story and the bochur really used out his time there.
By the way the story happened about 3 years ago and this bochur is already married "A Chassidishe Youngerman".
(2/16/2017 3:29:36 PM)
wow wow wow
hashem and the rebbe do run the world... we should all be soche tosee with open eyes all the goodness around us always/11
(2/16/2017 3:39:47 PM)
Such a powerful story. Mazel Tov on your revealed good !
(2/16/2017 3:42:22 PM)
Great Story and
(2/16/2017 3:42:42 PM)
What amazing hashgocho protis, keep inspiring others with your story and emunah
(2/16/2017 3:45:27 PM)
The underlying sad fact...
The Yeshivah knew a bachur wanted to attend, but kept the doors closed -- not unlike an infamous door keeper did to Hilel Hazaken many years ago -- this young man was helped, but many are still "freezing to death" because of this newly developed self-righteous tuition-or-nothing mentality that has enveloped our mosdos like a cancer, c"v.
(2/16/2017 4:37:35 PM)
Love hashgocho protiss stories
I can never get enough of these stories that remind us how much Hashem takes care of all of our needs.
(2/16/2017 4:40:38 PM)
Please follow up
I have a few questions.
Tuition for Touro College is cheaper than Yeshive?
How did the 16 year old boy do at the Tennis Tournament?
Where are you now and what do you do?
(2/16/2017 4:45:44 PM)
To number 9
A kashe oif a maaseh?!?!
(2/16/2017 5:15:33 PM)
to #9
I dont think he intended on paying tuition for college. I would assume he was looking to take out grants, scholarships etc.
(2/16/2017 5:35:51 PM)
Follow up
Financial aid, work study, and student loans all help with tuition fees. The 16 year old boy did very well at the Tennis Tournament. I am currently happily married, residing in Crown Heights, attending Kolel at night and working.
(2/16/2017 6:06:25 PM)
I also experienced a great miracle at he Ohel ,
I was living in a 2 bedroom apartment and they didn't want to renew the lease
I asked the Rebbe for a house with 3 bedrooms
Next day I got a 3 bedroom house with utilities included for Free ( paying with work)
i was 6 years in that house and BH savings allowed us to buy our own home
The most incredible thing is that when I asked the Rebbe for the 3 bedroom house ,I was not even looking for it, and next day my wife told me about that 3 bed house
(2/16/2017 6:53:16 PM)
To # 14
Amazing story!
We should all Keep on sharing miracle stories
(2/16/2017 7:06:31 PM)

This story is teaching me how important it is to share everything with your mentor!
(2/16/2017 7:22:57 PM)
Did you go to highschool
Right now im in a modern orthodox highschool trying to get into yg? What was your background?
(2/16/2017 7:25:37 PM)
wow wow wow!
Srsly we are the rebbes kinder.
(2/16/2017 7:31:08 PM)
I grew up Chabad
(2/16/2017 7:45:09 PM)
# 8
well to be fair, they do need money to run and there is nothing stopping the bochur from learning in 770. Bh there are many places to learn. BH it all worked out
(2/16/2017 8:09:35 PM)
The way the system worls is its much easier to get grants and financial aid fir colleges...
Yeshivos have so many ppl who need financial aid that ends up usually just they cant
(2/16/2017 10:46:40 PM)
TFS and for your follow up comment. You sound like a heart working mentch! Hatzlacha.
(2/16/2017 11:11:18 PM)
Tears of joy
This story is exactly what I think the Rebbe had in mind with having a Mashpia. The Mashpia has a power to help in ways that we can never imagine. I have seen myself that just talking to your Mashpia already helps in many situations. The Rebbe empowered Mashpiim and this is just one more story to prove it.

Lesson: Find a G-d fearing, learned, and kind Mashpia and talk to him/her! It's free and has unbelievable results!
(2/17/2017 2:12:11 AM)
Proud wife
I'm so lucky to have met such a special individual :)
Keep up the good work!
(2/18/2017 8:37:15 PM)
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