Feb 8, 2017
Home Store Hosts Food Blogger

Kettle & Cord in Crown Heights hosted food blogger Dini Klein for the second Grand Opening event.

The Kettle & Cord Grand Opening Women's night was a packed event with women of all ages coming out to enjoy an evening of food and entertainment.

The decor by the creative minds of Mimulo enhanced the evening with the Kettle & Cord brand colors. Centerpieces of red kettles, cords, and flowers adorned the buffet and side tables. The light buffet was also in keeping with the theme, with beet-garnished salads, ruby pomegranates, red sabras, fresh cranberry-infused water and more.

The entertainment for the event was provided by Kosher food blogger and recipe developer Dini Klein of Dini Delivers.

Dini's presentation in the store's new state-of-the-art demo kitchen entertained and taught the crowd the fine art of finger foods, with rosemary-infused grape-topped crostinis, sweet potato stackers, and quinoa corn cakes with avocado crema.

Dini used different kitchen tools from the store in the cooking process, such as a mandolin which slices fruits and vegetables to the thickness of your choosing.

The appetizers were handed out amongst the crowd, as well as recipe cards for people to recreate the dishes at home.

On Thursday, February 9 men are invited to the store for a lavish food buffet by Izzy’s Smokehouse, including brisket, smoked cholent, empandos, chicken poppers and pulled beef, and a full bar by Wine By The Case.

Follow Kettle & Cord on social media at facebook.com/kettleandcord and instagram.com/kettleandcord for product info, contests, recipes, store news and more.

Kettle & Cord is located at 390 Kingston Avenue.
Monday-Thursday: 10-7
Friday: 10-1

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Opinions and Comments
Go ady!
We love you
(2/8/2017 6:52:06 PM)
it looks really healthy
may we all have a healthy way to eat
(2/8/2017 8:04:40 PM)
Maybe offer cooking lessons
I would be interested in that
(2/8/2017 11:06:56 PM)
I spy the amazing @kosher.foodie
Looking good beauuuutteeeeful!!😍
(2/9/2017 6:30:23 AM)
so nice looks amazing!!!!!!!! wish i can make it! u r the best dini klein!!!!!
(2/9/2017 5:48:04 PM)
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