Sep 16, 2016
Open House for Art, Music School

Dozens of Crown Heights families joined an Open House for "Chassidic Expressions" Art and Music school held on Sunday.

Dozens of Crown Heights families joined an Open House for "Chassidic Expressions" Art and Music school held on Sunday.

Families had an opportunity to meet with Educational Directors and teachers. During Art and Music School presentation Parents and Children explored and tried out Musical Instruments and different Art Medium.
Families enjoyed live Music band made of music teachers of "Chassidic Expressions" Ephraim Shwab (guitar), Bill Todd (flute), Moishe Mindick (drums), and Michoel Pais (keyboard).

Open House featured Art Gallery Presentation of famous artist, Yitzchok Bloom, who is one of the teachers at "Chassidic Expressions".

Presentation workshops were available by Dana Pestun (violin), Batsheva Rosenfeld (flute and keyboard), Chaviva Elcharar (voice, choir), Chana Katz (drawing and painting), Leizer Cyprus (woodworking).

It has been an evening of inspiration and exploration for children of all ages. Children had hands-on experience with art and music and were amassed to see what could be done with their own hands.

"Chassidic Expressions" Art and Music school is designed to enrich children's Education through various creative techniques and hands-on experiences of Performing and Expressive Arts. Main goal of the Program is to inspire young children to engage in creative and meaningful activities during afternoon hours which positively effects their healthy growth and development as Jews and Chassidim. Our holy Rebeim encouraged Chassidim to use all their talents to serve Hashem. Art and Music allows children and adults to channel their energies into creative state which helps gain focus and positive self image which greatly impacts academic achievements in school.

Both programs are suitable for boys and girls (separate classes) ages 4-15 and featuring following classes:

Music: Flute, Cello, Guitar, Viola, Violin, Piano/Keyboard, Drums, Choir, Mandolin, Trumpets, Clarinet, Saxophone, choir, and voice lessons.

Art: Painting/Drawing, Woodworking/Crafts, Origami/Paper Engineering, Sculpturing/Pottery, Sewing/Knitting/Crochet, Macrame/Hemping, Drama/Puppet show, Chess Club.

Classes are taught by Professional Teachers. All teaching materials and content are based on "Al Taharas Hakodesh" and design to enrich and empower children in our community.

For more information and to register call 646-450-4770 or visit the website

OYYL provides an authentic Lubavitch education within an environment that fully embodies the values and principles of Chabad Chassidus, and raises children that have the spiritual, academic and social tools to experience a deep-seated spiritual awareness, be in touch with their inner selves, develop healthy relationships, and are motivated to fulfill the purpose of Hashem’s creation.

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Opinions and Comments
Thats what CH needs.
Excellent school. The kids will learn Torah and develop their talents.
CH also needs a school where the students will graduate with some useful skills that they can use to get a job.
Yes, I said the three letter word J O B.
Not everyone can be a rebbi or a teacher and not everyone has a father or uncle as a head shliach who can set them up on shlichus.
Learn Torah eem Derech Eretz.
(9/16/2016 4:15:00 PM)
this is so unique
wow! this is a great opportunity for CH kids! love it, my kid goes there and he loves it!!
(9/17/2016 11:26:00 PM)
kol Hakavod
Such an incredible idea! The kids can express themselves within the chassidishe environment!!
Much hatzloch by"h
(9/17/2016 11:31:49 PM)
yashar coach!!
great program, B"H
(9/18/2016 9:15:34 AM)
big Z Schapiro
very nice looks awesome keep up the good work
(9/18/2016 4:04:14 PM)
yashar coach!!
great program, B"H
(9/28/2016 5:21:02 PM)
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