Sep 11, 2016
Gifted Program for Crown Heights

Today: Open House for "Masmid" Gifted Student Program and "Chassidic Expressions" Art and Music School in Crown Heights.

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"Masmid" Gifted Student Track and “Chassidic Expressions” Art and Music School is now enrolling new students.

"Masmid" Gifted Students Program developed by Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch is now expanding its operations and recruiting new students.

Today, Sunday, Elul 8- September 11 at 5pm, Crown Heights parents will have an opportunity to come and meet the Program Directors and teachers.

Open House will feature two programs:

"Masmid" Gifted Students Track is geared to enrich and further develop boys ages 5 through 13 and girls ages 4-6, that exhibit talents in academics and/or social domains.

For the past year this program showed great success rate in OYYL School Community, where every student was academically and socially challenged based on his/her talents.

Students are fully integrated into regular class setting but get great personal one-on-one support from professionally trained teachers that operate the program. This model allows students learn and expand their talents in fullest and outmost way.

Program was created due to a great demands from the community. Many students feel bored in the regular classroom setting, since numerous programs use "cookie cutter" approach with demands to standardization. Talented and gifted children often feel left out, unchallenged and uninterested. This opens up room to misbehavior which could greatly be eliminated with Open Classroom Approach.

Program Outline:

One on One CVS (Chumash and Gemora Vocabulary System) which allows students to rapidly learn and explore text of Chumash, Mishna, and Gemora, as well as other texts in Loshon Hakodesh at their own pace.

Sefer Torah, and Megila reading skills (Leining). Which gives great confidence and enthusiasm to students, especially those who approach Bar Mitzva.

Chesed Volunteer Program where students encouraged to participate in learning processes of younger students, visit Old Age Homes, go on Mivtzoim, and like. This ensures students engagement in active acts of Chesed which strengthen and develop their emotional intelligence, a vital component in real world experience.

2. “Chassidic Expressions” Art and Music School- is geared to enrich children’s experiences through Art and Music. There will be an Art Exhibition by Yitzchok Bloom with words on his biography. Performances by Music Teachers, and instrument try outs. Art Workshops, and more.

Art and Music School features classes in the following areas:

Art: Drawing, Painting, watercolor, pottery, woodworking, sewing, crochet.

Music: Keyboard/Piano, guitar, violin, flute, trumpet, saxophone, Boys and Girls choirs, drum circle.

Chess club
“It's very important that children engage in lots of meaningful experiences throughout their formative years which greatly shapes their mindsets and builds healthy paradigms”, says Mila Schneiderman - Program Director. “In our generation we are faced with greater challenges than ever before in Jewish History. We must take actions in showing children positive and healthy aspects of Torah Life and how each one of them can use their talents to serve Hashem. In "Masmid" Gifted Students Track and “Chassidic Expressions” Art and Music School- students nurture the creative side of their persona which allows them to build healthy self image and positive relationships with the environment, and the good news is that Parents do not need to be rich to enroll into these programs, we offer up to 100% scholarships for eligible families.

To find out more about the Open House Event and to sign up please visit, or email to Info@OYYL.Info.

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Any jobs
This sounds very nice. Might any jobs be available?
(9/11/2016 11:47:06 AM)
so nice!!
Go OYYL mechayil el chayil!!
LOVE this school and progam!!

(9/11/2016 12:21:00 PM)
my kid goes there and its the best program in CH. He comes home learning so much!! and he is so confident!!
(9/11/2016 12:51:40 PM)
I spot Dana Pestun!
She is the best violin an guitar teacher in town!!
(9/11/2016 8:35:53 PM)
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