Aug 18, 2016
Graduates Go Back to School

Three Hebrew Academy of Huntington Beach, CA alum are coming back to school to spread their enthusiasm to the next high school group.

Learning is a lifetime pursuit, and at the Hebrew Academy Chabad of Huntington Beach, CA, we are excited that our graduates are moving back into our high school program after a year in seminary.

This year, three Hebrew Academy alum are coming back to the school they grew up in and love to spread their enthusiasm to the next high school group. They will be serving as Bnos leaders and dorm counselor for the high school. Muka, Nechama, and Rebecca started at the Hebrew Academy (Bais Rochel Leah) high school together five years ago. After four amazing years together, they separated ways and each went to seminary in a different country. Little did they know that they be returning to the Hebrew Academy as role models and leaders.

Bnos leaders at the Hebrew Academy run weekly programs such as Parsha and popcorn, Niggunim and nosh, Torah and tea, as well as create hachonos for the Chassidishe yomim tovim in a fun and accessible way. Muka’s love for Chassidus and niggunim, paired with her innate talent as a teacher make her a perfect candidate for Bnos leader. Her partner in crime, and another perfect choice, Rebecca, a talented photographer, is known for her energy and chayus in everything she does, from learning to having fun. Nechama is more serious and goal oriented. Her inquisitive nature and organization skills will serve her well as dorm counselor working together with the dorm mother. These three girls are infamous for their upbeat and shticky personalities and returning students are already excited, knowing that they're coming back.

The students receive a well rounded education; from Arts and Drama, to honors and AP courses tailored to their individual educational needs; each student is encouraged to reach their potential. New students are in for an amazing year of growth in Judaic studies, Secular studies and in character, and Chassidishkeit. The Bnos leaders are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this year’s students. Will your daughter be one?

To learn more about our school and our exceptional Judaics/General studies program go to: and enroll now. We have received a grant from an anonymous donor who has sponsored special enrollment incentives for incoming 9th grade students for the month of August only.

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