May 11, 2016
The Full Tuition Crisis Plan

Rabbi Moshe Lieblich, Principal of Hamesivta, presents his comprehensive plan to end the tuition crisis our community is facing. Watch: Full replay of event.

By Rabbi Moshe Lieblich, Principal, Hamesivta, Lubavitcher Yeshiva

I want to share with you my personal experience.

It was time for me to enroll my child to school, I heard all the horror stories about meeting the board of tuition so I decided to come prepared.

They had asked me for $5,200, so I sat down with my wife, and we went over our budget and saw that the most we can offer was $4,000, at that time I just purchased a condo and we were in a tight spot.

So I brought him my story, I was well preparedÖ or was I? I came into the room, there were about 4-5 people there, the room was silent, there was fear and dread in the room, no one was talking, we were all waiting to get this over withÖ

The woman before me came out of the room sobbing, and thatís when I really got scared.

But I thought I was prepared, so I came into the room, sat down and showed him my papers, and said that I discussed it with my wife and the most we can afford is $4,000.

He looked at me and started yelling at me that I have a nerve to come into his office and make him an offer, he said that the real price is close to $9,000 and he was already giving me a discount, and how do I have the chutzpah to ask him for a bigger discount?

He said that every penny he gives off is money that he has to raise, and I have a chutzpa to ask him to raise more money for my kidÖ

I tried talking to him and explaining to him my situationÖ he didnít even let me talkÖ after 15 minutes we didnít end up coming to a conclusion so I left.

I remember walking out of there trying to look strong but inside I was crying, I remember walking away broken, dejected, humiliated, and I remember thinking, if this is what itís like when I have 3 kids, how will I manage when I have more?

A few years ago I had an amazing Rebbe working in my school, he had a family of 5 kids and he was making a salary of $42,000 a year, and he was 3 months behind in pay. Sad to say, he had to quit teaching, he isnít a Rebbe anymore.

Iím in chinuch for 12 years now and I have dealt with over 200 families, I see first-hand what it means to make payroll at the end of the month, I face my teachers every day and I see the stress they have every week wondering, "will I get paid this week?"

I see first-hand the effect it has on families and my students, I had mothers crying to me on the phone that they donít have money for food, I had a father tell me that he doesnít have the money for the a gemara for his son, I have seen the devastating effect it has on our kids.

Now I didnít choose to take on this project but someone had to do it.

The plan Iím going to present to you, I will present it in 3 parts, I will first tell you the plan, I will tell you how I will do it, and then I will tell you why I called you here tonight.

What is the plan?

I would like to introduce you to an organization that I am starting called the ďJewish Education Scholarship Fund.Ē

My plan is to create an endowment fund of $100,000,000 over the next 10 years.

What that means is that over the next 10 years we would raise $100,000,000 and we would invest any money that we raise and we would only use the interest.

The money that we raise will stay in the account for generations to come, we would only use the interest and dividends that we get from it, we would have at least 2 firms representing us and investing for us, and we would invest it conservatively to make sure we donít lose it.

Based on history we are expecting a return average of 4% a year; that would mean $4,000,000 a year,

Our fund would also help families make full use of the government voucher program, basically what that is, is that there is a government program for low income families if both parents are working, itís an after school program that the government gives money per child.

Itís a complicated process to go through with a lot of paper work, so we will have a team of experts focused just on that.

If we can get 300-400 kids a year on that program that would bring in another $2,000,000-$3,000,000 to the schools, together with government grants we would help schools get, and fundraising, we would hopefully help bring in to the schools around $7,000,000 a year.

Now, there would be a few conditions for the schools to get the money:

1: we would have a tuition cap of $7,000 a year. The reason for that is that it already happened before with such scholarship funds for schools and camps that as soon as there is a fund they raise tuition and the only ones to gain are the people at the top, My goal is to help struggling families.

2: another condition for the school to get the money would be that they need to pay teachers a starting salary of $70,000 a year. Our teachers work hard and deserve to get paid a decent salary.

There is no reason we shouldnít be able to attract quality teachers and the ones we have shouldnít have to work second and third jobs to pay for food..

With this plan, the schools would have enough money to pay for it, make the cheshbon: if there are 25 students in the class and they get $7,000 per kid then they are getting $175,000, if they pay the teacher $70,000 they would have another $105,000 for other expenses.

I want to be very clear that I am not taking over the fundraising of the schools at all, what I am doing is helping struggling families and raising the salaries of teachers, the school will continue to do whatever fundraising they are doing, whether itís a Chinese auction, a dinner or anything else, my goal is to help struggling families and raise the teacherís salary.

I cannot say this enough: we want it to be an independent organization. All parents who care about their children's future, and anyone who cares about the future of our youth, will be able to feel secure in donating to an independent, transparent organization. This is where all of us should be giving our monthly maaser money to.

We are not looking to manage the schools at all, there will be however some basic standards that the school will need to keep to be considered a school, like basic student safety, a standard curriculum etc.

The way it would work would be as follows, the parents would approach the school for registration, if they canít afford to pay the full $7,000 they would come to our fund, we would have an independent company who would treat them humanely and with respect go over their finances and make a decision.

The fund would then give the school whatever the parent canít pay, if a family is eligible for vouchers then we would help them navigate the system and sign them up for the voucher program.

The voucher program is a program available to many people in our community, when I went to pay for tuition they didnít even mention it.

if we can get 300-400 kids on vouchers thatís another $2-3 million dollars for our schools.

The plan is a 10 year plan to raise the full $100,000,000 but we will not need to wait the full 10 years till we can start using it, as soon as we have $1,000,000 we will start distributing and build on that, the more that comes in the more we will distribute, and work from there, people will start seeing relief way before the fund is fully funded.

Grants is another thing we would put a lot of work into, each school is hiring people to do research for grants and paying grant writers, if we work together as a community we can have an office and hire the best grant writers in the country, instead of writing for 1 school they can write for all the schools together.

How will we get the money?

The plan is really simple, I will go to 100 wealthy people and ask them to donate $1,000,000 or $100,000 over the next 10 years, I will explain to them how the money will last forever and how they are saving an entire community, and that every million dollars will sponsor a full class forever.

I know it sounds like a dream and many people are telling me itís unrealistic, but I am determined to make it happen, if I canít get 100 people I will get 200 people to give $500,000 over the next 10 years.

I will try private people and foundations, if someone can give $10,000 or $20,000 a year, that would be $100,000 or $200,000 over 10 years.

I also spoke to all the rabbonim and many of them said that they would come with me anywhere in the world to help me make this happen. I am determined and with Hashem's help and the Rebbe's brochos we will make it happen.

Why did I call you to a meeting?

I started reaching out to donors and got some very positive feedback, one very wealthy donor, to quote, said, ďThank you for considering us for a partnership role in this amazing project, your vision is noble, the cause is just, and in my opinion, long overdue.Ē

And there are many others, however what Iím seeing over and over again is that they want to see it come from the community, not just from 1 guy with a dream.

They said itís a huge project and they will be happy to be part of it if they see it coming from the community as a whole, the parents, the teachers, the schools and the donors, BĒH I have all the Rabbonim of the community supporting this project, Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba, Rabbi Yakov Schwei and Rabbi Yosef Braun, and many more.

But what I need now is the community support, so first of all the fact that you all came out here today and there is another 2000 people watching it online is a very strong message to donors that the community is suffering from this crisis and that the community is behind me and is hoping that this will succeed.

Second, showing up here is not enough, if you can make a donation to the fund, if 1000 people give $10 a month over the next 10 years we will raise $1,200,000 if 10000 people give 36 a month over the next 10 years we will raise $4.320,000 if you can give more is even better, those that can give $1,000 a month that would be amazing, but most important is to give something.

I need to be able to come to donors and show them that we have a community that is hurting and they are backing my project, we need to show the schools that we as a community are hurting and the people of the community want them to work together and united to solve this crisis, if I can show that I have a strong support from the community then we can make this happen.

Another issue I would address is to work with our elected officials and try to pass legislation to help our community, we would strongly encourage everyone to go out and vote, we are a growing community and imagine the power we will have if 15000-20000 people show up to vote, we will have a real voice on the city and state level and we will be able to accomplish a lot.

Earlier today I spoke with our state senator Jesse Hamilton and he committed to meet with me to put together legislation to help our community, I told him it wasnít fair that we are being taxed twice, we are paying property tax that funds public schools and then we need to pay tuition to our schools.

He said he is happy to work with me to put forward any proposal we would want, we have to understand that we voted them in and they work for usÖ but we have to show up to voteÖ

In summary, I will continue to work on a few fronts, and I need your help.

ē Creating and growing the endowment fund
ē I would help people with the voucher program
ē I will work with the schools to maximize our funds from government and private foundations
ē I will work with our city and state officials to pass legislation to help us out.

The ultimate goal is to raise a generation of children that are happy, healthy and serving the oibershter, thatís what we all want, we want a healthy community with healthy marriages and healthy children and I ask you to join me in my efforts to come together as a community and solve this together.

Please go online to and make your donation, show your support, and follow up on our progress.

Thank you so much for coming out here tonight, itís the first step in uniting the entire community for a common cause, may Hashem see the achdus and bench us with the coming of moshiach speedily in our days.

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Opinions and Comments
Just trying get to understand $7,000,000 a year 7,000 per kid is is good for about 150 kids is that all the kids who need help?
(5/11/2016 10:37:15 AM)
what about...
getting rid of the administration who take huge salaries and help themselves to cases of food?
The above suggestions are wonderful, if the money would actually go to paying the teachers and staff and not to lining the pockets of those that sit closest to the pot.
(5/11/2016 10:43:09 AM)
OT Math
It would cover 1000 kids,and thats the full $7000. It csn cover for example 2000 half grants etc.
(5/11/2016 10:48:55 AM)
padyom - way 2 go
wow wow
about time
we start thinking out of the box ----
its seems like a dream but it can be a reality
thank you Rabbi Moshe Lieblich.
(5/11/2016 10:49:04 AM)
#1 - Your math is a little sketchy
Your math is astounding. How about a calculator. This is the formula: 7,000,000 / 7,000=1,000 kids.
(5/11/2016 10:52:20 AM)
Outstanding Idea
Yasher Koach for taking initiative
(5/11/2016 10:55:23 AM)
To 1 and 5
In addition, I don't think the plan is to cover full tuition for all recipients of the grant. Some will only need supplementing, for example, when rabbi lieblich mentions he could only afford $4,000, the fund would have to give only 3,000 for him.
(5/11/2016 10:56:03 AM)
good plan
Good plan but i dont see how this will solve the tuition crisis worldwide. This is only for Crown Heights it seems. And i dont know if every community could pull this off. So how will this solve the tuition crisis all over?
It is a nice idea and certainly needed. But i also think there is more to this: I think schools have to lower tuition prices drastically and make it possible for families with many kids to afford the prices. As the Rebbe said, schools should accept kids who cant afford free of charge. Hashem will send donors who will fill in the gaps. Schools need to fund raise and they need to commit to doing what the Rebbe wanted and not push people away for lack of money. When that happens surely new avenues of blessing will open and parents wont be squeezed and people wont have to be humiliated and hurt. A school that rejects for lack of money should not be a school! this is not the Rebbes vision.
(5/11/2016 11:00:06 AM)
Having served on tuition committees and school boards people should be made aware that even if all parents paid full tuition it would still not cover anywhere near the school's budget, and that is true even in schools that charge 10 to 15 thousand a year. The only way that a school can exist is if thier is a viable and professional fundraising program in place. This can only be done with professionals fundraisers that although they take outrageous percentages they can each bring in hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars a year. This is the ONLY viable solution , and unfortunately not one of our schools has this in effect. There is a multitude of rich benefactors and foundations out there, and we do not have anyone out there tapping these resources. It is a large investment to hire these professionals, but the investment is worth the return.
(5/11/2016 11:01:59 AM)
do your math
7,000,000.00 a year divided by 7000.00 is 1000
That is if all 1000 kids needs 100% deduction
Thousands of kids can be helped annually
(5/11/2016 11:02:30 AM)
Administrator that cares
Raising this amount might be problematic. $70k?
Teachers deserve that but not possible for a girls school where most work half a day or at departmental. $ Tuition of $7k would never cover that. Encouraging vouchers is encouraging lying for most families. Nobody ever left my office in tears. That is unacceptable but bills and salaries must be paid on time. Investing is tricky. Tax free muni bonds are choice but need expert advise.
(5/11/2016 11:06:24 AM)
Program would be a great start
One minor adjustment that would help once the full funds are raised.
Only use between 95%-98% of the interest/dividends each year and reinvestment that few percentage points to slowly grow the base foundation..

To #1 "Cool"
The basics are that once fully funded, they would have about 4 Million a year to assist families.
If the average assistance was $2,000 a student, that would allow them to supplement 2000 children's tuitions per year.
Would that be enough to solve the whole issue, probably not, but if we could get the program to that point, it would be a phenomenal achievement that would make a serious dent in the issue for the community..
(5/11/2016 11:07:53 AM)
There are approximately 5000 Talmidim & Talmidos in CH k-12. The average tuition brought in per child is around 4K. So this fund would provide the missing 3K. That means the fund would have to give out approximately 15,000,000 per year.
(5/11/2016 11:10:09 AM)
I agree that $70k salaries are a reasonable starting point but think they are not sustainable with $7000 tuition.

$70,000 with payroll taxes and medical insurance are going to cost over $100k. You will need about 14 kids just paying one teacher's salary. And then there are other employees, building, buses and more overhead. Even with large classes of 25 kids this will not add up.

7% return is an aggressive assumption these days, but maybe still within reason.
(5/11/2016 11:15:17 AM)
For the project to be credible, there is a need to ensure complete transparency.

* The management of the money must be delegated to outside professionals not related or connected to any of the school leadership.
* Investment allocations and performance reports should be publicized on a regular basis.
* Distribution data must be publicized (obviously without personal details of the recipients).
(5/11/2016 11:19:52 AM)
Would love to donate...
But I am from out of town. Is this fund only open to CH schools?
(5/11/2016 11:21:09 AM)
@1 sound like an oholei toiranik
$7,000 x 150 kids = $1,050,000
7M will fund 1000 kids at 7K
(We still prob have more than 1k kids that can use help)
(5/11/2016 11:24:42 AM)
Only 100M?
Reminds me of something very similar Anytime someone approaches me with a bright business Idea i usually respond with the following: Why not acquire mass amount of land and build a Mega Shopping Mall with 300 shops and add a 26 screen theater and of course add room for a costco and walmart and a best buy (cant leave out a Bestbuy!) and then when your fully occupied you'll sell for 230M give or take! seems like this plan is on a metaphor level similar to building a Mega Mall! have they been built before??? all the time! but when i hear 100M needed it reminds me of my typical mall idea-reply when i hear another genius Idea come across my desk. Meyer Clapman
(5/11/2016 11:29:47 AM)
Mendel Engel
I just donated $5 a week. I wish I could give more (not sure I could even give that, but this is something that needs to be done) Support this and share it with your facebook friends etc. Who knows who will end up joining because they know you!!!
(5/11/2016 11:53:36 AM)
I would donate,
I know many people, myself included that when I have extra Maaser I would NOT give it to the schools, I simply don't trust them, this is something I would be happy to support.
(5/11/2016 12:00:16 PM)
To the administrator who suggested tax free muni bonds:
It would be a charity foundation and so there would not be any taxes on it even if it was not tax free muni bonds.
(5/11/2016 12:11:16 PM)
This was already done in 2009, in Bergen County, NJ
This was already done in 2009, in Bergen County, NJ
Although a nice idea, and sure couldn't hurt, tuition was not able to be reduced at all.
The only real/viable options are: governmental funding (at least for secular studies), or some form of tuition tax deduct-ability.
(5/11/2016 12:15:28 PM)
Social Media
It would be in the organizations best interest to open social media accounts. If you want to rally a community in the 21st century the way to do it is through facebook, twitter, linkedin.

This way you can stay on top of the audience and constantly have be giving them updates etc.

Hatzlacha on this noble undertaking!

Thank you:)
(5/11/2016 12:41:14 PM)
I like the idea
I like the idea of living /spending the interest only .... I would like to suggest to attract wealthy people and create jobs for our community ..... Jobs that moms can go half day too....
Jobs that have a quick & reasonable few month traning to go in - yea it exist .....
I don't like the voucher idea at all - instead put pressure for the state administration and ask them to supplement all private schools with money and high school diploma education ! , when u say 400 kids will bring after school vouchers - for the school that will pay it for the debts of regular eshiva curriculum it's Bad situation ....
We need to supplement each child specially boys with the best high school diploma - this way in 10 years we will have new generation of successful men that can provide for the families
We need to broke that chain of low /uneducated youth that can't make 100k per year !!!

Ps . If a family is struggling to pay tuition it means no after school programs are available to these kids - no math/English on a higher level , no hassidiahe tutors , no music school , no sports !!!! We need it all in one school !!!! during the day !!! Our boys and girls - are brilliant students that deserve the best
(5/11/2016 12:46:09 PM)
Fantastic, well thought-out plan. I don't have kids yet and I'm donating anyways!!
(5/11/2016 12:50:28 PM)
what about abuse of funds?!?
No where does the article discuss schools that are abusing funds?!?

In Florida, low income families get 5k$ in step up and still the schools charge $$

There are families paying 10k+ a year per child and by no means well off!

7k cap is about right but would not save the bleeding middle class. 7k X 5 is still 35k!

The only way this would work is that schools must undergo independent audit and finances tracked! No $$ disappearing, no nepotism or cronyism

If a school won't open it's books they won't get scholarships, if they don't get scholarships the public will know why and other schools will open.

(5/11/2016 12:51:50 PM)
to # 8
of course its only for Crown Heights....we are entitled to everything for FREE.

we host people for a few meals on Tishrei. AND we rent out our basemnets fro big bucks to shluchim by the kinus.
we should get free tuition, free camp, and maybe even free phones.

its not fair, why cant Rohr and Boglubov pay our tuition. we demand it. we deserve it.

we need our money so we can go away for the summer, and for pesach, and we are also burdened with supporting all the restaurants that opened in past few years and that are set to open in the next few months.

we should demand of the shluchim to pay for our tuition, once and for all we should get whats due us...

(5/11/2016 12:54:28 PM)
love the optimism
so 16 out of 18 comments dealt with how to spend the 100 mil. did anybody think about how to raise it? great idea and i dont know why he stoped at 100 mil why not 200 people and raise 200 mil?
(5/11/2016 12:55:01 PM)
Most professional salaries start at $55-$60K, and an unlicensed, untrained teacher should make $70,000? Parsonage too? Vos Noch?

Yes, teachers work hard, but so do accountants, bus drivers, nurses, managers, plumbers, electricians etc.

For this kind of salary, the teachers should be required to go through a year or two of mandatory training at their own expense. I'd be fine with teachers getting $70,000 if they have been vetted and have credentials, and only the cream of the crop were hired.
(5/11/2016 1:07:50 PM)
On the website
Please show how big the pot is. $$$
It will be an incentive for more people to give.
(5/11/2016 1:08:02 PM)
with the old breed
there was in southern Europe before the war and still in Satmar the idea of a community. If you have a community all this is possible. If it is everyone for themselves no plan with ever work.
(5/11/2016 1:08:49 PM)
Mark Zuckerberg
Gave 100M a few years ago to Newark public schools - it can be done by one Gvir - surely an entire community working together can find it. Without a dream it surely won't happen.
(5/11/2016 1:18:59 PM)
to all the naysayers
here you have someone whose taking the initiative to help US, he's presented a thorough and viable plan, that will take allot of work to materialize, which he will oversee. Are there going to be kinks to be worked out? fore sure, but if we all united its definitely possible.
(5/11/2016 1:34:44 PM)
how will making a school pay a uneducated, only have smicha, freshly married teacher $70,000 a year get better quality teachers. I think it will just breed more unqualified teachers. Men that can't find jobs will say hey i can get $70 grand teaching let me do that. no college education, no training, nothing and making 70 grand not bad in my opinion
(5/11/2016 1:41:41 PM)
Not clear what you are saying?
are you saying that the chabad community can't pull off $100,000,000 over TEN YEARS,

I say that with people like you yes we will not be able to do it, but if you DO SOMETHING about it like Rabbi Lieblich is trying maybe we can get this done.

He only asked you for $10 a month, can you do that?
and he asked to bring the community together, can you do that???

Haters will hate
(5/11/2016 1:50:03 PM)
nothing is perfect
it seems like a great plan & he is saying other fundraising efforts can & will continue however he is addressing the bigest concern about tuition & has a plan does anyone else have one? I don't see anything this is a realistic effort & hopefully will succeed & yes the administrators will have to be realistic as well. if you want to say $70k a year is too much look at the sky rocketing rents in ch & how many people are willing to pay over a million $ for house that in reality is worth at least 30- 35% less
(5/11/2016 1:52:39 PM)
I'm in the wrong line of work...
A starting $70,000 salary for all teachers?!?!

Does this mean even for 1st year teachers (many of them without any kids)?

Does this mean even for teachers without proper educational background/training?

Does this mean for both male and female teachers?

Here's the problem: Nobody "deserves" $70,000 a year for teaching just because they "need" it.

In the outside world there are standards by which a pay grade is decided. The fact that CH does not give the majority of it young adults a proper education does not mean they suddenly deserve a $70,000 salary just because the need (or want) it.

Insisting on those kinds of salaries across the board also means raising tuition. You cannot demand that schools pay more without bringing in more. It doesn't sound like this fund seriously intends to foot that new deficit. So it will just create more families that cannot afford tuition.

The long-term, sustainable solution is to give young men and women the tools, and sense of responsibility, to actually make the kind of parnasah they need to provide adequately for their families in the 21st century. If that mean reassessing the official chabad stance on secular education, college and/or family planning, then at least admit it. Stop pretending this has to do with a "tuition crisis" that supposedly exists in a vacuum.
(5/11/2016 2:22:58 PM)
A Bubby's opinion
This is a beautiful idea! I will be glad to donate what I can IYH, and will donate in honor of others for Yahrtzeits, etc.
(5/11/2016 2:52:12 PM)
some comments

Some comments on rabbi leiblachs tuition plan:
I went through his plan, and I want to make a few comments.

First of all I want to commend him for taking up this issue.
Not only because he talked about it, and came up with a plan. Because I am sure many have also.
Rather because he is actually doing something lemato meíasoro tefochim to bring this to a practical reality.

This is a good plan with many good points (like saving money by centralizing and streamlining overhead)
However like all plans, things can always be tweaked to the better, and for that I have a comments, one can take it or leave it.

These are not insurmountable issues, but I believe they deserve attention. One can wor on it, and refine the issues, till they are not longer issues.

1. Relying on government grants can be fraught with many issues sometimes complicated.
The government many times gets involved in the details of what you used the money for. And if you should have used it for A and then used it for B, then they will start breathing down your backs, we do want a repeat of what happened in other places.

So for instance if you are supposed to be using it for after school issues, and then use it for in school issues, then you might have a problem.

2. Another issue with government funding is: that in such a case they (the government) may start dictating to you, how your program should be run, and at times it may get very difficult to run a yidishe moisad that way.

3. This only addresses schools that have on teacher per 25 kids. Not a pre 1 A. not a girls school. Not a school with Hebrew and English teachers. Not the high schools, and not the mesivtaís. it certainly does not deal with seminaries.
4. This obviously takes it as a given that till moshiach comes we will continue the status quo of having that many kids per class.
Oh and btw how will it help those schools, that claim to have smaller cllases and less kids per class then that number?
You have to take into account the new foundations own costs. Grant writers do not work for free. And neither do administrators.
6. What do we do in the end with a school which will refuse the 7,000 dollar cap?
Especially school that do not have proper fiscal management (Which rabbi leiblach seems to say he will not mix into). Or schools which have not opened their books in years. They will say they need more, and it is more worth it to not deal with you. Will you let the parents dry? Or then give into the school? How will it work?
7. Is 7,000 really enough for a school? They need to a building fund. They have so many bills to pay. They do extra stuff, which may need to be trimmed, but in the meantime is here.
8. If a school has a thousand students, is 7,000,000 enough?
9. How do we decide how much each parent gets? Can one still hop on a plane to great vocations, and go to a hotel for pesach? Or on the other hand another family has many expenses but for some reason is pushed aside?
10. Is there not more than a thousand kids who could use this grant? Is 7,000,000 a year enough?
Meaning: seven million dollars a year can help a thousand children. There are a lot more that can use help

11. Once this foundation exists, we may see the student population explode in our schools. As many kids who may previously not gone to our schools may say, hey letís get this grant. So how we decide who to take in?

12. Will schools agree in getting rid of people who currently work in grant writing and such stuff? This is also taking away parnoso from someone.
13. Is 70,000 always a favor? It may end up cutting them out of government programs or other things. And they also rack up the taxes. Does this mean 70,000 after taxes and benefits?
This is more acute if they canít get parsonage for whatever reason. Though with parsonage this may be very nice
14. Another thing is: how do we decide the 70,000 mark. Some teachers work three hours a day, and the other 7. How do the calculations add up? And is there per hour mark? Also does it take into account the difference in what type of work is being done and which types of jobs really demand more preparation and out of work hours?
15. In regards to the dividends of the endowment fund.
While it may be true that 4% is right for the current financial climate, one has no idea what the interest rate may look like it five months let alone ten years. so to in all the years to come. So all these cheshboinois will have to be more thought out, as, as of now, it sounds very simplistic.
16. In regards to voting. One has to be practical. How votes do we really have. There are no 15 thousand eligible voters in crown heights. Maybe at most 6 thousand. Maybe. Take that in with those who do not show up. You have at most five thousand. In a city like new York and area like crown heights, and in a political climate as liberal as NYC is that really enough? The mayor I promise you, is not looking to help you as he claims, I promise you. He is a liberal guy from the worst of them. He wants a strong public schoo system stealing every tax payers dollar, and then feeding it through that corrupt system. This is not florida, which provides every parent with 4000 dollars per kid. Not so fast. Not at least in NYC. I am not sure we should rely on that, that fast.
17. 16. As this only exists in regards to crown heights schools, the donor pool is much more limited. Can crown heights really cough up that much money? I doubt it.
18. I did not get how it will really help before the fund gets filled with 100 million. Meaning: it will take ten years to start working.
19. How do we make sure that this will be run a most transparent and responsible fashion?
also do we make sure there will be no nepotism and no inside people from schools directly involved in the fund?
This the fund going to be open and post a yearly bulletin of its activities? People would like too see all the data, of performance and allocation.
Again I thank rabbi leiblach and am just hoping to add a few basic points to ponder.
(5/11/2016 2:55:13 PM)
Well said Rabbi Leiblich
You are doing an amazing thing, wishing you much Hatzlacha.
(5/11/2016 3:04:36 PM)
Fantastic, well thought-out plan. I don't have kids yet and I'm donating anyways!!
(5/11/2016 3:22:32 PM)
to 29#
In regards to the 70,0o0 dollar salary/
Teachers canít be great teachers, if they have large families and are paid the same as a person with 2 kids and a dog.
In the end you will get this: either bad teachers, or even good teachers who have no incentive to be good teachers.

As for training.
We do not need to have davke training. Rather we need someone who knows how to do the job. If he is matzliach good if not then he should find another job.
Some of the best teachers have no training and some of the worst have great training.
(5/11/2016 3:28:02 PM)
(5/11/2016 3:34:31 PM)
Yasher Koach!
A huge Yasher Koach to Rabbi Lieblich for spearheading this. I personally believe he will pull it off. He seems very committed to this and that is what it takes first and foremost. BL"N I will donate to this fund.

Questions? People have questions. He seems intelligent and well thought out. He will certainly involve and consult with intelligent people. Every question has an answer. What he presented were broad outlines. Of course, you can expect the project to be tweaked as moves along.

For once, someone is taking a positive, optimistic and proactive approach. This can happen and will happen. Early donors will be kickstarters. So give now even the very small amounts to get him moving. Big donors will no doubt be happy to step in once they see traction.

If a Lubavitcher Gvir has $10 mil and wants to do something that will have a big and lasting impact, he will give $1 mil to this foundation. His money will continue to help needy families l'olam va'ed!
(5/11/2016 3:45:03 PM)
You're all, on your own.
The hard-core Charedi communities, DO actually make tuition affordable for everyone, through communal authority and control, on all levels.
(5/11/2016 3:53:58 PM)
Right on, "some comments"
While the basic idea of this plan is the best I've heard so far, all of the points that "some comments" brought up are SIGNIFICANT.

These points must be addressed in order for the plan to have any chance of succeeding.
(5/11/2016 4:11:25 PM)
Mendel Engel
To number 39. Well said. I hope Rabbi Leibleich takes those points into consideration.

Also, the magic number of 70k needs to be revised. see comment 37.

Again this is a very,very important thing for all of us to get involved in and share with people that we can influence.
(5/11/2016 4:16:34 PM)
why didnt i think of this??
one hundred ppl to give a million , now thats easy! how about 200 ppl and u will get 200 mil ... 200 mil in the bank untouched , sounds like a plan! good luck dreamer , love ur enthusiasim!
(5/11/2016 4:17:08 PM)
To #42
You stated:

"Some of the best teachers have no training and some of the worst have great training."

Replace the word "teacher" with the word "doctor" and you will see how pathetic your statement is.

Aside from the fact that your statement is ludicrous and without any kind of statistical facts to back it up, today's teachers are not the village "melamed" from the shtetl. Kids today have a plethora of problems ranging from ADHD to insecurities to poor comprehension skills. Only a trained teacher can know how to properly deal with and respond to these children.

A teacher who spent the better part of his life "bull-shoving" his way through Yeshiva and Kollel has no claim to a $70,000 salary.

As for your claim about supporting their large family: as comment #37 pointed out, a large salary isn't granted just because the person "needs it". This is not how life works.

(5/11/2016 4:23:20 PM)
Bob Jones University, for example
There are educational institutes in the US that are religion-based, that actually refuse government money, in the name of being free to run the way they want to.

It is a radical suggestion, and would have to involve a lot of old-fashioned fundraising, from rich donors, from fundraising events, from pushkas, from student-run fund drives, etc. And there are some grant sources that are private, that might fit into this picture as well.

There are also alumni who don't live in Crown Heights anymore, some of whom are, Baruch Hashem, successful in business and can contribute as well.

Bob Jones University, as well, is a leading source of homeschooling materials ("BJU Press"). In essence, this sideline is probably another significant fundraiser for the university.

Perhaps there are "products" that some of our schools can gain funding from -- hey, you never know! Who would have guessed that a right-wing fundamentalist Christian University could run a successful business that helps to fund their university?

Maybe there's some kind of Real Estate venture that could be earmarked to fund the schools of Crown Heights? Real Estate seems to be one of the most successful makers of money these days, in Crown Heights. In essence, with a little creative business sense, the hipsters could be a source of funding for our schools.

I, for one, am really not comfortable with relying on "after school care" vouchers being questionably used. I am not comfortable with any government program being used, where we would be required to act deceptively. Plus, all it would take is a change of US Presidents to put the kabosh/cuts on any given government program.

To solve the questions about $70,000 salaries, perhaps go to a guaranteed hourly rate -- say $30. or therabouts (more if the teacher has been in the field long enough or has added credentials that make a difference in the quality of their teaching)--rather than a yearly rate.
(5/11/2016 4:30:07 PM)
One thing that is so sad
We have a chinuch system that, in essence, counts on teachers qualifying for food stamps, section 8, etc., to supplement their pay. In what other profession is the pay rate DETERMINED based on that???? How absolutely awful!

(This has become true throughout the frum world, not just here in Crown Heights.)

This is a symptom of a much bigger problem. With all of the government money flowing in for preschools, therapists of various types, etc., there is money here for schools. But it's not going toward regular Pre-1-A through Seminary teachers' salaries.

Something is really off in our system! I am not sure that I completely trust the administrations of the schools. The books need to be opened.
(5/11/2016 4:35:38 PM)
just some thoughts
Tuition is a fortune! Most families simply cannot afford to pay for all the expenses related to sending their kids to school over the period of time that they attend the school.That is why in public school system the costs are spread equally across the entire population over an entire lifetime in the form of taxes. If we really wanna stop birth control tuition we need to start an extremely well funded and well managed foundation run by the business community, not schools or teachers- although they will definitely have representation. In short, anyone who associates themselves with the jewish community and definitely those who attend the schools will need to pay into the fund over their entire lifetime, obviously this is another word for taedakah etc... but if it must be set up as both a "mandatory life time tax" and extremely well run "charity organization" whether one has children or not and whether or not they attend the school. Payouts will be to all forms of private jewish education and their payouts to schools will be voted on and publicized. Incentives will be given to teachers who excel and only efficiently run schools will be eligible for money. An organization as large as this will over time gain a lot of political power that will ultimately force govt. to share many of the costs. Donations will be made extremely public and the donor pool will appeal to many looking for some jewish clout, jewish votes, or rid of jewish guilt, and I believe it can easily be a multi billion $ fund... Needless to say a central organization will cut costs on many fronts like buying power, curriculum planning, and online learning to minimize the amount of staff and teachers needed! obviously this won't be easy but might be easier to raise the 100 mil with a vision of really making a dent long term! (the budget of most very small schools is well over 4 million $!!! And 100 mil$ endowments are needed for each individual school....) This is a very watered down vision of what needs to be but if you wanna stop the birth control u gotta thing big, an incredible amount of money is needed
(5/11/2016 4:42:23 PM)
Different point of view
I don't want to come across sounding cocky, but when my husband and I were in a bad financial place and desperately wanted to send our kids to Jewish day school, we worked 4 jobs between us to pay for it and we worked it out so they never went to day care. We were denied tuition assistance so we had no choice but to figure it out for ourselves. It can be done. Just lots of hard work. With that said, we were able to afford to help other students with tuition. Ultimately, My husband was on a scholarship committee and if it is not controlled properly, it will be abused and there will be a dependency issue that will continue for generations. The way I see it, is that higher education will end the dependency. im sure my point of view will not be popular, but differing points of view should be read as well. Thank you, Beth
(5/11/2016 4:51:37 PM)
Yashar koach
This is much needed.

Needs to be global.

And I also wonder how one family can pay 7k per child when kyh we have larger families.
(5/11/2016 4:57:32 PM)
7k per child
most people don't make lets say make 7k a month thats 84K with 5 kids in school you want them to pay 5 months of the year salary straight to tuition !
(5/11/2016 5:38:50 PM)
Limited pool of donors
Is anyone asking how this will effect usual fundraising efforts over the next ten years?

The people behind this are saying schools must still cover their usual deficits. Higher salaries will only increase those deficits.

And then over the next ten years the people behind this will be approaching the same donors as the schools.

How does this make sense?
(5/11/2016 5:51:36 PM)
The Bigger Issue...
...Is that our community doesn't make education our highest priority. Plain and simple.

Most of our talent, resources, money, etc. are either focused Shlichus, or on the other side, modern interests.

Other Frum communities, such as Willi, Lakewood, etc. place their CENTRAL focus on their children's education, and they can support them, without charging high tuition.

Our ONLY solution, Will be when we, as a community, decide to focus on education. The money will come, the talent will come, the resources will come, etc.

But that will not happen for a long long time.
(5/11/2016 6:19:18 PM)
I think its amazing that they were able to organize such an event. One thing I wonder about is why are many yeshiva scholarships based on financial need and actual SCHOLARSHIP
mostly ignored. I did well in yeshiva and my family usually had to pau full tuition. There were other people in my class who received large discounts and not only did they not learn but they disturbed the whole class. I understand that the Chabad yeshiva model is mainly to raise people in a frum environment more than learning. However i think learning should be given some consideration in regards to tuition.
(5/11/2016 6:43:52 PM)
And who's sponsoring this grand idea?
Just where is this "$100,000,000" coming from?
(5/11/2016 6:45:41 PM)
Great Idea #52
I was thinking something along the same lines as you wrote.
We should have a community tax for life that spreads out the cost of tuition throughout life. It would be a fair percentage just like regular taxes. However, I think that it should also be based on the number of children you have.
Just raising teachers' salaries across the board will create an ineffective situation. We need an outside company that evaluates teachers' performance using multiple techniques, such as parent evaluations, onsite evaluations, students' grades and principal evaluations. Based on the evaluations will be their salary raises.
(5/11/2016 6:46:04 PM)
The hardest part of this proposal is raising the millions for the trust fund. I don't think we have to many donors to be able to give one million dollars a year. The issue of tuition problems started when the schools not having a good fund raising system started to put pressure on the large families that have no way to cover tuition. Take for example Lubavitcher yeshive they had the Rashag, Rabbi Weinberg, Rabbi Teleshvsky, Rabbi Tenenbaum and others going out around the world and bring funds to cover tuitions, salaries and expenses. This fund does not exempt the schools of fund raising. This will not change the way things work, you got to send out people to collect for your salaries and expenses as every other mosad. Fund raising is the key to success. Fundraiser are like salesman in a business. The way to create this trust fund is the same way. We have to get shluchim involved to help to get donors to put money in this PRESTIGIOUS TRUST FUND because the future Lubavitcher shluchim and teachers are mostly (in the USA) fruits of the CH mosdos. The investment is not for CH the investment is for all the chabad mosdos across the US.
(5/11/2016 6:52:35 PM)
To #51
Please clarify what you mean when you say schools get lots of money for pre-school and therapists and are not using the money for pre-1a and older. Why is "something off" when a school uses money that the government gave for those purposes, and not other expenses? Is that chinich when we are using monies illegally?

Just a side note, it is beautiful to see when schools use the government after school program grants to actually provide amazing and good quality after school programs for our community.
(5/11/2016 6:52:42 PM)
Sounds like ObamaCare - but for school!
Kind of like an insurance for school. Please make sure you have the right professionals on board and that there is a balance of chessed (for parents) and gevurah (for institutions.)
(5/11/2016 9:02:09 PM)
Stop talking
you all have good ideas but did you show support to the one man that is DOING SOMETHING, he asked us to come together and give $10 a month to show support so he can go out and make this happen... take out your credit card, make a donation then email him your ideas.
(5/11/2016 10:06:50 PM)
Will take a few years but it's a start.
Let's not forget that the 4% kicks in only once they have a full year of the collected 100m, this may take a few years assuming they can also propose a fundraising plan within the next few days, but it's a start.

(5/11/2016 11:19:16 PM)
i salute the efforts in this project. but
a. good luck in getting these privately owned schools' owners to reduce their tuition to 7k.
b. why more focus on the price and not the product? the education itself is the elephant in the room. Yay. It's now affordable. What's affordable? baby-sitting?
(5/11/2016 11:19:50 PM)
way to go!!!!
this is amazing, we should all learn from this sweet yungerman, yogata umotzosa, if we don't stand i the way, this will happen in less then 10 years, as long as its done besholom, this will be 1 thing that the entire anash in ch can take part in, together in 1 fund, that itself is amazing, u just brought so much nachas to the rebbe!!! ashrecho!!
(5/12/2016 12:42:06 AM)
Plan B
This plan is a long shot but I hope it works out. If this works out the $7,000 makes sense for a Chabad lemudei koiesh school but not for most yeshivas that have secular curriculum as well. Their tuition is significantly higher (15-20k for high school ) an efficient and cheap solution is to replace the babysitting service called teachers (not rebbeim just secular) and use a computer program in the schools they cost bubkes. The material will be learned in a much more efficient manner (instead of a raucous misbehaved classroom wasting their time) driving down cost and shortening required class time. One teacher can be hired for way more students to help them (like a shaul umeishiv) and the students will receive much more personalized instruction.
(5/12/2016 1:09:41 AM)
Does this mean per child or per family?
If per child then we're talking about $14,000, $21,000,... Per family.
(5/12/2016 9:46:36 AM)
To 68 plan B
Visual learning is good for kids that need it but you still need the old way of teaching too. Because you are limiting the kid to learn this way and later on when he has to learn by himself he's kind of lost. You need to train the brain to be able to think and imagine things by himself. Visual helps but shouldn't be the main or only way of teaching.
(5/12/2016 10:21:54 AM)
cold winter
Class size needs to be smaller and teachers have to be hired by contract very year bad teacher get removed very year no teacher should be able to teach passed the age of 50 pre one a and first grade davka 50 and above
(5/12/2016 10:40:30 AM)
From a parent and a teacher
Thank you. You came up with a sensible, forward thinking, challenging, but probably attainable plan, and deserve a tremendous amount of credit for thinking it through, and more importantly, ready to step up and make it happen. That is very commendable!! All my respect to you, and may you be benched in all that you need, in your personal life, and in your work for the Klal.
While every plan may need tweaking, and while some people's suggestions may be worthwhile to hear, please do not get discouraged by those who are quick to suggest, advise, and criticize, but aren't ready to work. I am not so business minded (my job that I try to do with all my heart and soul, is to be a good Mechanech to my students -- and a good parent to my children) so I cannot even attempt to evaluate the business sensibility of this plan, but to my amateur mind, it sounds difficult and lots of hard work to make it happen, but feasible. PLEASE do not get discouraged by the critics and naysayers -- such an undertaking is long overdue, and if you are willing to work on it, PLEASE do! (My children will probably be out of the system by the time this is put into place, but I stand to benefit as a grandparent, as a member of the community, and (maybe?) with a salary increase, if that part comes true too (??)
I will donate online, because you asked and you say it will make a difference, and since I do not have the energy to do this major undertaking, if my $10 a month will make a difference, that's the least I can do! But, more, I will donate because I want to show support for someone who is stepping up to the plate to do something. I hope others will too!
(5/12/2016 5:20:51 PM)
Talented teachers
There are many talented teachers, Rebbeim, music teachers who work out of Crown Heights because they are not appreciated for the talent they have in Crown Heights and not hired. Or cant be paid properly or the housing costs have driven them out of Crown Heights.

Raising salaries will keep talented teachers in Crown Heights and raise the education (from babysitting) like some call it to REAL productive education.
(5/13/2016 12:09:21 PM)
who will keep watch
I love this idea. :-)
Hopefully grandparents will still continue to help their children if they can afford it, so the need for grants will be slightly reduced.
$10 isn't so much money, and many of us can B"H easily afford $10/month.
BUT who is going to audit the finances? Who will make sure the teachers are the first ones to get paid? Who will make sure the money doesn't increase the administration's salaries instead of paying the teachers and for the kid's educational needs?
Please answer these questions. I'm going to donate now but hope to checkin after shabbos for your response.
(5/13/2016 6:51:00 PM)
An OTT Bubby
I raised all my children in the CH school system. Most of the time we were treated well, but that was because we paid A LOT of tuition. When we nearly lost our home after 2008 and we were conned by a frum yid with some bad financial advice, things were different. The humiliation was horrendous.

I think this plan has potential. I was skeptical at first - but I have a question. If I were to pay a little each month (we are retired now & moved away & don't have any assets) could that money be directed in some way to help my children pay tuition? They are really struggling & they each work full time.
(5/14/2016 3:59:41 PM)
mesirus nefesh for tuition
I went to school in the 70's and early 80's . my parents were NY city teachers that got laid off during the NYC1975 financial crisis. we had just starting to become frum and as the Rebbe encouraged Jewish education, my parents sent my sister and I to a frum school. although they probably received some kind of discount, my parents had tremendous mesirus nefesh to pay every dollar of that tuition. (even though at that point we weren't really frum yet, just starting out at Yiddishkeit) my parents did not own a home, we rented a small apartment, we had used furniture, they never ever went to the "mountains" or on any vacation. never went on a plane (till we moved to EY) we had an old beat up car that my parents took to work (when they found another job) and my father took us to the Lag Baomer parades in CH. i can count on my fingers the times we went to the mall to buy new clothes and my sister and I owned one pair of school shoes. my mother even diluted milk on a daily basis. But they paid tuition! and bought Jewish books. I remeber this because they told us how much the Rebbe stressed the importance of Jewish education for children. I am very proud of my parents and appreciate that we can follow in their ways.
(5/15/2016 5:56:25 AM)
average tuitiona paid are $4-8k per schild

Most lubavitch elementary schools take in average of $4-8k per child in tuition dollars. The rest is grants or fundraising. This idea is viable if the fund is fully funded and can guarantee schools that if they reduce the tuition to $7k the fund will supplement the shortfall for parents that can't give the full $7k.

The problem I see is that high schools and post highschools squeeze much more from parents and run relatively smaller and higher cost organizationsavings leaving less tuition dollars for the local elementary schools.

I hope Rabbi Meisles is successful and can take on the post elementary schools. If he can do that he will put more dollars in parents pockets that they can use towards tuitions for the elementary schools.
(5/15/2016 7:21:02 PM)
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