Mar 28, 2016
Child Safety: Caution vs. Paranoia

Mrs. Debi Fox, creator of the acclaimed "Safety Kid" Program, will speak in Crown Heights about keeping your children safe at home and in public.

Spring has officially begun! New plants are budding and a feeling of rejuvenation is in the air. It's time for spring cleaning and Pesach cleaning. It's time to make Chol Hamoed plans and summer plans. It's time to refresh yourself and your home and to brush up on things in general, in a broad sense of the word, whether with a duster or at the upcoming event, "Caution vs. Paranoia."

Children's safety isn't limited to a season or time; it's one of those things that parents always have to be on top of, like brushing teeth for example. But there are certain times when it pays to be extra vigilant, as you might before a dentist appointment.

With Pesach and summer almost upon us, (we'll let you anxiously check the calendar about that) kids are bound to spending more time out and about, and that's where this event comes in.

Mrs. Debi Fox, director or Magen Yeladim International and creator of the acclaimed Safety Kid program will be presenting tips on keeping your child safe at home and in public. As the title of the event suggests, concern about your child's safety could lead to be extra cautious... or paranoid perhaps? Mrs. Fox will give information that is a healthy balance and help you feel confident about your ability to protect your child.

Presented by Safety Kid of Crown Heights in conjunction with Junior N'shei, this event is open to mothers and will take place at Beis Levi Yitzchok this Tuesday evening, March 29.

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JN at the forefront!
Always the first to address important topics within proper framework and appropriate speakers. Post partum depression, abuse and now personal safety. Yasher Koach!!
(3/28/2016 6:51:33 PM)
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