Feb 7, 2016
Cornell Now Serves Frum Couples

The Center For Reproductive Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical Center has newly instituted the highest level of hashgacha for couples undergoing fertility treatment.

"A miracle!" "What a breakthrough!" These are some of the reactions to the latest development in the world of infertility treatment.

I am not talking about the latest equipment or technique rather I am referring to the agreement between The Ronald O. Perlman and Claudia Cohen Center For Reproductive Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical Center to institute the highest level of hashgacha for couples undergoing fertility treatment. For a Chabad couple struggling to conceive a child in the most mehudur way this is indeed a miracle.

Many people are unaware that when fertility testing or treatment is done, many halachik issues are involved. One such issue is the need for a qualified observer mashgicha to watch the specimen the entire time it is being worked on in the laboratory, a process which usually takes several days.

This development did not happen overnight. It took several years in the making and it involved many hours and much dedication from many parties to make it a reality.

The staff at Weill Cornell Medical Center has gone out of their way to accommodate all frum couples. Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, Dr. Dan Goldschlag, Dr. Nikica Zaninovic, Dr. Gianpiero Palermo, and director of patient care Ms. Joanne Libraro all dedicated an unbelievable amount of time and energy to make sure that every requirement was met without compromising the quality or integrity of the services provided. The center has designated an incubator, embryoscope and freezer which will be sealed at all times and is dedicated for use only by couples having treatment under hashgach.

Cornell is home to some the worlds best fertility specialists and the latest technology available today. They specialize in male infertility, poor egg quality and many other conditions. They are one of the first in the United States to have the embryos observed via video feed that allows for 24 hours monitoring of the embryos without the need to remove them from the protected environment of the incubator for a daily check.

The Hasgacha is under Rabbi Ulman and Rabbi Feigelstock and is in partnership with Rabbi Ausch, Rabbi Unger and Rabbi Keonig from ATIME. Rabbi Ulman has selflessly devoted himself to this cause, giving each couple unbelievable individual attention and care. Rabbi Keonig has been working hand in hand with Rabbi Ulman and has been at the center daily for several months making sure every detail gets ironed out. The Mashgichot of ATIME, a selfless and dedicated group of women, headed by the never tiring Mrs. V. Moskowitz, have undergone many hours of training. ATIME has really devoted their all to this project. Every request was answered with a Yes. Unbelievably, ATIME graciously offers couples this amazing service free of charge.

It is truly a breakthrough to now have the highest quality halachik supervision along with the highest quality medical care!

For couples looking for more information. Please email Atimech@gmail.com or contact Rabbi Ulman directly at ravulman@gmail.com or (347) 853-8014. Your privacy will be respected.

Please remember that before starting any fertility investigations or treatment be sure to speak with a qualified Rav that has expertise in the area of infertility.
Rabbi Ulman will be in Crown Heights iyh next week and has agreed to set aside some time to meet with individual couples to offer halachik guidance. If you'd like to book an appointment pleas text 347 415 3130 or email atimech@gmail.com. We will try our best to preserve your privacy.

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Opinions and Comments
May we hear many simchos!
Weill Cornell is the best hospital in NY
(2/7/2016 1:52:00 PM)
, !
(2/7/2016 2:51:15 PM)
i think its important to stress BH there are other mumchim in this area among the lubavitcher rabbonim as well !!
who are also very dedicated , dont forget things, finish up what they started which are all important for this area ..
(2/7/2016 6:09:45 PM)
Way to go, Rabbi Ulman!
Much hatzlacha and besuros tovos to all the couples out there waiting. May their tefillos be answered immediately.
(2/7/2016 6:50:07 PM)
Something we could learn...
Caring is doing, you say you really care about something, go do something about it! Kol hakavod
(2/7/2016 8:42:06 PM)
Thank you
To the group of crown heights women behind this initiative. They give their time, souls and money so that the best care with highest regards to Halacha are available to all.
Rabbi Ulman and is co-rabbinim should have the strength to continue in their work Al Taharas HaKodesh.
(2/7/2016 9:23:20 PM)
Wow amazing news! Thank you rabbi Ulman
Rabbi Ulman is a tzadik! Of course there are a few other mumchim in this area. But rabbi Ulman has made this happen! Many couples dealing with extreme difficult situations couldn't go to the best place-Cornell because of issues with hashgacha. This is huge! Amazing news for Chabad couples! May everyone be matzliach and be granted
(2/7/2016 11:52:21 PM)
who is atime CH?
who is / are the one/s reading the emails sent to atimech@gmail.com?

would like to know who i would be emailing..
(2/8/2016 12:55:33 AM)
real mitzvah
a special thank you to the crown heights women who get up super early in order to do hashgacha. May they have Nachas from their children and all the other Brochos.
(2/8/2016 11:15:28 AM)
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