Nov 17, 2015
Kosher Food Expo in Scotland

Over 100 people attended a Kosher Food Expo and Food Tasting event hosted by Lubavitch of Scotland and L'Chaim's Kosher Restaurant.

Lubavitch of Scotland and their L'Chaim's Kosher Restaurant held a very successful Kosher Food Expo and Food Tasting event this past Sunday which was attended by over 100 people men, women and children.

The first time Lubavitch held a Kashrus expo was in January 1973 and numerous events have held over the years.

This event included a Challa baking demo led by Karen Levy with personal participation, two cookery demos by famous international cookery expert Denise Phillips of London, and Sharon Feldman of the Public Relations Department of the London Beis Din Kashrus department attended in person showing and offering for tasting over 100 products which are certified by the Beis Din. Also present was the marketing manager of Loch Fyne Smoked Salmon.

Also being offered were numerous food delicacies which are produced by L'Chaim's Restaurant and Sora Cafe.

Many people bought the products for the Sunday lunch and also to take home for dinner over the coming days. Judaica and Chanukah items and jewelry gifts were on sale.

The event was opened by close friends and supporters David and Debra Clapham who were presented with a Chanukah Menorah.

All food for the event was organized by Sora Jacobs and the event was jointly organized by Rabbi Chaim and Sora Jacobs, Shluchim of Lubavitch in Scotland for over 46 years.

"Hopefully the event will enhance kashrus observance in the community," said Rabbi Jacobs.

L'Chaim's Restaurant and Kosher Catering and Sora's Cafe are the only Glatt Kosher Shomer Shabbos eating establishment in Scotland.

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Opinions and Comments
May Hash-em bless you all to carry out your wonderful work
ad 120 Years.
(11/17/2015 5:35:15 PM)
What special shluchim you are!
You should continue going strong in your shlichus and be bentched with true hatzlocha and brochos in your life!
(11/17/2015 6:20:41 PM)
chabad aus
nice event well done
(11/17/2015 9:22:15 PM)
Great event and a lovely team
Thanks so much for having me at your event. I enjoyed every minute and happy to come again
(11/19/2015 4:27:03 PM)
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