Sep 11, 2015
Bais Rivkah Raises $1 Million

With the help of community leaders, board members and students, Bais Rivkah has reached its goal to raise $1 million dollars in 24 hours.

With the help of community leaders, board members and students, Bais Rivkah has raised $1 million dollars in 24 hours.

Dozens of volunteers worked throughout the night to help the flagship school reach the goal to pay the school's dedicated teachers.

In 24 hours 1,900 donors from around the world contributed $1,063,388, which includes a bonus round activated once the first $1 million was reached.

"The excitement was palpable throughout the 24 hour campaign, especially when our goal was reached 20 minutes before the deadline and the Grosskopf family offered to match a bonus round up to an extra 50,000," said Chaya Mushka Bar-Chaim, a volunteer who worked on the campaign.

A group of donors matched all funds received at a four to one ratio; every dollar donated was quadrupled.

The campaign’s matchers included Mr. Shaya Boymelgreen, Rabbi Yitzchak Raitport, Mr. Joseph Kazarnovsky, Mr. Zalman Fellig, Mr. Yerachmeal Jacobson, Mr. Jacob Laine, Mr. Jaim Lapidus, and Mr. Shmuel Kopfstien.

Beth Rivkah was founded in 1941 by the Frierdiker Rebbe. At the time, Jewish day schools in America catered exclusively to boys, so starting a day school for Jewish girls was truly revolutionary.

From the onset of the school’s founding, the Lubavitcher Rebbe has given special attention to Beth Rivkah in all of its aspects; from the small details of the curriculum, to the treatment of every student as an individual.

One of the policies instituted by the Rebbe was that no student would ever be denied a Jewish education due to their family’s background or inability to pay tuition. This has always presented a challenge to those responsible for covering the operating budget, which exceeds $14 million dollars annually.

All funds raised in the campaign will be used directly for paying teachers’ salaries. Distribution of funds will be overseen by the school’s new board-in-formation, which includes Rabbi Eliezer Shemtov, Rabbi Moshe Pinson, Mr. Yerachmeal Jacobson, Mr. Kasriel Shemtov, Mr. Dovid Sputz, Mr. Dovid Junik, and Mr. Itchik Orimland.

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Opinions and Comments
Yasher Koach
These people are true tzaddikim
(9/11/2015 10:54:00 AM)
You look like your enjoying that desk way too much!
(9/11/2015 10:58:40 AM)
Great job!
Great job Rabbi Leizer Shemtov and crew.
May you and the new board in formation together with the existing administration be matzliach in the goals you set out for the school and the benefit of all the students and famines and communities it touches.
To all the supporters: we are proud of you.
To all nay sayers and pessimists: give these guys a chance and helping hand and you will see that great things can come.
Every long journey begins with a turnaround and one step forward in the right direction; This was a huge leap!
We are all so excited where this can take us!!!
(9/11/2015 12:34:46 PM)
From strength to strength
(9/11/2015 12:36:11 PM)
Thanks you!!
(9/11/2015 12:46:44 PM)
Great news!! Yasher Koach!!
Beautiful to see Shemtov Gen 2 & 3 kick in!

Thank you!!
(9/11/2015 1:02:28 PM)
Mazal Tov!
Mazal Tov Eliezer (Leizer)! In your quiet manner, you accomplish so much! May go mechayil el choyil!
(9/11/2015 1:04:26 PM)
br alumnus
Very proud to be a part of this
(9/11/2015 1:14:40 PM)
Mazal Tov!
Mazal Tov Eliezer (Leizer)! In your quiet mannor, you accomplish so much! May you go mechayil el choyil!!!!
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
Coming from such a father and grandparents - we couldn't expect less from you!
May your offsprings continue to follow in your footsteps with pride and humility as yours!
May you and your family continue with more simchas!

(9/11/2015 1:58:45 PM)
Parents of br
Don't forget the person behind all this!
(9/11/2015 2:15:27 PM)
Thank you rabbi shemtov and the rest of the board
Incredible stuff!!
(9/11/2015 2:18:14 PM)
Inspiring !
Truly inspiring --- the future IY"H of Bais Rivka is now in great hands of leaders who will definitely make a real difference. They should be blessed with tremendous hatzlacha, Mazel and bracha. This is trurly an amazing tribute to our great Rebbe's vision and legacy.
(9/11/2015 2:21:00 PM)
Rabino Leizer
Mazal Tov Rabino Eliezer Shemtov!
Amazing !
Great job!
(9/11/2015 2:36:03 PM)
Mazel Tov
Great news!
(9/11/2015 4:15:17 PM)
i spy....
hey esty peles!!!
(9/11/2015 6:16:05 PM)
going forward
Will the new Board & these hardworking people stop harrassing the parents who have fallen on hard times? No one knows how many families are eating cereal for supper & just gefilte fish on Shabbos to pay tuition. These people are too proud to let the community know how poor they really are. Yes I know if they don' say, they won't get help but even when they do, parents are often treated so horribly by the Hanhala.

After the recession hit, we lost everything. We almost lost our home. I went to renew registrationat OT & Rabbi Sholom Rosenfeld was very kind & understanding. I brought him my foreclosure papers. It was probably the most humiliating day of my life - we used to support the mosdos AND needy parents with great joy. Now we couldn't pay for our own children.

On behalf of these desperate parents, I ask you to please be kind & respectful. It is not easy going to beg for a break. Don't add insult to injury by humiliating them.

signed, BTDT
(9/12/2015 4:50:33 PM)
Avivah Ernst
I was at the mehina program of Beit Rivkah back in the early 80's. It was special time for me. I was never asked for any money. I was more than thrilled to be able to contribute this matching donations campaign.
(9/12/2015 5:14:56 PM)
Four Generations of Bais Rivkah Girls
B"H! Four Generations of Bais Rivkah girls in our family - in four different locations! My mother attended on Stone Avenue in 1952. I attended Church Avenue in 1980. My daughter is on Crown Street now, while my great niece (great granddaughter to mom of Stone Ave.) is on Lefferts Avenue. Kudos! M'ch0yil el Choyil.
(9/12/2015 10:32:27 PM)
Chaya Mushka BAr Chaim
All Thanks to her!!
(9/13/2015 12:18:43 AM)
playground crown st
Maybe they can fix the broken playground crown st. Dangerous- Merry go round and floor before orange slide falling through
(9/13/2015 12:53:37 AM)
Change is difficult and takes time. But, please be assured that the Board is committed to positive change. The CHARIDY campaign and school review processes are just one beginning indication that the Board is committed and dedicated to re-energizing Bais Rivkah as the Rebbe×s Mossad. It's a new chapter, a new beginning. Let's give it the time it deserves.
(9/13/2015 10:47:57 AM)
i spot you!!
#1 counsler!!
(9/16/2015 11:40:34 AM)
chaya mushka abrahams
go postvillians
(9/16/2015 10:59:48 PM)
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