Aug 19, 2015
Benny's Rousing Concert in Sydney

Singer Benny Friedman gave a rousing concert in Sydney, Australia, performing a moving duet with child soloist Levi Niasoff.

Singer Benny Friedman's performance at the Concert for Hope in Sydney, Australia last Wednesday was received with rapturous applause.

Enthusiastic guests danced along with the music, with over 100 children dancing, singing, jumping and shouting to Friedman’s infectious melodies.

Not to miss out, their parents sung and swayed in their seats, providing a loud, but engaged, public chorus.

Over 700 people attended.

Concert coordinator Benny Amzalak commented, “Benny Friedman is one of Jewish music’s fastest rising stars. Benny has made a name for himself, not by being a member of one of Jewish music’s royal families, but by consistently proving himself to be talented, versatile and one of the nicest people in the Jewish music business.”

Freidman’s concert featured favorites from his most recent second studio album, “Kol Haneshama Sheli” which is setting new Jewish sales records, with hit’s like “Toda!”, “Bum Bum”, “Essa Einai”.

His hit “Toda” was dedicated to Sydney’s Jewish volunteers, with CSG and Hatzolah receiving special recognition together with teachers of the Jewish Day Schools.

The concert became a family affair, with local talents Yehoshua Niasoff and his brother Yehuda Niasoff taking to the stage, highlighted by the magical voices of their sons Levi and Levi. Benny Friedman later recalled (Yehoshua's son) Levi, who won our hearts with a melodious duet-"B'sheim Hashem".

Session musician, Bill Kezelos commented, “I was the drummer backing you (Benny Friedman) the other night in Sydney. As a non Jew it really was a privilege and a wonderful experience to be able to partake in this event. I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for the opportunity. There was something very special about this concert. The overwhelming joy and excitement in the audience was amazing. It was great to see people celebrating life and our Creator through song and dance.”

The Concert of Hope was sponsored by Sydney’s Jewish House.

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Opinions and Comments
Uncle Yossi
Much Nachas !!!
(8/19/2015 10:53:11 PM)
What a concert it was!!
That was one of Sydney best concerts ever. The people the energy it was fantastic. Big credit also to Avremi Joseph and Sreuvi Lazarus.
(8/19/2015 11:26:06 PM)
KN"H that was amazing:
(8/19/2015 11:30:17 PM)
Go Niasoffs!!!!!!!
(8/19/2015 11:59:28 PM)
Benny's albums
Kol Haneshama Sheli is Benny Friedman's 3rd album of original material, and 5th studio album all up.
(8/20/2015 2:31:22 AM)
Go Levi!
Levi rocks
(8/20/2015 2:56:22 AM)
great concert
don't forget the two main men behind everything- Avremi Joseph and Sruevi Lazarus you really made everything happen. kudos to you guys
(8/20/2015 5:48:30 AM)
Stunning!! Future Star!! Inspiring!
You made R' Eliyahu Zion proud!!

Menachem's Bubby :)
(8/20/2015 11:27:49 AM)
great voice, this boy is going places.
(8/20/2015 6:54:28 PM)
that was amazing!!!!
(8/20/2015 8:06:37 PM)
Thank You!!

So Beautiful and heartwarming...thanks for sharing!!
(8/20/2015 8:32:12 PM)
Sweet Voice
Wow what a sweet voice Levi has! Such a pure and beautiful voice! Such amazing talent and control!!! May you use it for good things and make your parents very proud!
(8/20/2015 9:12:50 PM)
Your Manchester family
love you Levi! We're so proud of you! Can't wait to see you on your European concert very soon!!!
(8/20/2015 9:20:05 PM)
Avremi Joseph
Thank you to everyone who came a supported! Also the managment team (you all know who you are).. A Team effort!
(8/23/2015 5:12:35 AM)
Zalmy Schapiro
Levi and benny beautiful i love it
(9/1/2015 10:11:39 AM)
Beautiful voices!
(1/28/2016 9:45:12 AM)
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