Aug 16, 2015
Watch What These Girls Know

You will be amazed by the candid comments that campers at Camp Gan Israel Florida - girls division made when asked on camera.

Camp Gan Israel of Florida - Girls has gotten off to a truly amazing start this summer. Color war ended with a total of 3,554 lines of Tanya recited in 1 hour, and together with a record breaking amount of 85 campers attending cocoa club daily, the Chayus for Chasidishkeit is in the air.

The girls are learning the meaning of Davening and Hachana L'Tefilah each morning, as well as a nightly "Rebbe Time", "Reflection Time (a 1 min. Rebbe video and Cheshbon Hanefesh daily). The innovative Tzivos Hashem Program helps create a wonderful level of excitement as the girls are ready and eager to learn each morning.

The goal at our camp is to make everyone feel at home and comfortable. The campers needs are always a priority. We make sure that each and every girl is taken care of and happy. We do whatever necessary to make that happen," said Executive Director Rabbi Yosef Y. Biston.

Camp Director Mrs. Liba Andrusier said, "CGI Florida is known for its perfect blend of Chassidishkeit and fun giving a chance for each girl to shine in so many different ways. We are a family camp, where every individual is noticed and cared about. The staff has created an exceptional experience for the campers with their dedication, devotion and positive energy 24-7."

The grounds boast beautiful, grassy areas with stunning scenery, air conditioned bunk houses and refrigerators in each room. CGI Florida is praised for it's exceptionally nutritious and tasty meals made by Chef Nissan Pewzner. There is a salad and pasta bar available at each meal.

VIDEO: Watch that these girls know

CGI Florida takes great pride in providing a multi-faceted summer experience. With zip lining, rope coursing, kayaking, biking and swimming on site, as well as sports activities, our program is varied and diverse. Professional instructors are brought in to mann the activities.

Night activity is another highlight of camp with themes and props brought to pump up the excitement such as a fire-engine squirting water for Wacky Water Wednesday and a Glow in the Dark dance party. Runaways and trips galore is just another reason to love CGI Florida.

The staff in CGI Florida is greatly appreciated with trips, a counselor's lounge that is fully stocked with food, nosh, fruits, coffee and more, as well as nightly activities and Farbrengens.

"The activities are so much fun and the food is so yummy! Also, the counselors are so nice – all of them! And the beds are SOOO comfortable," said 8-year-old Sara Batya Lipskar, Bal Harbour, FL, camper of Bunk Alef.

"Gan Yisroel Florida, my home away from home. A staff that loves, a staff that truly cares, bringing excitement, bringing warmth, to every single camper. Gan Yisroel Florida, my inspiration, my family," said 13-year-old Mirel Bryski of Agoura Hills, CA from Bunk Tes.

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Opinions and Comments
Best head Councellors!!!! Rochel marlow and Goldie Itkin
Of course its amazing!! You failed to mention the main reason why!!Rochel and Goldie are rocking the camp!!!
(8/16/2015 9:58:30 AM)
Rochel Marlow was my hc last year in pardes chana. She is amazing. Miss you
(8/16/2015 10:10:43 AM)
Is that how you spell it?
(8/16/2015 10:28:03 AM)
Chava Kahn
Best counselor!
(8/16/2015 10:38:38 AM)
happy parent
The head counselors are absolutely amazing and are doing a superb job
Thank you Rochel Marlow and Goldie Itkin
(8/16/2015 10:49:24 AM)
bunk bate
go sara batya
(8/16/2015 11:06:32 AM)
have fun
go sara b. Lipskar! i love you
(8/16/2015 1:01:46 PM)
go cgi florida!
(8/16/2015 1:13:43 PM)
To the girl "living in the moment " lesson
Thank u!!! I needed to hear that today! U snapped me out of a huge depression! Thank u!!!
(8/16/2015 2:05:15 PM)
Go devora frank!!!
Best person ever. They're lucky to have her!!
(8/16/2015 2:07:29 PM)
I'm proud of these girls!
... and I don't know any of them personally. Keep up the great , impressive learning!!!
(8/16/2015 4:04:00 PM)
best staff
chaya andrusier is the best counselor he is so talented cgi florida is so lucky to have her
(8/16/2015 5:45:56 PM)
Go Devorah Frank!
That's a great video that you made ! We're so lucky to have you as our Ruchniyus director - you help add so much life to Tsivos HaShem and the Cocoa Club!
(8/16/2015 6:12:43 PM)
Best counselors!!
Go Chanie, Sarale, Fanya and Devora leah!! Ur the best staff out there!!! :) :) :)
(8/16/2015 6:35:20 PM)
Best counselors!!
Go Chanie, Sarale, Fanya and Devora leah!! Ur the best staff out there!!! :) :) :)
(8/16/2015 7:10:38 PM)
Thank you CGI Florida
Wow what can i say. This is my daughters second year in camp and i just returned from visiting day today. You can not put it into word the chayus that this camp gives the kids in learning davening chassidishkite and the Rebbe. the quality of the staff head staff and directors is superb and they take a personal interest in your child.what other camp does the director hc and all staff know your child by first name. thank you ! Thank you Rabbi and Mrs. Biston Thank you Liba Andrusier. Thank you Chef Nissin Thank you Rochele and Goldie Thank you !!!
(8/16/2015 8:09:47 PM)
CGI rocks! Hope the "hose-down" was a big success!
(8/16/2015 8:39:15 PM)
Thank you!
What a beautiful job you are all doing making this camp exactly as you describe. From the warm and dedicated staff, counselors, head counselors and Liba, a wonderful director! There is a feeling of care, family, friendship, and chassidishkeit, as seen on the faces of the happy campers. Thank you!! A happy parent!
(8/17/2015 12:05:15 AM)
Best counselors!!
Go Chanie, Sarale, Fanya and Devora leah!! Ur the best staff out there!!! :) :) :)
(8/17/2015 2:18:39 AM)
I spy
I spy!!!!!!!!!
Dily !!!!!!!!!!!
Love your bunk mate in *CLR
*best camp in the universe 🌌
(8/17/2015 1:10:09 PM)
love clr bunk mate!
(8/17/2015 3:08:47 PM)
I spy....
Sara Batya
(8/17/2015 5:04:58 PM)
Boom chaka laka laka boom rochel marlow!!!
Rochel marlow !!!!!!
Florida camp is so lucky to have u as HC
Come back to camp pc!!!!!!!!####
(8/18/2015 3:17:00 PM)
Happy mom
I really want to thank all the staff of CGI Florida for giving our girls an amazing summer! When I went for visiting day I found a very nice and clean atmosphere, the food good good quality food with salad bar at every meal! And the tznius standar and chsidishkait were really masheu. I know I made the right choice by letting my girls send there summer in Cgi Florida! Keep up the great work!
(8/18/2015 4:24:06 PM)
GO CGI FL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(9/2/2015 1:48:29 PM)
chaya hazan
she is my dc, and she is the best italian ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(3/11/2016 11:25:11 AM)
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