Jul 30, 2015
'Our Son Has Issues'

Timeless Advice From the Rebbe: To the parents who thought their child had serious behavioral issues.

Watch the Rebbe’s fascinating response to a couple who had come to ask him about their child’s behavioral problems. The Rebbe's advice is succinct and practical.

Many thanks to the Pollock family for allowing this video to be shared.

This video is being released as a part of JEM’s daily video WhatsApp series, The Rebbe’s Advice: Parenting.

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Opinions and Comments
We can learn so much from not just what the Rebbe said
But HOW the Rebbe respectfully attentively and gently responded to the mothers concern

Thank you pollock family for sharing.

And the Rebbe said it so gently and respectfully to the mother.
(7/30/2015 9:13:32 PM)
yes, i agree!
the Rebbe gave full and complete attention. He asked detailed questions, and He showed that He cared for them.
(7/30/2015 10:10:20 PM)
the then-eight-year-old
how is the young man doing now?
(7/30/2015 11:30:33 PM)
Not just them
But the boy! The rebbe made sure the boy was surrounded by friends and in a school
(7/30/2015 11:52:44 PM)
To #4
I'm would not chas vesholom claim to know the Rebbe's reason for asking but I would think it is to show how if he has regular friends and goes to a regular school he is not a problematic child is not such an angry child.
(7/31/2015 8:33:01 AM)
So accurate
I had a similar situation where my son took great pleasure in annoying my daughter to no end - and I felt so helpless bec, I couldn't get him to stop. Only when I told the two of them that I was staying completely out of it did it come to an end. When no one was getting attention for it - they each learned to figure out how to keep out of each others hair. Best advice!
(7/31/2015 8:38:12 AM)
Seems like the Rebbe is asking from the parents if the child is special needs. the parents confirm that that's not the case... Amazing!
Thanks for sharing this with us. Please share more.
(7/31/2015 9:47:26 AM)
mothers anxiety
seems to me too that the Rebbe was basically telling the mother to not make a big issue of normal child hood behavior and that sometimes with our over-worry we can create problems too.
let a child be a child and all will work out well:)
love it!!
(7/31/2015 1:50:21 PM)
is he is he 18?
i thought it was very telling when the Rebbe assumed she was talking about a 18 year old.
(8/2/2015 10:16:38 PM)
answer to #3
Baruch Hashem our son is established with a family and a career and the Brochos from the Rebbe are still affecting us all in the most positive ways. The Rebbe gave us excellent advice and we hope that sharing this most personal experience will help others. Reuven and Tzipora Pollock
(8/23/2015 10:40:08 PM)
Reuben Bodi
We weren t blaming the school; we were trying to be realistic about our son both his behavior and his needs. And even though at first I was angry at the school for not noticing our son s issues sooner, I was grateful to his third grade teacher for noticing what was going on. Up until third grade, our son had been able to use charm to get by in school.
(9/3/2015 2:27:33 PM)
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