Jul 17, 2015
Netanyahu, Hammond Openly Spar

At a joint press conference, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wasn't afraid to sharply rebuff British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond over the Iran nuclear deal.


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interesting note:
All negotiations and talk should be so civil & respectful.

I don't think that the world leaders honestly have israel in mind, despite their declarations and promises,
as they have said, No 2 countries and or allies will be 100% in agreement all the time, friendly countries may have disagreements etc,
however watching the closeness and respect one has for the other here was a delight to see.
we should all learn from this, as we have our personal griefs and disagreements, either with a neighbor or a fellow jew, we can disagree but respect and honor for one another is of utmost importance,,,
a smile a shake of the hands would be amazing to see in our local communities,, especially in this time of the 9 days.. "love thy neighbor despite his feelings & mindset, whereas we are all different no 2 will ever be the same, we give a bit to gain a bit,,

thank you COL for posting this,,
(7/18/2015 7:25:22 AM)
go for it all the way bb
it would be amazing if BB was strong to hold his opinion openly with out being afraid what the world says... may it be a good beginning to put his foot down and show the world the real truth
(7/19/2015 1:19:50 AM)
Strong disagreement yet friendly
It was refreshing to see
(7/19/2015 1:53:00 AM)
The Iran deal
It's the topic of discussion with Israel's Deputy Consul General on The Jewish Hour radio show with Rabbi Herschel Finman. The show can be heard live today (Sunday) at www.rabbifinman.com at 11:00 AM. The show will be archived on that site on Monday but available this afternoon on itunes, stitched, and www.jcastnetwork.org
(7/19/2015 6:45:33 AM)
The problem with Bibis words
is that at the 11.00 point, he says how can you have agreements with people who say one thing in a conference while they say in the streets death to israel. The same could be said for Abbas and the Pa so why are you even talking to them...either
(7/20/2015 5:15:43 PM)
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