Jul 13, 2015
Yeka: It's All About the Kids

A short film about the 120 children who are enjoying camp Yeka in Ukraine, run by dedicated volunteer counselors who raised the funds themselves for this extraordinary experience.

Over 120 children have come from 15 different cities and villages from across Ukraine, many of them hailing from Jewish orphanages.

A group of dedicated volunteer staff from all across the western hemisphere raised the cost of their flight and the funds to make camp a reality for these children.

Short film: Extraordinary summer at camp Yeka, by Avraham Edery

Heres a mid camp report from the boys division:

Its been a hectic two weeks here in Yeka Land. In addition to the daily schedule filled with learning, fun, and our very competitive Yeka sports leagues. There were disco nights led by our in-house DJ Sirota, trips to the luna park, arcades, ice skating and paintball shooting, fun, fun, fun!

As part of our hands on educational programming the boys made their very own tye-dye Tzitis, decorated their own Yarmulkas, baked and designed their own challahs each Friday and learned all about Shchita by our very talented counselor/Shochet, Kasriel Kay.

This year our Starshee/Masmidim program has grown to 26 campers ages 14-18. Two summers ago we launched a unique program where we empowered our Masmidim to not just be older campers in camp but to be leaders to the younger campers and be their learning teachers. We have BH been seeing amazing success from this program as the entire camp is involved in the learning together each on their own level.

Our Starshee program also has also been having a rocking start with nightly BBQ (Shashleek) Fabrengens and special learning classes by the local Shluchim as well as special trips. They just got back from a two day hiking trip to the Carpathian Mountains where they also camped out and went white water rafting.

Please help us make the next half of camp even better than the first:
Donate today: yeka.rallybound.com

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Opinions and Comments
love the shot
of the kid putting on tfillin on a mntn
(7/13/2015 3:39:16 PM)
Oshy Goodman Is the BEST
From uncle Adi!
(7/13/2015 3:46:40 PM)
Blown away!
What an absolutely breath taking video!
Brings tears to the eyes, and to all you volunteering councillors, I take my hat of to you al!
This looks like the Camp of the century! May you continue growing and may Hashem bless you all ten fold!
(7/13/2015 3:47:21 PM)
So inspiring!
And Wow the video is so professional
Each video you make is better than the other
Go Avrohom Edery!!!
(7/13/2015 3:54:26 PM)
Go Minka
You look like you are having a lot of fun, and being a great counselor!
(7/13/2015 4:57:34 PM)
Yeka Girls
Don't forget am 'em! A new division that's doing GREAT
(7/13/2015 6:25:54 PM)
Good job,guys!
I spy DJ Sirota.
Go Aharon
(7/13/2015 6:31:36 PM)
Who are the rest of these great counselors?
(7/13/2015 6:41:49 PM)
Please go to yeka.rallybound.org let's finish this summer off on a crazy high !!
With love from yekaland
Kasriel Kay
(7/13/2015 6:55:43 PM)
whitefield 5
yaakov shmuel ur the man! such dedication, amazing keep it up
(7/13/2015 8:57:48 PM)
Mendel Sassoooooooon!!!!
U rock my socks!!!!!
(7/13/2015 10:09:03 PM)
ginny baby
keep it up yeka dog we love u back in the states and were pilling for u
from mendy feinblum
(7/14/2015 12:21:40 AM)
Zalman !!!
Zalman!!! Good on ya! So glad my small donation is being put to such good use. See you soon in Sydney.
(7/14/2015 7:21:28 AM)
Kasriel Kay
Way to go Kasriel you have given your parents so much nachas and your grandparents and the whole JHB community.

Well done!
(7/14/2015 9:12:29 AM)
Levi Burger
Go levi!!!
(7/14/2015 11:08:12 AM)
Go Yaakov shmuel
(7/14/2015 11:14:24 AM)
Yaakov Shmuel
We are so proud

Amazing camp BH. Kids so happy.

From A Yekamom

(7/14/2015 2:19:58 PM)
I was there just last week!
the boys' energy is amazing. A beautiful, wonderful place. Such growth in Yiddishkeit in Ukraine. B'H!
Reus Chaya Hersh
(7/14/2015 3:31:54 PM)
Wow!!! Amazed!
This is the best camp ever! Some really lucky campers and staff!
(7/14/2015 8:46:46 PM)
This video blew me away!
Keep it going!
(7/14/2015 9:26:32 PM)
So nice to see how our donation is being well used
It's wonderful that you are able to give these kids a great time - and teach them about Torah and mitzvos.
Glad to be a part.

(7/14/2015 10:17:25 PM)
Director and head counsellor Yisroel Eichenblatt and all yeka staff
Looks like an amazing camp you pulled off. One that tops the charts! You are amazing!!! Keep on rocking!!
From a former yeka director.
(7/15/2015 12:04:12 AM)
So proud of Levi Berger
I saw you playing the guitar, Levi!!!!

So proud!
Ruth Guth
(7/15/2015 3:17:57 AM)
(7/19/2015 11:48:27 AM)
From a loving brother
You are the best AVRAHAM!!! Keep those vids comin. I appreciate your work, and value your dedication to the rebbe and the Jewish nation. G-d bless you Avraham!
(7/25/2015 9:59:45 PM)
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