Jul 8, 2015
Stage Illuminates Students' Talents

Students of the Tzohar Seminary in Pittsburgh presented an "Illumination" show of talent and knowledge culminating a successful year.

Tzohar Seminary for Chassidus and the Arts recently completed its fourth successful year.

After a year of intense study of Chassidus and the complete range of the arts, Tzohar students come away with a deep sense of their inner identity and how to use their unique talents in serving Hashem.

Video: The Tzohar experience

The culmination of this groundbreaking program was a Mother-Daughter Weekend. Upon arrival in Pittsburgh, the mothers were treated to a Chassidus class with Rabbi Aaron Herman, Tzohar's principal, a mother-daughter workshop with Leah Herman and a rotation of interactive arts workshops along with their daughters in creative writing, art and improvisation.

Shabbos meals together were full of singing and Divrei Torah as well as a heartfelt sharing of what each daughter and her mother, came away with from the year. Shalosh seudos ended with a mother-daughter storytelling workshop led by the school's director, Amy Guterson.

On Sunday morning, the mothers were treated to brunch and a Chassidus class only for them with Rabbi Herman.

The grand finale was the Tzohar collaborative presentation entitled, "Illumination", at the Katz Theatre, where community members along with the mothers watched the Tzohar students perform original songs and music, poetry, improvisation, dance and films. The students’ work was infused with their deep understanding of Chassidus, shared through beautifully developed presentations and performances.

Video: TzohArt

Reflecting on her fantastic year, one of Tzohar's 2015 graduates, Chani Zweibel said, "Tzohar was an amazing experience. I loved how there was equal emphasis on both Chassidus and the arts, and on expressing them together. I especially enjoyed the involvement with the community and how we had the opportunity to give back, by running different art clubs for the girls Yeshiva Girls School. The staff was always there for us, and ready to listen to our input, adapting small things to help the year really be a growing experience."

Rebecca Batzri added, "One of the many things I learned from Tzohar is how important Chassidus is to my life. Chassidus brings joy and understanding to the everyday things I do."

"Tzohar was an unparalleled experience for me. It gave me the tools and courage to accept and create change within my life. I learned to question, but not to lose faith. I am so thankful for the year I got from this amazing program," said Adina Lipsker.

The graduates’ mothers were moved to tears during the weekend and performance, and many shared their thoughts with each other, their daughters and the Tzohar administration.

After attending the special weekend at Tzohar, Chanie Futerfas wrote, "I was sincerely moved by the students I met at the Tzohar seminary. They were a very eclectic group brought together by their desire to explore their individual talents that the Aibishter gifted them each with. The outstanding teaching staff helped every single girl realize how to use their talents to get closer to G-d by living and breathing their talent, partnered with Chassidus every day they were there.

"Spending Shabbos with my daughter at Tzohar, allowed me to experience for a few days the giant group hug that she got to live in all year.

"There are no boxes that girls fit into in Tzohar. The teachers get every girl to be open to all her potential. They learn to see the beauty, value and importance in all G-d's creations. They take the words of Torah off the written page and bring it to life in a way that every girl feels she is finally connecting the dots.

My daughter is very grateful for her year at Tzohar. I, as her mother, am very thankful that I had the opportunity to send her to such a magical school. A place where the care and devotion of the teachers is not something merely spoken about but sincerely felt by everyone who spends time with the extraordinary staff."

Tzohar Seminary is entering its fifth year after Tishrei. The school is in the final stages to receive accreditation for the upcoming year, which will enable its students to apply for and receive funding through FAFSA/ Pell Grants, as well as to receive college credits for their coursework.

Tzohar still has a small number of slots still available for next year.

Please contact Tzohar's director, Mrs Amy Guterson at director@tzoharseminary.com or the school's administrator, Mrs Hindy Gurevitz at admin@tzoharseminary.com

To view more about the program go to www.tzoharseminary.com

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Opinions and Comments
Tzhoar Student
Tzohar seminary was an amazing experience! I'd recommend it to anyone with a passion and interest in learning new skills and growing as a person.
Keep in mind the arts include writing, acting, filmmaking, photography, dancing, piano, singing, screenwriting and more!
I am so grateful to Hashem for allowing me to go to such an incredible place :)
(7/8/2015 9:05:41 PM)
Very nice, wish this was around when I was a young girl in school.
(7/8/2015 9:10:33 PM)
Couldn't have been more delighted!
This was an AMAZING show of talent! Music, dance, comedy, documentaries, monologues...you name it! I literally laughed and cried. May Tzohar Seminary go from strength to strength!!
(7/8/2015 9:39:49 PM)
Wish Yeshiva was like this!!!
(7/8/2015 9:42:02 PM)
Go Adina Lipsker!!!
You are the best!

Your cousin
(7/8/2015 9:42:57 PM)
Rabbi Herman!
Best teacher EVER!!
(7/8/2015 11:35:26 PM)
Go Tzohar!
Forever grateful that I got to go to this amazing seminary - it changed my life and my relationship with Hashem forever. Couldn't imagine having gone anywhere else

- a third year Tozharite ;)
(7/9/2015 12:42:35 AM)
a Dugmah Chaya!
The way they make chasidus alive through each girl's unique self expression and internal motivation is unparalleled to anything else available for our precious daughters. These girls grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually on such a heightened level in one year!! The girls themselves celebrate each others talents and strengths. They literally take pride in each others work. They are being trained to be successful Lamplighters illuminating any surrounding they may find themselves in , through their unique art form!
Tzohar has opened a window in each of the girls souls, permanently!

NDZ, an ever grateful Tzohar parent
(7/9/2015 2:06:09 AM)
Kol hakavod!!!
(7/9/2015 8:15:50 AM)
You are a STAR in so many ways. May your path always be illuminated and may the brightest stars in the sky shine down upon you, showering you with Hashem's unlimited brochos.

Your very proud Bubbe
(7/9/2015 9:10:14 AM)
To ALL School/Yeshiva Directors/
Please please please take a lesson from the above comments and do whatever is humanly possible to turn YOUR school or Yeshiva, whether for boys or girls..into a positive experience for Yiddishkeit....like Tzohar does.
We are nebech losing our children left and right and unless and until the old mechanchim start looking for solutions in a new way...nothing will change.
Thank you Tzohar staff for showing the way.
(7/9/2015 9:15:33 AM)
What a program!
(7/9/2015 1:26:00 PM)
Happy this is out there
Is there a platform to buy the art?
(7/9/2015 11:47:24 PM)
Parents pay attention to this extraordinary School!!
This is NOT a school for ONLY obviously talented girls but a school for any girl -----particularly one who has dreams of growing in ruchnius through the serious and exciting learning of Chassidus with the kind and extraordinary Rabbi Herman!! It is by exploring with the arts that each girl is able to discover her talents, which each and everyone of us posses, but may have never know, without this amazing opportunity!!
Thank you Tzohar for the best experience in my life!
(7/10/2015 2:17:26 AM)
proud sister
Go chani zwiebel!
(7/10/2015 5:57:19 PM)
proud sister
Go chani zwiebel!
(7/12/2015 4:44:46 PM)
Wow what an amazing, beautiful, creative and chassidish experience! May Hshem bench Tzohar with much hatzlacha and brocha for the seminary and for the girls!
(7/12/2015 10:52:04 PM)
Proud friend of Amy
The artwork touches the soul and expresses what the students have internalized in the Tzohar experience. And the students appear to have united into a chevra to explore and share the creative process. Mazal tov to the faculty and students.
(8/27/2015 8:21:01 PM)
Glad you are learning the arts
We need you....to learn DEEP chassidus also when you leave seminary...Join Batsheva Learning Center today!
(5/10/2017 3:59:53 PM)
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