Jul 1, 2015
Women's Summer Learning Begins

ILearn women's summer learning program in Crown Heights begins this week with a full schedule of classes with experienced teachers.

Summer... a time to reassess your life, priorities and goals! Use the quiet summer months to take time to assess the priorities you’ve set and the home atmosphere you've created. Challenge your mind, ignite your soul, and engage your heart.

Whatever you are looking for, we have it all. Learn how to say Tehillim with more kavana, live with the Parsha and invigorate mitzvos by understanding the meanings al pi chassidus. Gain a deeper perspective on nisyanos and hashgacha pratis, review Jewish History and grow in Simcha and Bitachon. Our famously welcoming Shabbos afternoon farbrengens are not to be missed. Don’t forget to come at 5.30pm. Join us at our Sushi and Chavrusa for the perfect blend of social and learning all in one setting.

In our classes we analyze texts, gain skills, and accumulate knowledge. We take time to relax, focus inward and meet like-minded people. iLearn provides women of all ages the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge and inspiration.

The summer term begins Thursday July 2nd with morning, evening, Shabbos and Sunday classes designed with YOU in mind.

Classes include beloved iLearn teachers such as Mrs. Sara Lieberman, Rabbi Naftali Silverberg, Rabbi Levke Kaplan, Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld and the newcomers Rabbis Mendy Wolf, Yitzchok Lerman, Daniel Green and more.

Whether you’re looking for an enriching spiritual experience or want a fun, new learning environment, iLearn is the place to be. Mingle, meet new people and learn something new. Refreshments are on us!

There’s so much more! Full course, schedule, and pricing information can be found at iLearnCH.com. Register today at iLearnCH.com.

The iLearn summer program begins this week! Pop in for a single class or buy a discounted Class Pass package. You can also register for a course at a discounted rate. Register with a friend for a 10% discount for both of you. Scholarships are available so let price not deter you from learning Torah. To register by phone, ask about additional skill building and Halacha classes or discuss price discounts or scholarships call Chaya at 718-735-0030 #106.

All iLearn classes are held at 556 Crown St, corner Albany.

For more info, to register or to sponsor a class in honor or in memory of a loved one, visit our website at iLearnCH.com or call us at 718-735-0030.

Going away for the summer? No problem!

Thankfully, iLearn Distance Learning can help make your summer a time of growth and meaning!

iLearn classes will be broadcast live on the web at ilearn ch.com. Register for a class and learn with us from anywhere in the world!

All you need is a computer (and a cozy seat and a cup of coffee) and you'll be ready for your daily spiritual infusion from the best speakers on timely topics: Chassidus, Halacha, Tefilla and more!

Hear what very happy past iLearn participants have to say:

I gained tremendously! What I enjoyed was going back as an adult to teachers we had in high school with an added appreciation for learning. The atmosphere was great and the classes were fully worth my while. I kept coming home on a high– I feel like I really changed over the summer.
Zeesy Piamenta

I’ve been going to iLearn classes for a few summers now. The teachers are great and there are diverse topics to choose from. It’s so great to have a program available during the summer when there is more free time. Thank you!
Chaya Mushka G.

It is so special that these classes are offered in the summer for women who stay in Crown Heights. It’s a nice opportunity to learn a variety of subjects. The teachers are experts in their fields, and the online option is a nice touch for those who can’t attend. Highly Recommended!
Rivkie Sztillerman

The iLearn classes I attend on Sunday inspire me the entire week! Each class is so well prepared and given over most professionally by the best teachers.
CG Goldstein

So inspiring! Each class is a gem, taught by dynamic, inspiring teachers. I have gained SO much Hashkafa—It is empowering and truly amazing! Thank you SO much for providing these classes!!

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