Jun 28, 2015
Singer Sarah K Performs in Concert
Sarah K. performs with her husband Yisroel Kisilevich on the drums

Having recently debuted her first CD of original songs, singer Sarah K. gave an energetic performance for an all-woman crowd in Melbourne, Australia.

Sarah K., aka Sarah Kisilevich (nee Adelman) recently performed in Melbourne, Australia, where she lives.

The energetic crowd enjoyed Sarah's original songs, singing and dancing along.

“There’s nothing like spending the night out with a room full of awesome female people, enjoying fabulous music with a live band!” said Sarah.

Sarah says she’s been singing and composing since she was old enough to talk. At age fourteen, she picked up a guitar and music has been her passion ever since. At a concert in Crown Heights to benefit Nechama’s Closet, Sarah brought her energy to the stage and the crowd loved it. “I think what makes a performer stand out is their performance skill,” she says. If so, then Sarah has everything going for her.

Increasingly, frum women are pursuing their musical talents, putting on shows and putting out CDs, says Sarah. New sounds are always welcome, and Sarah is eager to share hers. Her debut CD, Moving On was just released, with songs like Blessed, Barriers and So We Will Light. The CD is real musical experience.

Working with her husband, musician, professional sound engineer and owner of YK Custom Audio Yisroel Kisilevich, they created what they call “raw music.” By stepping away from the super-clean, polished sound that is prevalent today, they brought authenticity to the music and vocals.

Sarah's original songs are unique and fresh, with catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics. She effortlessly blends numerous styles including rock and pop with the occasional country twang, all to lyrics with messages of spirituality and personal growth. She says that she tries to write music that is relatable, scrapping songs that she couldn’t explain to an audience. She covers themes of chassidic thought, connection to Hashem and mitzvos. She takes pride in the fact that her music is not limited to any one genre or theme. Her early musical influences include Dveykus, MBD and Country Yossi. Since then she’s been making her own music and sharing her inspirations through song.

Sarah readily admits that her strength is not recording but performing. “It’s not as much fun to sing to a microphone and a sound engineer!” she says. But on a stage with an audience, Sarah really shines. She is soulful, passionate and clearly enjoying every minute of it. She takes performing very seriously, making efforts to ensure that the audience gets the most out of the experience. One of her tricks? “I try to make sure that the audience is surprised at least once in every performance!”

Sarah's CD is now available, and she is getting ready for a US tour.

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Sarah’s Album: Sarahkmusic.bandcamp.com/album/moving-on

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Sarah K. performs with her husband Yisroel Kisilevich on the drums
Sarah K. performs with her husband Yisroel Kisilevich on the drums

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Opinions and Comments
lifelight 2
Beautiful voice. Beautiful music. Hatzlacha Rabbah!
(6/28/2015 1:22:50 PM)
You have an incredible sense of melody. Your songs are just beautiful!!!
Go Sarah!!
(6/28/2015 6:50:04 PM)
love it
My daughter will not leave the car until the song of the cd is finished and she remembers where we were up to when we get back into the car. We are huge fans!!
(6/28/2015 8:16:46 PM)
is there a sample?
i would love to hear it! i dont tend to buy cds without hearing a sample first
(6/28/2015 9:45:29 PM)
to number 4
If you click on the link to the CD, you can hear the music :)
(6/29/2015 2:50:50 AM)
Lyrics are passionate and poignant. Vocals are great. Refreshing styles and composition. Definitely a hit!
(7/3/2015 1:59:54 PM)
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