Jan 12, 2015
Zaka Prepares Victims for Burial

Zaka volunteers from Israel and Paris are working to prepare the victims of both Paris terror attack sites for burial.

In the wake of the tragic terror attack Friday at the kosher supermarket in Paris in which four French Jews were murdered, the ZAKA Rescue and Recovery organization sent a team of volunteers from Israel to lead the efforts to clear the terror scene in accordance with Jewish law.

The team from Israel, which consists of ZAKA International Rescue Unit head Mati Goldstein and veteran ZAKA volunteer Dano Monkotovitz, arrived Sunday evening.

Goldstein and Monkotovitz are leading the efforts at the scene, working alongside French volunteers from the ZAKA International Rescue Unit and in cooperation with the local emergency forces and Jewish organizations, in the emotional and difficult task.

"It was a very difficult scene inside the supermarket," Paris ZAKA volunteer Avraham Weinberg said. "It was as if time stood still, with shopping carts full of food in preparation for Shabbat in the cashier aisles and deliveries waiting to be sent to customers. But the floor was covered in the blood of the victims. "

On Monday the ZAKA volunteers are working with the local burial society to treat the bodies of the victims and prepare them to fly to Israel for burial.

The ZAKA volunteers also worked at the scene of the terror attack at the Charlie Hebdo offices where, it has been discovered, there were three Jews among the victims.

The French volunteers have all graduated from courses led by Israeli ZAKA personnel, giving them the tools and halachic knowledge to deal with the deadly aftermath of terror attacks and mass casualty incidents.

Goldstein and Monkotovitz have years of experience in dealing with such incidents around the world, including, among others, terror in Mumbai Chabad House and Toulouse and natural disasters such as Haiti and Japan.

The ZAKA International Rescue Unit was recognized in 2005 by the United Nations as an international humanitarian volunteer organization.

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Opinions and Comments
Ad Mosai?
We want moshiach NOW!
(1/12/2015 10:55:50 AM)
Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher

(1/12/2015 11:35:55 AM)
dai golus.
Ad Mosai!!! We can't take this anymore. Hashem have mercy on your faithful ones.During davening, shopping lekovod Shabbos, all Lishmecha!!. Our hearts are broken at the sight of kinderlach entering school with soldiers to greet them.
(1/12/2015 11:41:31 AM)
ad mosai????????????????
moshiach now
(1/12/2015 12:50:48 PM)
Truly Special People!
This Zaka members are faced with the most difficult, meticulous and heart breaking task of collecting as much of each victims body as possible ( including blood...)
They face the terrifying scene, armed with a mission to honor Jews they have never met.
The kindness they bestow on others is the truest of kindness because they cannot expect anything in return from the dearly departed.
They fly to foreign lands to bring our Kedoshim home to rest in peace in the holiest of heavon s
(1/12/2015 2:17:35 PM)
These men are angels. Hashem, in life we sing to you and in death we do the utmost in keeping your words. We expect Moshiach now, because we want to live free of tears and fear. When I told my lovely son of 18 was distraught when hearing the news. He said 'they went to get supplies and were turned into hostages, we shouldn't have to live like this". My son is right.
Chana simcha
(1/12/2015 5:46:04 PM)
(1/12/2015 6:10:46 PM)
menahem perez
yashar koach menahem perez mishou saada et l'equipe de zaka
(1/13/2015 8:03:14 PM)
My Friend A Proud ZAKA Member
My friend Yossi F is the Operations Officer of the International Teams of ZAKA, whenever tragedy strikes he jumps into action.
This past Friday night he was not in Shul, a Shul which he proudly runs, the weekly schedule was not on the walls. "Is everything ok?" I ask myself. maybe he is just on a medical call and running late. Davening finishes, yet Yossi's not there to announce "Shabbat Shalom, Does anyone need a meal?" Mayanot Shul had a sense of absence without Yossi.
Shabbat morning, I get to shul early to find out what went on the night earlier just to find Yossi still not there.
After Shabbat I call Yossi, to be told, "I can't talk right now, I'm trying to deal with Paris" and he hung up.
I turn to the websites to find out what he was referring to and read up about the terrorist attack, yet 4 more innocent souls just torn away from us. Sunday evening I got to Yossi's workplace, Mike's Place on Yafo Street in the center of town, and spot Yossi, running in, saying "I can't talk right now, I've just come back from dropping my team off at the airport and I'm late for my staff meeting." the look of exhaustion upon his face, as he just continues down the stairs.
I decide to wait for him and while we were walking home Sunday night, he was on the phone non-stop from this person to that person, from the head of ZAKA, Yehuda Meshi Zahav to Mati Goldstein the member in France. I didn't even get a word in edgeways, only a wave as he walks down the stairs towards his apartment..

The reason I'm writing this, is for you all to know, the Angels in ZAKA are non-human, they work round the clock, to save lives and honor those who have passed, they give such Kavod Hamet. When I see him run out of Shul to save someone, with such passion. I remember when the attack happened at Har Nof, pictures of Yossi together with his fellow volunteers hard at work doing the holiest work.

I would like to Thank Yossi F together with all his colleagues and volunteers worldwide for their outstanding work in collecting the bodies, the remains, and fighting to stop autopsies all over the world, no matter when or where.

Thank you.
Yisrael C
(1/14/2015 7:54:23 AM)
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