Nov 6, 2014
Thousands Farewell Paris Shliach

Thousands attended the funeral of the legendary Head Shliach of Paris, Rabbi Shmuel Azimov obm in Jerusalem, Thursday.

Thousands attended the funeral of the legendary Head Shliach of Paris, Rabbi Shmuel Azimov obm at the Shamgar funeral home in Jerusalem, Thursday.

A delegation of hundreds of people flew in from France on a special flight following a funeral in Paris, after which he was flown to Israel for burial on Har Hazeisim.

During the heartbreaking procession, Arabs marred the funeral by throwing rocks at the mourners. No one was injured.

At the funeral, after the reciting of Kaddish, the crowd sang the nigun "Hoaderes V'hoEmunah", a niggun the Rebbe associated with Rabbi Azimov's "French Revolution."

Rabbi Azimov was buried alongside his late wife, Rebbetzin Bassie Azimov OBM.

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A True Shaliach
If there are a few more Chasidim like Rabbi Mulle Azimov obm Moshiach will be here soon!!!!!!
The pictures speek for themselves!
(11/6/2014 9:04:53 AM)
Rav Azimov was unique, he did more for French Jewry than anyone. He truly loved and cared for every Jew. A man of the people.
Will be sorely missed. BD'H.
(11/6/2014 9:46:34 AM)
just thank you
I have no words to explain the pain we all have right now and i still can't believe it . I know words are not enough but really from my deepest inside thank you rav moule for all what you've down . You didn't just build jewish institutions , you built a real life in Paris and the all France . A life full of yiddishkeit , chayus , kindness , joy , achdous and ahavas israel . As a student , i will also thank you for helping me physically in my everyday life with the beth chabad for students near my college and all the cars around with kosher food and for mivtsoim . Thank you for providing me and my friends jewish classes , minyonim and a kosher environment to learn ... Thank you for bringing a all country closer to torah oumitsvot and to the rebbe . Thank you for being always there when needed no matter how , who , when , why ... Thank you for being for us an inspiration , a great model of a truly chossid . Thank you for caring for every jew like the rebbe himself did . Thank you for "the french revolution" . Thank you for putting this chayus in france , this special chayus that the rebbe used to call the french chayus ! I could stay here days and days to thank you for all the big things you've down but also and even more for the little things you and your wife rebbetzin bassie obm did just like asking how are you and saying hello and make us feel special . So , just thank you for who you were . You'll be truly missed . For sure we needed a lawyer like you in the chamoyim to hel bringing moshiah now !!!! Baruch dayan aemes .
(11/6/2014 2:53:50 PM)
ad matais ?
we want moshiah now !!! we can't handle this nissayon ...
(11/6/2014 4:36:12 PM)
no !!! machiah now
rav moule , please don't leave us ! we need you , paris needs you , france needs you , thousands of ppl need you but also every person who knew you , need you , your family : children , grandchildren , siblings , brothers in law , the all chabad community around the world need you because you were a great model of what the rebbe expected from a chossid
(11/6/2014 4:39:52 PM)
Ish Tzaddik Haya
May he go up to Hashem and storm the Heavens for his beloved Am Yisroel and make such a "tumul" that Moshiach will come immediately!!!
(11/6/2014 4:40:50 PM)
reast in peace in gan eden , near your wife , the rebbe and the kise akavod and beg for mochiah . i know you will like you always did when your body was alive
(11/6/2014 4:41:58 PM)
Baruch dayan aemes ! What a loss !
(11/6/2014 4:42:38 PM)
it's so inspiring to see all these ppl coming from france to thank him for the last time and to see all these chassidim singing the french nigun at his levaya . it shows how great he worked all his life and like the rebbe said that is mission was and is successfull bh because it "was beyond expectations" .
(11/6/2014 4:45:28 PM)
such a tsadik
the rav of "ufartsta" ! such an inspiration
(11/6/2014 4:46:55 PM)
HOW MUCH LONGER??????!!!!!!!!!
Hashem!!!! we NEED moshiach!!!! we want him now and WE DONT WANT TO WAIT ANY LONGER????? PLEASE HASHEM!!!!!!!WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!
my heart hurts to hear such bad news!!! :( we NEED moshiach
(11/6/2014 5:27:30 PM)
from paris
ye it is actually very very hard for us to even think about the fact that he's not gonna be with us anymore to help us in everything he would help us in shlichus shiduchim everything
(11/6/2014 6:48:35 PM)
from paris
No one could grasp the feeling of disbelief and despair that is surrounding us right now.. once again we are orphans... ad mosai???? Hashem please we need your mercy . We feel so ĺonely.. every french jew who had the zchus to know him is devasted..
(11/6/2014 7:45:50 PM)
a book a must!!!
Rabbi Mulle Azimov was the ultimate Shliach one can aspire to!!! mekushar bekol nafshoi to the Rebbe. Burning ahavas Yisroel. a real varemer kluger chsidisher yid. selfless. humble eeemmmeeesss!!! utter sincerety. worhoholik!! Rebbes soldier!!! great fundraiser. lived very modest ... ish sholom... in short. everything the Rebbe wants in a Shliach. WE CHSIDIM AND SHLUCHIM HAVE TO LEARN AND TRY TO EMULATE THIS.. HEY LOOK IT IS!!! POSSIBLE TO LIVE LIKE THE REBBE WANTS US TO LIVE. THEREFORE I APPEAL TO THE FAMILY AND THE PARIS COMMUNITY TO PLEASE WRITE AT LEAST ONE BOOK ABOUT THIS GREAT FIGURE SO I AND OTHERS CAN LEARN FROM HIM.

a terrible loss to the family and to the Lubavitch family all around the globe. BDE. hamokom yebachem eschem vekulonu...

(11/7/2014 10:34:28 AM)
A terrible lost
The Chasidim in France feel they lost their father. The pain is huge. You can see it in their eyes.. Rabbi Azimow was the Shlia ch, the teacher, the guide for every aspect of their life. He was also their father .
He built an empire. A tremendous empire of shluchim and Chasidim, b'darkei hachasidus.

(11/8/2014 5:13:44 PM)
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