Sep 12, 2014
Your Effort Makes a Difference

Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, Shliach in Temecula, California, finds a lesson for relationships and Rosh Hashana from this week's parsha.

By Rabbi Yitzy Hurwitz

This weeks parsha, Ki Savo, is always read on the second Shabbos before Rosh Hashanah. There must be a message here to help us, in preparation for the great day.

The parsha opens with the mitzva of bikkurim, the first fruits which were marked, later to be brought in a basket to the Bais Hamikdash and placed near the alter. The kohen would then enjoy the fruit.

The wealthy brought their fruits in a silver basket, while the common folk brought theirs in wicker baskets. Those who brought silver baskets would later take them home. However, those who brought wicker baskets, would leave them in the temple.

One would think that it should be the other way around. The wealthy, who could afford it, should leave their silver baskets. The poor, who struggle, should be able to take their baskets home.

For the wealthy businessman, the mitzva if bikkurim was special. Being busy, he didn't have time. He just grabbed his silver basket, put the fruit in and went.

For the common folk, this mitzva was so precious. The thrill inside, "I get to bring a gift to the Temple." Lovingly they handcrafted their baskets, especially for this mitzva.

These wicker baskets were so precious to Hashem because of all the love, time and effort that went into them. Therefore, He wanted them. The silver baskets, beautiful as they are, did not have the same love, time and effort. Therefore, take them home.

How will you prepare for Rosh Hashana?

Will you lovingly collect your fruit? Will you take the time to consider your past years performance of mitzvos and how you will improve in the coming year? Will you spend time preparing yourself for the holiday or will you just show up?

Your effort is important and precious to Hashem. He wants it, He appreciates it, He loves it.

The same is true for our relationships. In our busy lives many if our gestures are last minute. Nice as they are, they are not the same as those we put time and effort into. While both are positive, the effort, time and love adds dimension, depth, and meaning.

Try it, and you will see.

Have a happy and sweet New Year.

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Opinions and Comments
thank you yitzi I look forward to reading your dvar Torahs
(9/12/2014 4:43:59 PM)
just beautiful ! THANK YOU !
so inspiring ..........
a year of brachos......and complete health to you !
miracles.........Moshiach NOW !
looking forward to dancing with you and your family very very soon !!
(9/12/2014 5:18:52 PM)
Yasher Koach!
Yasher Koach For the beautiful Dvar Torah,

Very inspiring and meaningful,

in the Zechus of R' Meir B'aal Haness may Hashem grant you a full and speedy recovery NOW!

Happy and HEALTHY Sweet New Year,
Moshiach NOW!
(9/12/2014 7:03:58 PM)
Thank you Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz!!!!
Have a great Shabbos Moshiach now!!!!
(9/12/2014 7:14:33 PM)
Thank you
inspiring. Hope to share the ulimate New Year Gift even before Rosh Hashana.
(9/13/2014 9:08:30 PM)
Beautiful words!
Thank you for these inspiring words!
(9/13/2014 9:53:38 PM)
Thank you!!!
May HASHEM bless you and your family and all of bnei yiroel with only revealed MOSHIACH NOW!!!
(9/14/2014 12:02:51 AM)
Chazak veematz!
Thank you. Your words are always so meaningful and inspiring. Please keep your words of encouragement and inspiration coming. And Hashem should grant you and your beautiful family a year of complete good health, refuah, brocha, simcha, and Kol tuv begashmius veruchnius. a Kesivah vachasimah tovah, leshana tovah umesukah. A gut gebenched yar!!!
One of your many fans
(9/14/2014 12:17:08 AM)
:-)Thank you
May u be granted a complete and immediate refuah
please Hashem, bring Moshiach NOW!!!!
(9/14/2014 1:53:54 AM)
yasher koach!!
very meaningful and words that are spoken from the heart enter the heart. thank u for these amazing words!!! please keep them coming. and beezras hashem may this new year bring u a complete refua sheleima and u should continue theses divrei torah through live video
(9/14/2014 2:21:12 AM)
Rabbi Yitzi is amazing
Look how he continues his work! We can learn so much from this, what barriers do any of us have, compared to him?
(9/14/2014 2:47:49 AM)
do Rabbi and Mrs. Horowitz stay so positive !!?? Thank you for all the chizuk you give us. a refuah Shalima MAMOSH!!!
(9/14/2014 1:47:14 PM)
Rabbi, that was just amazing
Please keep the devri Torah rolling. I wil try to daven with that and thank you so much.
(9/14/2014 2:05:12 PM)
Hashem Is Here For all of us You are included.
Thank you Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak ben Bracha Hurwitz
Your Dvar Torah has become a tradition in our home.
In this month of Elul with the Melech Basade, The Melech Malchei Hamelochim will have no choice but to listen to all of our Tefilos and all the Chesed from the kind hearted people to bring to you and Kol Cholei Yisroel a full and complete Refuah Sheima.
Please continue with the Dvar Torah. We love it and love you and need you to give us Chizuk.
(9/15/2014 4:06:57 PM)
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