Sep 12, 2014
Our Miraculous Wedding Day

From the COLlive Inbox: Rafael and Sarah (nee Procaccia) Cohen, who were married last Friday after their wedding was delayed due to a Visa issue, tell what they learned from the experience.

While we were asked to share the details of what transpired, we realized that what is needed is not the retelling.

What is needed is to focus on the message and what it means to us, to our families, and what should mean to everyone, particularly as we are getting closer to Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur.

And so we briefly share our experience Upon arrival at Detroit Metropolitan Airport a couple of days before the Wedding, the chatan was detained by the US Customs and Border Protection for 12 hours, stating that he didnt have proof that he would live in Brasil, and sent him on a flight back.

The families immediately took action and through the effort of a number of individuals; lawyers, judges, rabbis, diplomats and ambassadors. In the end, we were able to get a new visa in four hours, which normally takes eight months after being deported.

Baruch HaShem, we were able to make the wedding on Erev Shabbat, 18 hours after the originally scheduled time.

I never understood the meaning of the Rebbes words; Moshiach is here, we just need to open our eyes. I was able to understand the answer when I was at the Consulate trying to get my new visa in four hours. As I waited, my only Tefila was for a Nes, as I had no other way to accomplish what needed to be done in a humanly manner. I and everyone helping me had already done all that we could.

It says in the Gemara that since the Creation of the World, Hashem is making zivuggim. The Gemara further explains why He does this versus anything else: because it is the most miraculous thing in our world; two opposites given the ability to connect, in other words, a Nes.

My prayer was that if this is what He actually does, that He should please do his part. And this is the response to the question I have always had. If we had in our minds the saying we would be able to see physically that it is how it actually is. If we have true Bitachon in HaShem, then we are able to see in a revealed fashion how He is there for us always.

And this is Moshiach: Gilui Shechina- the Revelation of the Shechina... The only thing we need to do is to believe, trust and put ourselves in His hands. When we do this, we are able to see Him and the good and the miracles that He does for us every day of our lives.

The answer is Hashem. We can clearly see and understand how Areivim Ze LaZe We are responsible to be there for each other in times of need. How much we can accomplish if we all come together.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us in the process, both in the US and in Brazil. We admire the unity of our communities and Am Yisroel.

We thank the Rebbe, and always, above all, HaShem. We would like to wish everyone Ketiva VeChatima Tova LeShanah Tovah UMetukah

- Rafael and Sarah

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mazal tov!!
Thank you for sharing this great inspiration for today!
(9/12/2014 10:46:20 AM)
Rabbi Dovid Weitman
Tank you for all your help!!
(9/12/2014 11:05:50 AM)
We're extremely happy for you and your spouse! Mazal tov!

However, what are the practical lessons learned from this story?

To schedule your flight to the US for at least a week before the wedding (-in case something like this happens)?

To know what or what not to say to customs/immigration?

To get the proper documentation/permission before coming to the US to get married?

As they say, ain somchin al hanes!
(9/12/2014 11:25:45 AM)
#3 He *had* the documentation
A visa is not a guarantee of admission to the USA. There is NO WAY to guarantee admission in advance. None. EVERY alien who arrives in the USA is subject to the same risk of not being admitted. If you have the bad luck to run into a customs agent at the airport who wants to be disgusting, there's nothing you can do about it. But nobody thinks it will happen to them. It usually doesn't happen, so people forget that it can.
(9/12/2014 12:22:16 PM)
I loved this article!!
To everyone else : Open ur eyes & recognize YEMOIS HAMOSHIACH!!!
(9/12/2014 1:05:27 PM)
Mazel tov excellent
this story is such an excellent beautiful story and made me cry I am so proud of both families who have working very hard on making this wedding events so special Chosson I feel so shocked what happened in Brazil I just want to tell you that the Brazilian people they should be a shame of themselves what they done to you and you have to spend 18 hours till things get settled that as an excuse and it's unacceptable shame on you Brazil your wife was for sure was very frustrated very worried very stress and of course she loves you so much I'm looking at the picture and I see both of you smiling and that's the most important thing you are happy and that's the main thing congratulations and keep up the good work
(9/12/2014 1:27:26 PM)
Opening my eyes !
Mazal Tov - May you build a binyan Adei ad - what a wonderful article which gives us all chizuk as we go into a Geuladik year !thank you !
(9/12/2014 3:31:20 PM)
mazel tov
mazel tov to the beautiful chasan and kallah

may hashem grant you many happy years together

parnasa gezunt and time to enjoy life

a ksiva vchasima tova

shanna tova umisuka

good shabbos
(9/12/2014 4:59:02 PM)
Thank Devorah Benjamim
I think she pulled off re-scheduling all the vendors, didn'rt she? As usuall, a job well done, Wedding Planner par excellence.
(9/13/2014 1:15:17 PM)
To #6
Indeed a beautiful story full of blessings and even more admirable the way that the new couple explains it. Beautiful! Mazel tov!!! As for your comments - Please, contain your loshon hora - don't ruin it - or at least, think before your write! What does Brazil have to do with this?! Why should they be ashamed?!?! Brazil has NOTHING to do with this. The Chatan needed a US visa to enter the country (issued by the US goverment!) - obviously had one because he was allowed to board the plane to the US (the airline would not have allowed him to board without a visa)- however, a visa is no guarantee of entry - this is at the discretion of the "port of entry" - in this case Detroit, USA - which for some reason did not believe the Chatan's story and sent him back to his country (Brazil - which has no business on this!!!!). Baruch HaShem when he got back in Brazil there were already people involved in helping the Chatan with the UNITED STATES goverment so that he could get a new visa and at this time not be denied entry. Baruch HaShem! Hopefully you understood now and will not bad mouth Brazil that has NOTHING to do with this case.
(9/13/2014 7:22:12 PM)
erev shabos chasene, kosis lamo'or!
Behasgoche protis this couple was zoiche to a chasene the way it always was as minhag yisroel!
May you be zoiche to the fullfilment of all the Rebbes broches and thank you for sharing rhe beautifull 'open your eyes and see' message! You are zoiche to open many peoples eyes! Who knows why this had to be! Sorry you had to ho thru all the agmas nefesh but i guess thats the kosis lamo'or. From now should be all smooth!
(9/13/2014 10:08:29 PM)
Mrs Nunez
Thank you for sharing your miraculous and beautiful story. May you both build a beautiful life and may you continuously have revealed blessing in everything.

(9/13/2014 11:16:14 PM)
mazel tov
Mazel tov! All the brachos! Nice story!
(9/14/2014 9:01:02 AM)
Mazl Toiv for the New Binion Adei Ad and all Two Especial Families! Moshiach Right Now!
Ksivo VeChassimo Toivo!
Brand Family, Brazil.
(9/15/2014 11:53:37 AM)
the issue was the TYPE of visa, which apparently had to be a fiance visa
(2/17/2015 10:35:18 PM)
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