Jul 23, 2014
Rabbi Meshulom Weiss, 79, OBM

Rabbi Meshulom Weiss, an educator and kosher supervisor who experienced miracles from the Rebbe, passed away.

By COLlive reporter

Rabbi Meshulam Dov Weiss, a Lubavitcher chossid who served as an educator and kosher supervisor in the United States, passed away on Wednesday night, Tammuz 26 5774.

He was 79.

While living in Miami Beach in 1957 after his marriage, his wife Dr. Eileen Weiss, then 18-years-old and a graduate of Beis Yaakov Schools, was told that she has an infantile womb.

"Your womb never developed and therefore, it is physically impossible for you to become pregnant. You're going to be sterile for the rest of your life," one of the leading gynecologists in Miami told her.

Rabbi Weiss quickly called the Rebbe's secretariat at Lubavitch Headquarters - 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, asking for a blessing. "A month later my wife become pregnant with our oldest son, Mordechai," he said in an interview with JEM's My Encounter team.

The couple went on to be blessed with 15 children. Years later, during a routine check up, a doctor told Mrs. Weiss "I see you have an infantile womb which tells me you never had any children. It must be disappointing to you."

"The Rebbe gave you a blessing two days before your wedding that Hashem will bless you with many children and that's why you have your children, because of the Rebbe's blessing," Rabbi Weiss explains.

In another story, Rabbi Weiss was diagnosed with skin cancer on his lower lip. "I had the cancer removed, along with 1/3 of my lip," he tells and notes that "I am extremely careful not to cut any part of my beard."

Years later, in 2006, he noticed a sore developing on his lip again. Dr. William Remington of the Winneshiek Medical Center in Iowa diagnosed it as a skin cancer and said a surgery was needed not just on the lip like the first time, but also down toward the chin.

"My wife asked Dr. Remington if he would have to shave my beard, and he said that he would have to remove at least part of my beard. I was in shock," Rabbi Weiss recalled. The doctor agreed to shave whatever needed with electric shaver, instead of a razor.

"I left the doctor's office trembling," Weiss wrote in the L'Chaim Weekly. "I wasn't upset about the surgery, nor even that my cancer had returned. What sent me to tears was that my beard, even part of it, would have to be shaven. Until that moment I never realized how important my beard was to me."

He called Ohel Chabad Lubavitch Center to go on his behalf to the Rebbe's Ohel resting place and ask for a blessing. "I added that I wanted them to tell the Rebbe how sorry I was that part of my beard would have to be shaved," he said.

That evening, the sore on his lip stopped hurting. By Monday night the entire discoloration under his lip started to fade. "I woke up Tuesday morning, looked into the mirror, and to my amazement I could see no trace of anything," he said.

Shocked over the medical miracle, Dr. Remington asked, "What medicine have you been taking?"

Weiss told him "none."

Remington asked, "What ointment did you put on your lip?" Again Weiss said, "None."

"You had to have done something," Remington said, "cancer doesn't go away by itself."

"Well," Weiss said, "I prayed a lot and I called my Rebbe in New York to pray on my behalf."

"Pray? You prayed? And that's why you were cured?"

" I guess so."

He is survived by his wife Dr. Eileen Weiss, their children Rabbi Mordechai Weiss, Mrs. Esta Sitrin, Isaac Weiss, Shimmy Weiss, Rabbi Yosef Weiss, Avrumi Weiss, Yehoshua Weiss, Dovid Weiss, Rabbi Mendel Weiss, Leah Brown, Rabbi Moshe Weiss, Devorah Lunger, Shaina Knobloch, Yaakov Weiss, and Shmulie Weiss; grandchildren and great grandchildren.

A gathering was held Wednesday night at Shaarey Zedek Congregation in Valley Village, California. The levaya and kevurah will be at the Eretz HaChaim Cemetery in Beit Shemesh, Israel, on Friday afternoon.

Condolences may also be emailed to WeissShiva@gmail.com.

Baruch dayan haemes.

Rabbi Meshulam Weiss speaks in JEM's Joy of Children film about the miracle from the Rebbe in 1957.

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Opinions and Comments
help for shabbos
hi does everyone have a place to stay i live in beitshemesh we are a chabad family isgrossman@hotmail.com
(7/24/2014 4:04:53 AM)
must be publicized
really special story
(7/24/2014 5:47:32 AM)
A little Boy
As a little boy I stayed at the Weiss family in Florida.
He was a very nice man.A great bal tefilah too!
Yhi Zichro Boruch
(7/24/2014 10:33:01 AM)
Moshe M
I know Mordechai, the bchor. An amazing, dedicated person. I assume that all other 14 are the same. The father must of been some special person.
(7/24/2014 2:49:50 PM)
Aaron Blesofsky
BDhE I have very fond memories of Rabbi Meshulem Weiss the family should have only Simchos
(7/24/2014 2:55:29 PM)
number one
you are amazing!! so beautiful - especially with all the sirens and difficulty you made such an amazing offer.
heartwarming indeed!!
(7/24/2014 3:31:29 PM)
My Grandfather
He was my grandfather and I loved him so much. I will miss him a lot
(7/24/2014 3:57:29 PM)
He was my 3rd grade rebbie. May his entire family be blessed. Moshiach now.
(7/24/2014 5:19:30 PM)
Levi Solomon
I had the honor to work closely with Rabbi Weiss for many years when he was a 1st grade Rebbe at Emek Hebrew Academy. He was an incredible educator and role model; someone who always looked at the positive and brought out the best in those around him. He treated everyone like an equal and had the ability to instill a sincere love for Yiddishkeit for so many young minds. Even after his retirement from teaching, he still maintained a connection by helping out with reading resource and becoming the “zeidy” of the school. Rabbi Weiss was one in a million – we will all feel this loss.
(7/24/2014 8:20:59 PM)
A humble baal chessed
We lived in Miami Beach in the late 70's through the mid 80's.
In 1978 our son was born and we made arrangements for the Bris to be held in our home. Naturally we called Rabbi Meshulam Weiss to supply us with the baked goods, since he owned a thriving bakery at that time. Parnassa was tough during that period of our life and Reb Meshulam was fully aware of that. So when the baked goods arrived,we noticed that on the bill it was clearly written "N.C."-no charge!. This was our personal encounter with his selfless act of chessd in a non -assuming manner. i am confident that there are countless other acts of chessed that Rabbi Weiss performed without fanfare. May all his acts of chessed accumulate and speak on his behalf on High and may he be a Mailitz Yosher for his beautiful family and for klal Yisroel.
To the entire family i sincerely say "HaMokom yenacheim eschem besoch shaar aveili Tzion viYerushalayim".
May we merit the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu now!

Rabbi Yitzchok D. Rosenberg and family,Montreal Canada
(7/24/2014 11:25:48 PM)
Rabbi weiss was my principal, a great one at that, i will miss him
(7/25/2014 1:11:59 AM)
Yechiel Gluckowsky from Toronto,Ontario,Canada
I know three children from the Weiss family and I want to tell you that I am with you all of the family at this time of sorrowa and I want to say to all of the family Hamakom Yenaschem Eschem Beshoch Shur Avelie Tzion Yerushalem. Moshiach Now.
(7/25/2014 2:54:11 AM)
Moshe Melnick
Had Rav Weiss ztl,as my bar mitzvah instructor,at old Beth Israel,11961-62.Then had privilege to have him as Rebbe in H.A,in 8th and 9th grade.I feel a void with his petirah-great influence on me.
(8/5/2014 3:42:20 PM)
My zeidi
He was my grand father and i loved hom
(9/19/2014 10:47:07 AM)
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