Jul 7, 2014
Abuse Watch Returns With a Board

The Jewish Community Watch organization is reopening with an Investigative Policy and a Board of Directors and Advisors.

By COLlive reporter

The Jewish Community Watch, an organization battling child abuse in the frum Jewish community and has been under criticism, has announced its reopening this week.

Its founder Meyer Seewald, who now holds the title Chairman of the Board of the organization, said that "our goal is not simply to relaunch, but to ensure Jewish Community Watch's long term sustainability."

Now based in Midtown Manhattan, the organization was founded in 2011 by Seewald, himself a victim of abuse, and his brother Schneur Seewald, both of whom were raised in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood.

In 2014 it halted operations due to financial strain, according to the founders. Some resented its confrontational style and the lack of transparency in deciding how and which accused abusers were named on its "Wall of Shame."

In a letter about the relaunch, Meyer Seewald said the crusading organization is now "more effective, transparent, and accountable" and has named the members of their Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.

Chana Holtzberg is the Treasurer and Rabbi Yosef Blau, Mashgiach ruchani at Yeshiva University, is a member of the Board of Directors.

Seewald said a CEO will be hired by September 2014 to run operations that are estimated to cost $238,573 in the first year.

The Board of Advisors includes 3 rabbinical figures: Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Brisk in Chicago; Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger, Dean and Rosh Yeshiva, Valley Torah High School in California, and Rabbi Elchonon Tauber, Dayan of Congregation Bais Yehuda in Los Angeles.

Certified medical experts include Dr. Chaim Drizin, a marriage and family therapist in Fort Lauderdale, FL; Dr. Ken Druck, a resilience expert in Del Mar, CA; Dr. Norman Goldwasser, a clinical psychologist in Miami Beach, FL; and Dr. Michael Salamon, a psychologist in Hewlett, NY.

Additional members are Pattie Fitzgerald of Safely Ever After, Dennis Brown of the Ness Counseling Center, Zvi Gluck of ZAKA International, Ben Forer, Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles County and Schneur Seewald.

Meyer Seewald stated that "a comprehensive summary of our Investigative Policy, which explains the process and criteria by which JCW arrives at a final decision to publish information regarding a suspected offender" is published on the new website.

The Investigative Policy states that before publicizing an accused abuser as a danger to the public, "conclusive evidence is presented to a 6-member Investigative Committee." It does not list the names of its members.

"Our work is as critical as ever," Seewald said, noting a statistic that 1 out of every 5 children is abused before they reach adulthood.

"In insular communities, the problem may be even worse, and the staggering number of silent victims remains a dark secret. We are determined to help victims and to keep fighting abuse. We will never give in or give up. "


Trailer of the upcoming documentary "Speak Up," produced for Jewish Community Watch by Sparks Productions, about 7 abuse survivors who come forward to share their stories and give hope to others.

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Opinions and Comments
Kol hakovoed!
The bravery shown by these individuals for speaking up is outstanding. There should never be a need for such a site, however being that unfortunately abuse does exist it is crucial to have one. Much gratitude to all who continuously work to
protecting our children!
(7/8/2014 12:11:23 AM)
Meyer Seewald is a hero, did he make some misjudgments and mistakes sure, but that's the price to pay for fixing a terrible wrong that's been going on for years. During the several months that the site was down not surprisingly none of his detractors opened up a more "kosher" site in its place. I believe this new public board is a great idea.
(7/8/2014 12:14:03 AM)
Seems like an improvement
The threatening and vigilante tactics that they used in the past were unacceptable and turned a lot of sane people off. It seems as though someone has finally talked some sense into Meyer Seewald. If there is true transparency and due process, then it can be a very good thing. But they should never get complacent; the transparency and accountability must remain as long as the organization continues to function. Vigilante justice cannot be a part of something this sensitive where one wrong move or word can destroy not only a person, but an entire family.
(7/8/2014 12:33:31 AM)
great job Meyer
To have the site back up and running,it calms my soul in a way I cannot describe.

(7/8/2014 12:42:11 AM)
Mazal Tov
The sad part is that no chabad rabbonim have the & & $$$ to join an organization this important..SO HAPPY B. C NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO SAY THIS ORGANIZATION IS NOT LEGITIMATE ANYMORE
(7/8/2014 12:45:14 AM)
About time
At last Seewald realizes he has to do things the right way. I have been a staunch critic but I hope I will change my mind in the future & can support them. I'm definitely impressed with the decisions to do things properly, not like a bunch of vigilantes. In the meantime, what about the people whose lives were destroyed because they were posted on the Wall of Shame with no verifiable investigations? I don't think you can put that right, can you?
(7/8/2014 12:48:57 AM)
Kol hakuvod!
Thank you Meyer for your tireless work with this very sensitive topic. May Hashem bless you in abundance and thank you for your bravery.
(7/8/2014 1:00:42 AM)
such strong ppl
g-d bless u ppl for having the courage to come out in public and say ur story.
hopefully ppl will see u guys as an inspiration and they will have the courage to come out, andhelp put a stop to these terrible ppl who destroy!
(7/8/2014 1:48:10 AM)
the yevtzektzia....
Is at it again. ... oy Hashem yismareinu.
Please try not to murder innocent families this time please.
At the end of the day, we trust in Hashem, Hashem is the true judge.
(7/8/2014 1:58:30 AM)
public board?
What's the job of the public board?
It clearly says that the ones in charge of posting someone's name is anonymous!!! They're missing the main concern of transparency!

"The Investigative Policy states that before publicizing an accused abuser as a danger to the public, "conclusive evidence is presented to a 6-member Investigative Committee." It does not list the names of its members.

(7/8/2014 2:24:19 AM)
Thank you Meyer
May Hashem bless you for all your good work!
(7/8/2014 2:45:59 AM)
Really proud of you Meir !
(7/8/2014 3:00:58 AM)
Go go go!!!
Keep up the good work! As a parent of growing boys the fear of someone sick getting to them sometimes takes away my sleep . Let those abusers know they will be caught! They will pay for stealing innocence!!!
(7/8/2014 6:49:27 AM)
not a moment too soon!
(7/8/2014 8:12:17 AM)
Something positive : many people are going to be affraid and as a result this will diminish the number of abuses
I think that is 1000 times better than nothing
Sorry for the peopple who are requesting to have 2 witnesses with an specific warning of the lav as a valid proof but we have to stop these low lifes who want to cover themselves with the system
(7/8/2014 8:51:14 AM)
maybe some of the names belong on the wall maybe some dont i don't judge...but let people know there is accountability. if someone has a urge do what adults do dont abuse children.
(7/8/2014 8:54:21 AM)
To. 9
If you trust in Hashem you shouldn't be worry for the wall either
(7/8/2014 9:05:36 AM)
No transparency
The people who make the decision to put the names up are still unknown. Until we know who these individuals are, we can not trust this organization.
It could be someone holding a personal grudge or anybody at all.
This is America- show your face when you make an accusation.
These tactics are fine for 3rd world countries where they barely know their sewers from their water supply. Not here.
(7/8/2014 9:24:50 AM)
why no chabad rabbis?
did you try to get them and every single one of them said no????
(7/8/2014 9:27:48 AM)
the question is
will one tme abusers of 50 years ago still get to the wall of shame as in the past- although they haven't done anything wrong since? is that right????? who made up that these abusers didn't/cannot do tshuva? by all means yes those who are a danger can be posted or warned first however those who have long ceased to abuse ....no need to post stam
(7/8/2014 9:29:30 AM)
Just Me
Kol Hakavod Meir - much hatzolocha - I have no words for your effort - May the abusers hide in shame and run for their lives now. Shame on the ones that knocked you.
(7/8/2014 9:29:50 AM)
Mirel Gottesman
I agree with numbers 9, 10, 18, and 20. Stop accusing innocent people.
(7/8/2014 10:03:37 AM)
Meir, Gd bless you, and all the people who are working to make it a safer world for yiddishe children and all children. You fought so mightily, alone, it seems and you did what anyone who had this happen to them with the limited funds you had. Hashem is on your side and the crazies and weirdos must be stopped and dealt with. And yes, if someone has abused once, this should be known because that person has a life on their hands, and everyone needs to keep away from a child molester, once is too much. So wonderful, so wonderful to hear this good news.

Gd bless you, wonderful brave Meir.

Chana s
(7/8/2014 10:31:45 AM)
to # 20,sadly and obviously,
your notion that a warning might suffice for a child molester is not only ignorant and foolish,it's horribly dangerous. why don't you and others worry more about the victims??!!
(7/8/2014 10:32:08 AM)
BE CAREFUL- The other side of the coin
Writing DETAILS AND SPECIFICS of stories of abuse in a public frum forum is dangerous. Essentially it is a pornographic tale. How many people who might have a mild interest in deviant behavior which could have remained dormant, might feed on this and have it grown to a full blown fantasy/obsession- which grew off of the detailed accounts you write of. You can be creating a few monsters here on your website. I don't doubt that the last one already did. As a victim of abuse, I doubt you want that, no matter how cathartic it is to speak up.
You are not exempt from laws tznius in your speech and writing. You are playing with fire here.
Abuse must never happen. It must be stopped. Victims must get help. but BE CAREFUL about what details you put on a public forum.
And don't forget about Lashon Hara, and the idea of Teshuva either. It is relevant in some situations.
(7/8/2014 10:34:06 AM)
not knocking the website just concerned
if kids see what happens if they tell their story in confidence and the website uses their information, they will be scared to come out. for the abused child, they need the proper closure no doubt, but for the rest of the community- its just a good website for disgusting gossip. when you out a name, the whole family is attached. please consider the family members before outing, warn the person before, tell them they are being watched and they will be posted if they continue this behavior! this is a sick world where ppl do crazy things but even crazier that its so accessible to everyone. think of the mans kids, think of their shidduchim, think how you can really help the abused child without doing too much damage to the innocent. yes the abuser is at fault, but trust me the court punishes them more that enough, and they punish the family terribly. i hope you take my words into consideration, my family has ripped apart by this, but we stuck by her/him the entire time. there are other ways to deal with this, please act accordingly. this website gives me no peace. i wish there was a way to filter it and not put pictures and names and information about the persons personal life.
(7/8/2014 10:37:25 AM)
dont need a website
We don't need a website. If there is an issue go 2 the police. This website could hurt ppl bec he doesn't put them up after they r convicted he puts them up before. We need 2 stop him.
(7/8/2014 10:51:26 AM)
to #24
obviouosly warnings won't help in all cases perhaps one in twenty it will. no matter what they must be warned before posting.but that wasn't a main point of mine. the main point is that the misbehavior one did as a abochur is not necessarily the behavior he continued after marriage and building a family so why victimize his family???
(7/8/2014 10:54:41 AM)
Finally and hopefully with much success
Although I've been both critical and supportive and have openly and vociferously opined that while the intent and idea is great and much needed nevertheless its implementation was not according to Torah and halacha and immature in many ways. I'm happy to see that Meyer himself has obviously grown and taken the necessary steps to do it right and with rigorous supervision. I for one wish him, his supporters and those involved much success and will do what I can when I can to stand at their side as well.
(7/8/2014 10:58:09 AM)
Simple solution. If some molester did teshuva. He would be able to update the wall with proofs and with a statement and asking c forgiveness to his victimes ( bein Adam lechaveiro)
Or saying that this happened 30 years ago and he regrets it completely
(7/8/2014 11:06:17 AM)
gud for u
...and much hatzlacha
(7/8/2014 11:50:49 AM)
THERE'S NO TRANSPARENCY! Read carefully!!!
The main part were all concerned abt is WHO is confirming the names being put on their wall. They say it's 6 people who they can't post their names! What kind of transparency is that????
Their board of advisors is a big joke if all they do is give advice and have nothing to do with who is being posted on this website! People! Be smart enough to notice that this means that nothing changed about this websitefif we don't know who's behind the decision of whose name gets posted!
(7/8/2014 11:58:22 AM)
Who decides
All I see are a lot of names, I haven't seen who decides who goes up on the wall.
(7/8/2014 12:09:48 PM)
If you want to open a restaurant
in the Chassidishe community you would make sure to have a Chassidishe Hashgacha to be properly accepted, so why wouldnt there be any Chabad Rabbonim in order that it could be more widely accepted?
Anyhow, looks like an improvement but still doesn't seem to account for Teshuva factor (obviously provided the person accepted upon themselves practical precautions to make sure they are not in situations which could tempt them in the future).
(7/8/2014 12:28:09 PM)
Hatzlacha rabba
May Moshiach come and end all abuse and suffering.
(7/8/2014 12:42:18 PM)
This needs work both ways
While such a service can help the situation, it can also be abused by those who will make up stories about innocent people, and use it as revenge for a grudge they have, which will ruin innocent lives chas v'shalom.

So if someone falsely accuses anyone, they should also be put up on a wall so everyone will know how inhumane they are, and they should be punished by the fullest extent of the law!

(7/8/2014 12:56:32 PM)
Where there's smoke.....
If you as say innocents were on the wall of shame, why was there not one lawsuit for defamation, or at least a Din Torah?! Could it be that these "wall of shamers" were afraid of the truth being validated?
(7/8/2014 1:05:27 PM)
Families of perpetrators
Should the families of perpetrators have to suffer with a public report on their family member who they may not have known was a perpetrator? The Rebbe said that a Jew who does acts like these is suffering from a ruach shtus-insanity. If the matter was dealt with in a non-public way, the family would still suffer from having a member who was insane but it would not have to suffer from being publicly humiliated.
(7/8/2014 1:06:42 PM)
If the founder of this organization would come out publicly and say: These people: x, y, and z, I was mistaken about last time and they are innocent and I apologize for putting them on the wall of shame, and I promise it will never happen again, then I would be more trusting of their site.
As of now, they've made mistakes before and their covering it up means that they aren't willing to not repeat them.
(7/8/2014 1:36:41 PM)
comment #2 and # 4 speak for me as well, and others also. I cannot say enough about how important this is. Imagine yourself as an innocent child, imagine a child you are related to as an innocent child, etc. It may not go perfectly, and I'm sorry for that, but it is so important.
It is one of the ugliest forms of abuse and it must be dealt with strength to give a message that those with this illness, this deviance, will not be able to practice it on precious jewels. WE HAVE ALARMS ON OUR HOMES, OUR CARS, WE HAVE PROTECTION ON OUR BANK ACCOUNTS, AND CREDIT CARDS......so are the kids less important???? Let us show each other and the Rebbe, and ultimately the abishter who and what we value. It is a neya zeman, time to deal with dirt and reveal it. Like chometz, you have to see it, and THEN deal with it. Thankyou Meyer. May you only continue to get better and better.
(7/8/2014 1:54:17 PM)
to #20
Will the site post fathers that molested their own children????
In the pats this wasnt done.
Such a person is,more sick then others.
(7/8/2014 1:57:17 PM)
thank you
thank you meir for your amazing work. may you go m'chhoyal el choyel. this work is no different than hunting the terrorists that kidnapped and murdered the 3 boys.
(7/8/2014 2:08:37 PM)
Sruly Clapman.
This community needs some serious help we always have a excuse to bash people that are trying to help.
People asked for him to name people that are helping him verify the info and now I hear people saying there are not enough Chabad people :) LOL.
This is the same reason why we don't have a functioning Bais Din, cause people here just don't respect anyone. No matter the cause no matter the reason.
Abuse exists and people must be held accountable.
I work with many Chasidisher guys, the amount of stories I hear would make anyone's hair stand up.
I don't know the best way to deal with abusers (cause I feel so bad for their innocent children that are so shamed and did nothing wrong ) however nobody seems to have a better solution, people have to know that if they abuse a child there will be a heavy price to pay.
(7/8/2014 2:21:20 PM)
lubavitcher Rabbonim
If lubavitcher Rabbonim have not supported this it obviously smells bad. Not getting my support.
(7/8/2014 2:25:27 PM)
not sure
If we couldn't trust you the first time, how in the world can we still trust you when your ways are still mysterious (anonymous board)? Are you still going to vindicate someone based on rumors?
(7/8/2014 2:30:02 PM)
Kol Hakovod
JCW has made us all aware as parents to be open, and communicate openly with our children regarding their safety. I'm happy there is a board but wish there was one Lubavitcher Rov who would be willing to join the board.
Thank you
(7/8/2014 2:30:57 PM)
flip side
Please make sure that every time it is realized someone is innocent and clean you make just as much publicity about him if not more
(7/8/2014 2:33:49 PM)
# 10
# 10 has a very valid point, is it the same book but with a nicer cover? I hope not.
(7/8/2014 3:03:39 PM)
Thank You Meyer
Thank you Meyer for having the guts to turn your own nightmare into a useful tool to help solve the worst problem in our communities. Our children are safer because of you

To all who criticize: just wondering is it because you are afraid of the skeletons you are hiding?
(7/8/2014 3:11:30 PM)
Thank you
Thank you and thank you. You have courage. We are all indebted.
(7/8/2014 3:17:28 PM)
There were false mesiros before
and there will be false mesiros after with them - Hashem Yishmor. This board are people who will rubber stamp and there are only 2 good people who've been added who aren't rubber stampers and they are young/naive. This is sad.
(7/8/2014 3:28:22 PM)
Still a little skeptical
When Rabbi yy Jacobson got behind this organization before last summer, I was relieved that the adults were starting to take control of the organization. Finally it will be handled in a responsible mature way. Sadly that wasn't the case. Rabbi Jacobson was "used" and the petulant immature behavior continued.

This is obviously an important cause and I hope Meyer doesn't blow it again. Meyer, you are the first to address this extremely important issue. It's been long overdue. But it has to be done properly or you run the risk that no one will ever take you or this issue seriously ever again. This is your last chance at earning credibility for you and this "issue". Don't blow it.
(7/8/2014 3:54:48 PM)
Not everyone should be lumped together. Who decides what you have to do to be labeled a molester?
(7/8/2014 4:07:26 PM)
So many anonymous commenters, only 3 have the guts to post their names, People keep saying mistake. What mistake have they made? The one person you keep trying to attack them with? It is so funny, Look how you people look at them.

1 comment says: Why don't you post the person that molested their child and was charged with it, He is more sick than the others, Then at the same time, Someone else comments, They accused someone falsely, Because they posted his charges to warn the community? So you want them to post about the father so the whole world can know she is a victim? Are you insane? But then you attack them for posting someone that was arrested by the police (Nothing to do with jcw)

And if he was a molester and they did not post him, And he molested more kids, You would attack them for posting who they want too.

Can you make up your mind already, and pick, Should they expose those that are arrested or not?

They are showing you there is transparency and people on the board, and some members are on the exposing community, and the board vouches for them, Why do you need the names of those 6 members? so each of you can call and harass them a million times? will you be paying for there salary to answer calls from half of crown heights all day?

No wonder no one from crown heights rabbinim is publicly being on the board, They will have lines down the block from people like you.

I wonder how many of the people on the advisory board due to pressure will now back off.

You all just talk about the mistakes, But nothing about the good it has done for your community.

Always complain, Yet do nothing to help,

Bill Cosby ‘ I don't know the secret to success but the secret to failure is to try and please everyone.

I doubt they will please everyone, But they are doing a good job helping victims and giving them a voice.

To all the naysayers, We are not stupid, You all think the site is great but the person you are friends with, or related too is innocent and they made a mistake.

Waiting for more anonymous comments, Of those that know it all.

I am pleased to be part of such an organization and help out when i can. I have never seen such a greater cause to be part of.
(7/8/2014 4:35:47 PM)
Chana Holtzberg
Treasurer of what? Best wishes for a respectable postion.
(7/8/2014 5:05:12 PM)
The 6 people who will be making the final decisions are ON THE BOARD! You will not know which members of the board are of those 6…and rightly so, if YOU have a personal vendetta against one of those 6, YOU will find reasons to object to a name going up on the wall.
Understand that this is not a name game going on. If you genuinely have a question as to how a name FINALLY goes on the Wall of Shame, ASK MEIR!!!! Stop bashing something that none of you had the ability to start/take over or do ANYTHING ABOUT!
And to all those who are so worried about the molesters families, have you ever for a single moment, ever, thought of what abuse does to ENTIRE families of victims?!?!?!?!? The parents, the brothers, sisters, their spouses and their children. No.
Meir is not the one ruining families names, shidduchim, parnassa etc. The MOLESTER is the one doing all of that the day he took a boy/girl aside to do what he did. Its time to start getting comfortable that survivors will no longer push this under the rug. And we can all thank Meir for that.
(7/8/2014 5:27:52 PM)
abuse is traumatic, so is being a child of a person on the "wall of shame"
Yes, abuse can be very traumatic.
But how traumatic is it to wake up one day and find your father is on the wall? Would that not be equally traumatic and life destroying?
Do they not care about the tramua they cause to an entire family? Is the "wall of shame" the correct approach in every case? Perhaps it is necceray if the abuser is still active. But what about a person who sinned 20 years ago and has since kept away from this? Does his family deserve to have their life ruined for something their father did (maybe only once) 20 years ago?

The wall of shame must only be used as a last measure for an ACTIVE abuser, not for someone who sinned once 20 years ago as a bochur etc.
There must be criteria and the must be some sort of transparency.
After all being put on the wall is punishes not just the abuser, but also his entire family.
(7/8/2014 7:42:18 PM)
Too abuse is traumatic
So if a bocher in his 20's does it now, and we do not find out about it for 20 years, does that mean he gets a free pass?

When do you think people come forward? They hardly come forward now, The come forward when they are adults and they deserve justice.

The abusers should be the one held accountable for ruining their families.
(7/8/2014 8:41:34 PM)
think before making insensitive comments.
I do not believe these sick deranged molesters need a warning before being posted on the website. I doubt they warned the girls and boys that what they will do will ruin their lives forever. I give u two thumbs up! keep up the amazing work!!!
(7/8/2014 8:55:07 PM)
Why not just send out an email to all who wish to subscribe and be informed instead of putting it out there for kids to see?
(7/8/2014 8:55:30 PM)
Prevention is the best cure
Therapy, a loving environment, and seeing that the molester won't hurt another child are all key steps in the healing process for a victim.
But does this organization also promote therapy, provide a support group, or promote close monitoring emotionally as well as physically for people who haven't yet hurt anyone outside of their own mind?
We as a community should not shun these people - at this point they are no more evil than a person with an addiction - they need help, can they also come to your organization to seek help before its too late?
Fight with love - on both sides - prevention is the best cure.
(7/8/2014 9:31:24 PM)
The answer to Meyer Seewald and his website
Don't ever touch another child,
never anywhere anytime,
and seewald will have an empty website with no names, no wall of shame, no money to fundraise, no panel, no advisory board, no question of transparency, no questionable postings etc...

Its very simple, all those who complain and all those who worry about the website. Don't ever touch another child and seewald and his website will go away
(7/8/2014 9:34:06 PM)
Esther WeIner
If Rabonim and other community leaders had done their jobs instead of shoving these stories under the rug,instead of asking known predators to move out of town,leave chinuch or "promise to stop" there would be no need for the wall of shame. Because these horrific crimes were hidden and allowed to continue for so long,extreme measures had to be taken.
(7/8/2014 9:34:35 PM)
Credit to Meyer
As a parent it's comforting to know such a site exist.
(7/8/2014 10:13:07 PM)
WOW! This video is powerful! I got the chills just watching the preview.
(7/8/2014 10:13:32 PM)
(7/8/2014 10:16:45 PM)
Its wonderful to see all the comments of support for such a great cause. Now, please call your local rabbis and ask them why they haven't even inquired into JCW and how it works. Ask them why they don't join to give guidance and ensure predators are caught and punished.
(7/8/2014 11:36:45 PM)
Thank you Meir
Thank you Meir for having the guts to do what nobody else will. I am sure you pay a heavy price physically and emotionally to do this kind of work. All those who are criticizing are just full of talk which means nothing. Meir Seewald you are action. You are proactive in protecting our children! How can anybody be against that? Someone must stand up for the innocents! Thank you Meir for being that person.
(7/8/2014 11:40:12 PM)
powerful message in the video
Keep going Mr. Seewald. You are so brave, for all of us.
P.S. The families of abusers suffer because of what the abuser does, not because of what JCW does! Why it is basherte that they were married to or born from an abuser is not in the handsof JCW.
(7/9/2014 1:13:52 AM)
#56. Uh oh!
If you are somehow connected with this organization (which it appears you are) and your attitude reflects that of the organization, then we are no better off than we were before. The sensitivity of the family DOES need to be factored into the equation - no matter how sick the perpetrator is.
(7/9/2014 1:44:43 AM)
Who needs JCW?
Why do we even need this organization? Forward all the suspects to the appropriate law enforcement agency and let the professionals handle it. That will eliminate all the confusion and animosity. How could a bunch of amateurs be better equipped to make that determination than professionals?

At the very least, JCW should work with law enforcement and let THEM determine who is or isn't a suspect. That'll be a whole lot more accurate than anyone on this "board" making that call.
(7/9/2014 2:04:49 AM)
typical comments
The comments here are comical.
To a fault. .and sad...wow...but interesting how many...seems the abusers post an d their families do too....so I guess it makes perfect sense.
(7/9/2014 8:57:57 AM)
2 comment # 71
I agree with u, we don't need a website it doesn't do anything let meir seewald just work directly with the police, this way it won't shame any1 & the police who r pros will take care of this & it will keep the embarresment away bec only the police & law enforcement will know. There were innocent ppl put up on that site & it could really hurt innocent ppl plz just work with law enforcement & let them deal with it, does a website make an arrest & a trial ? No so plz just work with law enforcement thank u.
(7/9/2014 3:14:12 PM)
well done Meyer
Kudos to you and all involved. And to poster # 43, for the accuracy of your post and for posting your name. I agree completely.
Crown Hts mom
(7/9/2014 3:31:35 PM)
To #70; not involved with the organization. Just a massive supporter. I had questions, I asked, he answered. Now an even bigger supporter.
(7/9/2014 6:06:00 PM)
Thank G-d for JCW!
Thank you, Meyer Seewald, and all others involved in this organization. You are true heroes and beacons of light for children in the Orthodox community who were or are sexually abused. As the parent of one such child, I am grateful. Looking forward to your documentary!
Los Angeles Mom
(7/10/2014 9:12:22 AM)
To #75 (56)
So you're not "involved with the organization" (just a massive supporter) but your opinion /attitude is based on the response from JCW. Same difference. It appears that their attitude hasn't changed much at all. Disappointing:-(

Thanks for confirming though:-)
(7/10/2014 12:00:06 PM)
The 6 people are chosen from the board? Well how do we knowthat's ttrue? Either way, I see 6 people from your board that if they were chosen, they're not the type of people the community would trust to take such a crucial task in announcing someone's name.
(7/10/2014 12:20:02 PM)
Inverted Logic -- Eric Snowden
I agree with the magnitude of the problem and the communities response in the past.

I have know those who have been personally abused -- if fact I was in a situation which seemed that it was leading in that direction until I checked out. I also know those who have been accused by the site. And who truly knows the truth other than the A-mighty?

However, perhaps consider the following:
1. If Meyer is a past victim -- doesn't his personal anger and frustrations --as opposed to justice-- color his actions? Perhaps he should totally step aside entirely and allow this agency to operate independently. Cleary he is nogeah is this aspect, and has caused him to make very poor judgments in the past -- despite perhaps his noble intentions.

2. Doesn't this site itself, and the damage that it could inadvertently cause to someone who is falsely accused, create a disincentive to report a crime? Who would want to take the achrayus of perhaps destroying many lives in error?

Meyer is the Eric Snowden of Lubavitch...

Eric Snowden had a point, and perhaps he was justified in his own eyes. But he remains a vile criminal in most people's book.

A concered member of Anash
(7/10/2014 3:11:11 PM)
Yitzchok S.
To #61
GuardYourEyes.com has a lot of resources, including, groups, chatting, therapies, they have been helping tons of people that have been molested as myself, plus a dozen friends that I go to know.
(7/10/2014 7:45:15 PM)
Cajun Chosid
Amazing to see that so many are more concerned about the abuser then the abused.

What is wrong with y'all? Try this behavior down south and you can imagine what would happen to the abuser.
Maybe a little "southern style" justice among you Yankees would put enough fear out there to stop such behavior?
Protect the innocent children out there and go after the abusers with a zeal that matches Pinchos!!!!
(7/13/2014 2:21:28 AM)
made me cry
Watching that video made me really tear up. So sorry for everyone that goes through this horrific trauma. It must be stopped! Thank you for having a voice.
(8/29/2014 10:17:21 AM)
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