Mar 5, 2014
Likkutei Torah in English Released

A new Likkutei Torah in English for Vayikra has been released, in the acclaimed "Words of the Living G-d" series.

The long-awaited volume 3 of the enthusiastically acclaimed "Words of the Living G-d" series—clearly explained adaptations into friendly English of chassidic discourses, or maamarim, from the Alter Rebbe’s masterworks Torah Or and Likkutei Torah—has just been released in time for Sefer Vayikra, announced the series’ publisher, Purity Press.

“As we know, the Alter Rebbe's major works of chassidus—in which the fundamentals of Chabad were set forth—were the Tanya and the two-volume pair, Torah Or and Likkutei Torah,” said a spokesman. “Tanya is called the ‘Written Torah of Chassidus’ because it contains everything, but in a concise format that requires profound study. Torah Or and Likkutei Torah are called the ‘Oral Torah of Chassidus,’ because they expand upon what the Alter Rebbe hinted at in Tanya, elucidating the principles of chassidus at length. This project represents the first time this important original source has been made accessible to even those with no background in chassidus, because the explanatory material interwoven into the adapted maamarim assumes no prior knowledge.”

Words of the Living G-d traces its roots back some 34 years, to when the author first began adapting the discourses for the benefit of college students. At the time, the Rebbe expressed his emphatic blessings, which are printed in the first volume. When the first 12 maamarim, on Sefer Bereishis, were published in book form in 2007, the series was endorsed as a major, groundbreaking contribution by giants of chassidic translation such as Rabbi Jacob Immanuel Schochet (of blessed memory), Rabbi Zalman Posner, and Rabbi Y. H. Greenberg. The project has been called the most important development in chassidic publishing since the translation of the Tanya in the 1960s.

“The…Tzemach Tzedek…remarked that the predictions of the coming of the Mashiach in the year 5608 (1848) alluded to the publication of Likkutei Torah,” wrote Rabbi Greenberg in his introduction to volume one. “However,” he continued, “the task of ‘drawing Chassidus down to earth’ can hardly be said to have been completed so long as its important texts remain inaccessible to those unable to study them in the original Hebrew. The adaptation of Torah Or and Likkutei Torah into clear and friendly English is therefore a monumental step, a major leap forward in the ‘dispersal of the wellsprings abroad.’”

The style of this groundbreaking work is absolutely unique, and has received acclaim from people all over the world. Rather than translating the discourses word for word, necessitating extensive footnotes and technical material—and resulting in a work still inaccessible to many—they have been conveyed in straightforward English as though one were reviewing them at a Shabbos table for guests without extensive background in Chassidus.

Explanations and background material have been seamlessly woven into the appropriate places within the text, making the profound and inspiring content unusually easy for even beginners to understand. At the same time, of course, the material itself remains true to the original discourses, and provides a faithful rendition even for those with more background who are studying them in English.

In short, the Words of the Living G-d series authentically presents the original teachings of the Alter Rebbe in a manner accessible to the broadest range of modern English readers. It is suitable for readers with yeshivah backgrounds (it has even been used by bachurim to help them understand the Hebrew maamarim), as well as for newcomers to Chassidus—indeed, newcomers to Judaism itself. For this reason, Words of the Living G-d is ideal for Chassidus classes or weekly parshah study groups, as well as for baalei batim who wish to broaden their knowledge of maamarim or prepare some authentic Chassidus for the Shabbos table. As the dust jacket succinctly remarks, “If Rabbi Schneur Zalman were teaching today, this book is what he might well say.”

Words of the Living G-d vol. 3 is available now through your favorite Jewish bookstore. Volume 1, on Bereishis, and a separate Purim volume are also available. To view a sample chapter, or if your bookstore does not yet have it, readers can visit the publisher’s website, For more information or for bulk orders—or to inquire about available dedication opportunities—please email And, as always, drafts of all six volumes in the series are available free on the popular website (now spelled with two “k”s).

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Opinions and Comments
The first one was amazing!!!
cant wait for the next two books!!!
(3/5/2014 2:25:35 PM)
Thank you!
Dear Rabbi Wagshul,

Thank you very much for these clear adaptations of the maamorim of the Alter Rebbe. As a loyal reader of and someone who studies torah ohr/likkute torah daily in Hebrew, I find your English adaptations to be very helpful, especially in the new style of the book where you add lessons in Avodas Hashem and footnotes not found on the website.

I own your Bereishis volume, and Purim volume and looking forward to purchasing this volume as well. Although I don't have much I would love to make a donation to this project, so we can soon have the other three seforim of Chumash as well! Let us know how.


A West Coast Reader
(3/5/2014 2:30:26 PM)
Beloved fan of chassidus
Great Sefer incredibly insightful -- well explained lofty concepts. You should go from strength to strength and translate more seforim. By the way I enjoy reading these maimorim on your website as well.
Thank you
(3/5/2014 11:19:21 PM)
It says cost of soft cover 10.95$ in Sydney Australia it's going to cost 50$ LOL
Peolpe can only get away with such prices in Australia
(3/6/2014 6:14:42 AM)
Then our merit is vastly greater in having to pay nearly triple from shipping and low exchange rate. Learning pnimius Torah cleans your soul up and draws Moshiach a bit sooner. If we have to pay such an amount, so be it. But you only gain from a rebbe's knowledge. It's the higher world that matters... not this corridor.
(7/19/2015 12:44:53 AM)
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