Feb 27, 2014
Jewish Pride at Manchester Airport

Before boarding their flight to New York for the annual CTeen Shabbaton, a group of teens accompanied by Rabbi Moshe Cohen put on Tefillin in Manchester airport.

A group of teens traveling to the annual CTeen Shabbaton in New York, accompanied by Rabbi Moshe Cohen, put on Tefillin in Manchester airport.

"They don't put on tefillin every day, but today they made an amazing display of Jewish pride," said Rabbi Cohen.

The teens will join 1,000 others from around the world for the international Shabbaton, which takes place annually in Crown Heights.

The teens and their leaders enjoy 3 days of inspiration, learning and fun while touring Crown Heights and New York City attractions and sites.

The Shabbaton includeds a grand unity Shabbos meal, interactive workshops, farbrengens and exciting activities, along with guest speakers.

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Opinions and Comments
Go rabbi Moshe
Most awesome rabbi
(2/27/2014 12:21:36 PM)
Hafotza lechatchila ariber
This is an awesome display of Jewish Pride and is to the credit of their Mashpia Reb Moshe Cohen for these many boys going to CTeens to put on Teffilin in Manchester Airport is really a true Nachas Ruach and shows how Yiddishkeit in England has
Broken out of its inhibitions keshoufutzo mayonesecho chutzoh
(2/27/2014 2:45:43 PM)
go reb Moshe!!
Lighting up Manchester!!!!
(2/27/2014 5:14:49 PM)
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