Feb 11, 2013
Yahrtzeit of Pesha Leah Lapine
The Rebbe attends the funeral for Mrs. Pesha Leah Lapine

Tonight marks the yahrtzeit of Mrs. Pesha Leah Lapine hyd, who was murdered in 1992 in her home in Crown Heights. The Rebbe attended her funeral, and spoke of her sacrifice.

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A sad soul
May she have a lichtig gan Eden
(2/11/2013 7:51:40 PM)
B"H "May she" " Gan Eden"-the Rebbe compared her to Yosef Karo. She's with the Rebbe and Moshe etc. not merely Gan Eden
(2/11/2013 9:46:46 PM)
B"H oops just saw video she was more than Yosef Caro
(2/11/2013 9:54:57 PM)
Thanks blachman's
Thank you to Eli Blachman and his family for truly being there for the lapine family
Never forget the true heros of this community
(2/11/2013 11:13:02 PM)
Thanks for posting and keeping us inspired!
(2/11/2013 11:16:49 PM)
she was a tzadekies
(2/12/2013 3:33:48 AM)
I remember it well.
Just a few weeks later the Rebbe had his stroke. I'll never forget the pain on the Rebbe's face when he followed the Aron. You could have heard a pin drop, we were all devastated & horrified by such a terrible thing. Then to see the Rebbe....I came home from the levaya with a bad feeling & I couldn't get the picture of the Rebbe out of my mind. I am sure this contributed heavily to the stroke. Mrs. LaPine HY"D was a fine, warm woman, I once went on mivtzoim with her but I didn't know her well. She should be a meilitz yasher for us all & through her zchusim Moshiach should come mamash now.
(2/12/2013 8:24:23 AM)
Thank you for posting!
Brought tears to my eyes I remembered Mrs. Lapine and that terrible day.
(2/12/2013 10:33:18 AM)
Always in our hearts
Her neshama should have an aliyah. Incredible woman.
(2/12/2013 10:53:20 AM)
more on the story
(2/12/2013 12:44:46 PM)
zalman Lioskier
Zalman thank you for spearheading the campaign to help the Lapine family. We so vividly recall how the Rebbe appreciated your leadership by giving you a dollar as hshtadlus for your mesiras nefesh. Zalman your good deeds should always stand with you and your family.
(2/12/2013 5:28:13 PM)
comment 11
We must give full credit to Zalman Lipskier for helping to raise the funds to help the LaPines. I so vividely recall Zalman working tirelessly for the LaPine family with any fanfare. A true hero Thanks Zalman
(2/12/2013 7:39:38 PM)
A lesson for us all
So moving. Isn't it amazing how much the Rebbe cares about every yid? And yes, this wasn't a 'gezhe" family, with money or connections--but that's not what's important
(2/13/2013 12:25:17 PM)
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