Jan 23, 2013
Ehud Sues for Police Beating

Ehud Halevy, whose beating last year by two police officers was caught on videotape at Aliya in Crown Heights, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the officers and the city.

CBS Local

A Brooklyn man whose beating last year by two police officers was caught on videotape filed a civil rights lawsuit Tuesday against the officers and the city.

Ehud Halevy’s complaint alleges that the 21-year-old was punched about two dozen times in an Oct. 8 beating that lasted more than two minutes. He also was pepper-sprayed in the face, according to the complaint filed in Brooklyn federal court.

A spokeswoman said the city Law Department would review the papers.

The two officers, Luis Vegan and Yelena Bruzzese, responded to a call of a dispute inside the outreach center at the Aliya Institute in Crown Heights.

The synagogue has since said that Halevy was sleeping in a back room and had permission to be there.

Video from a security camera showed the officers confronting Halevy.

At one point Vega landed a hard right that knocked Halevy onto one of the couches.

Halevy put up a struggle, Vega pummeled him and Bruzzese appeared to hit him with a baton before he was finally subdued.

Halevy was arrested on charges that included assault, resisting arrest and trespassing. He spent four days in jail, but the charges were eventually dropped.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has called the video “disturbing.”

Halevy’s attorney, Norman Siegel, said his client suffered physical pain and psychological trauma as a result of the beating. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

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Opinions and Comments
(1/23/2013 10:49:33 AM)
After this lawsuit Halevi wont be homeless anymore.
(1/23/2013 11:01:06 AM)
(1/23/2013 11:33:53 AM)
sentencing for 2 dozen punches
these officers should be jailed for 24 punches, charged for each one
(1/23/2013 1:44:26 PM)
Go ehud!!
We're all with you!!!
(1/23/2013 1:55:44 PM)
To Hahaha: unfortunally, we Jews are homeless untill Melech Moshiach. Best win to Ehud!
(1/23/2013 1:57:02 PM)
Yossy H
This is only a BIG first step in showing the NYPD that they work for us not the other way around.... Sadly most of the "Leaders" of Crown Heights will continue to do business as usual.
(1/23/2013 2:51:44 PM)
oy hashem!
oy yoyy
(1/23/2013 8:20:02 PM)
ehud we are with u!
(1/23/2013 8:49:39 PM)
Thanks to Eli
Thank you Eli Federman for contacting the right lawyers (within hours after the beatings) to represent Mr. Halevy. For making sure that his criminal charges be dropped, so he can have a clean record and find a better future. And most of all, for taking strong part in it at NO charge and bring it to justice.
(1/23/2013 9:03:25 PM)
the guy was stupid and was trying to impress the women with all his " skills " and he got out of control....idiot!!
(1/24/2013 12:47:43 AM)
when you sue the city, you simply sue the taxpayers. if he'd sue the police officers (which I assume you can't) that would be useful. getting bad cops out of cop city would be a good agenda. suing the city does nothing.
(1/24/2013 12:55:20 AM)
If I were in his case I would do the same
(1/24/2013 1:05:05 PM)
u hahah ppl r misssing the point, 4 get the fact he is jewish, its ther4 a hate crime, ehud is innocent. 4get the homeless stuff, ppl
(1/24/2013 6:13:14 PM)
resisting arrest
This guy broke the law and fought the cops.Perhaps the cop should have teargassed or tasered him instead of punching him.But he should not get rewarded for what he did.
(1/24/2013 11:56:45 PM)
sue sue
Sue the living daylights out of them
(1/25/2013 8:43:59 AM)
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