Jan 12, 2013
Preparation For Bochurim Kinus
Rabbi Ezra Schochet (Photo: ElishaArt.com) and Rabbi Altein

Vaad Hatmimim is reporting that Yeshivas are abuzz with preparations for Yud Shvat and so are the plans for the 'bochurim Kinus.'

By COLlive reporter

Chabad Yeshivas around the world are abuzz with preparations for Yud Shvat, the day the Rebbe assumed leadership of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

With just a week and a half away, bochurim are learning the Bosi Legani discourses, in addition to taking upon themselves positive resolutions before taking the trip to New York.

In Crown Heights, a group of volunteers are working with Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim to prepare a full schedule of learning for Yud Shvat and the grand International Kinus Hatmimim.

The gathering, which has gained world renown as one of the largest annual gatherings of bochurim, will be addressed by Rabbi Ezra Schochet, the revered Rosh Yeshiva of Ohr Elchonon Chabad in Los Angeles.

A younger speaker is also slated to address the bochurim: Rabbi Yisroel Altein, a mashpia in Yeshivah Achei Tmimim of Pittsburgh, PA.

Other special highlights are in the works includes a special video presentation of the Rebbe and a lineup of guest mashpiim that is sure to have every bochur leaving inspired and charged.

The Kinus will take place Yud Shvat, Monday night at 7:30 p.m. in the Rosa Hall 470 Lefferts Ave, in Crown Heights.

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Archive photo of Kinus Hatmimim in Campus Chomesh in Crown Heights
Archive photo of Kinus Hatmimim in Campus Chomesh in Crown Heights

Opinions and Comments
Rabbi Altein is the best!
The clearest and most astute teacher in Lubavitch! He will challenge his students and brings out the best in their potential. This Kinnus will rock just because of him, and for once the room will be silent when he speaks.
(1/12/2013 6:16:30 PM)
The Rosh is like a good wine
Both become better with age.
(1/12/2013 7:06:55 PM)
when refering to a kinnus of tmimim i think we should elevate our language and not decribe it as it will rock. lo shinu es lshoynom........
(1/12/2013 8:21:42 PM)
Rabbi Altein is an incredible educator!!!
All bochurim: make sure to be there when he speaks!
(1/13/2013 1:58:13 AM)
To number 3
Be happy it was only in the comments and not in the actual story.

By the way, R' Yisroel Altein DOES ROCK!! ;-)

(1/13/2013 5:10:35 AM)
Rabbi Altein Chabad Pittsburgh
As one of the directors of the outreach activities of Chabad of Pittsburgh, Rabbi Altein lights the menorah from the height of the cherry picker.
Video link:
(1/13/2013 2:55:33 PM)
Hey number three
If we say it will rock your kelim, will that make it more appropriate for our discussion of a Kinnus Tmimim? :)
(1/13/2013 5:48:23 PM)
Rabbi altien is the best ever know from experience
(1/7/2014 4:04:44 PM)
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