Dec 11, 2012
Event Showcases Creative Women
Photos: Michal Weiss

Lamplighters Yeshivah hosted its second annual "In The Glow" Fundraiser, featuring talented and creative Chabad women artists and performers.

By Yael Hanover

This past Thursday, December 6th, Lamplighters Yeshivah hosted its second annual In The Glow Fundraiser. The event gives voice to Crown Heights’ creative women. In The Glow featured a vendor showcase, raffle and concert. The evening was sponsored by Essencia NY.

The vendor showcase featured fashion designers, artists, chefs, and many other creative Jewish women using their talents to uplift others. Tznius clothing in an array of styles from modern to classic to vintage were displayed by different vendors and designers.

A whole range of innovative kosher food products were featured, from flavored challahs to cupcakes to health foods. Several artists offered creations expressing unique takes on classic themes; canvas prints of scenes from Tanach, paintings of the Rebbe, hand embellished crafts, photographers specializing in Simchas, even Chabad themed toys.

Many women offered services; health coaches, fitness specialists, yoga instructors, lactation consultants, and massage therapists gave women a chance to learn how to make the most out of life.

Over thirty prizes were offered at the raffle. Like the rest of the event, the raffle was geared toward women. Prizes included fashion packages, Simcha packages, spa and self care packages as well as prizes aimed at improving quality of life for busy mothers. Event sponsor Essencia NY offered several holistic health prizes which included neurofeedback sessions, biofeedback assessments, healthful cooking classes and weight loss assistance.

The evening’s concluding concert was comprised of a wide range of musical talent all graced the stage, lighting up the room with melodic grace.

Rivka Eilfort sang two original songs in her own lilting, folksy style, Shaindel Antelis excited the crowd with her energetic pop sound, Esther Freeman debuted a hip hop song, Bulletproof Stockings got the room rocking, Sarah Dukes soothed the soul with her instrumental compositions, Chava Shapiro wowed the audience with her operatic stylings, Sarah Chaya Elisha presented down to earth offerings and Miriam Leah Droz’s Broadway-style Chasidus got toes tapping.

Two musical numbers by Rivka Leah Cylich and Chaya Sara Weiss were accompanied by local dance troupe, Brooklyn Jewish Dance Institute. One audience member was overheard saying, “I can’t believe we had all this talent in our own neighborhood!”

Last year’s In The Glow attracted 350 women and girls. This year’s highly anticipated sequel brought in over 450. Many of the vendors and performers were also school parents, eager to use their talents to support their children’s Yeshivah.

Mimi Hecht, mother of a preschooler and co-creator of MIMU MAXI said, “It's so perfect that an event highlighting the talent and creativity of women benefits a school that was started by a few parents who got together and decided to create the high standards of education they so deeply wanted for their kids. In that room were so many women who had an idea or a talent and ran with it. To effect any positive change and light up the world, you have to act! I'm proud to have been a vendor at this event and send my son to a school that is teaching him how to be a lamplighter."

Yocheved Sidof, executive director of Lamplighters Yeshivah organized the event, and said, “[It] really speaks to the mission statement of our school. Every person has their unique gift share with the world... How wonderful it is to take time to really appreciate that and allow others to shine."

Lamplighters is a Montessori school in Crown Heights featuring a fully rounded Chassidish educational curriculum. The Montessori method immerses students and draws on their interests to create an educational experience that truly reaches every . Lamplighters’ students learn the meaning of joyful Kabbalas Ohl in order to further the Rebbe’s mission of lighting up the world.

For more info, visit or call 718.355.9138

Singer Rivkah Leah, who performed at the event, released the song "Footsteps" as a free single if you Like her Facebook page.

You can buy the single on MostlyMusic for 99 cents, or get for free if you are a fan of her facebook page.

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Opinions and Comments
awesome photographer anyone know how i can reach her?
(12/11/2012 3:21:31 PM)
(12/11/2012 3:25:26 PM)
Michal Weiss

I heard they do Lchaims, Brisim and other events. Her husband takes pictures of the Men's side of the Mechitza.
(12/11/2012 4:08:18 PM)
i spy a pittsbergher!!!!!!!!
tanya guterson!!!!!!!!
(12/11/2012 4:19:13 PM)
Beautiful event, beautiful photos
It was a truly inspiring evening.
Michal these photos capture the evening so perfectly! You are so talented!
(12/11/2012 4:26:00 PM)
(12/11/2012 5:42:25 PM)
Great event :)
Who won the prizes!!!
(12/11/2012 5:42:30 PM)
That's my girl
Michal you surprised me..... Beautifull fotos
(12/11/2012 5:47:09 PM)
Hey how about they do a stand up singing competition once? There are so many Lubavitch girls with stunning voices and professional musical training!
(12/11/2012 6:38:40 PM)
nice pics
go chani chanin
(12/11/2012 6:57:50 PM)
Great Job
Amazing photos Michal! Proud dad!!
(12/11/2012 7:57:57 PM)
The performance by Rivka Leah and Chaya Sara Weiss was unreal I can't believe we have such talent in ch! The free single on Facebook is addicting!
(12/11/2012 8:54:55 PM)
Finding Forever
Hey Sarah,
Your music brings warmth to the soul. Keep it up and Happy Chanukah!
Love your girls from Hillside
(12/11/2012 10:51:57 PM)
You rock!!!
(12/11/2012 10:59:13 PM)
who is playing cello?
(12/11/2012 11:52:02 PM)
You ladies were one of the HIGHLIGHTS of the night!!!!!!!!! Keep up the original sound, we need it
(12/12/2012 1:37:38 AM)
Southern cali (and cali at heart)
GO Rivka and Chava Go. You guys rock!!!
(12/12/2012 1:39:30 AM)
Pittsburgh... Where's Pittsburgh??
Found her!!
Woohoo Tanyan we [3 u!!! :)
(12/12/2012 3:56:45 AM)
Naomi Levin-Morris is the best!!!
your drama groups have changed my daughters life! it helped her self esteem and she is so much happier and more confident with herself. i could not begin to thank you enough! And your zumba classes give me energy to get me through my week , thank you for all the amazing work that you do in our community! a very grateful mom
I strongly encourage all to join! Naomi's contact info is :
My kids are counting down the days for your summer creative arts camp
(12/12/2012 10:43:22 AM)
Go Rivka Eilfort!! U LOOK STUNNING:)
-ur NJ cousins
(12/12/2012 1:48:23 PM)
Go csw!!
Love from Israel :)
(12/12/2012 4:06:42 PM)
go aussies
Well done Rivkah Cylich!
(12/12/2012 9:37:36 PM)
chava you rock
Chava you look so good and beautiful
your best friend :)
(12/13/2012 12:44:11 AM)
Chaya Sara!!
No pics of you! :( But you were incredible and you looked gorgeous too!!
(12/16/2012 3:49:55 AM)
friend of...
Love this; great job
(12/16/2012 4:59:41 PM)
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