Oct 6, 2012
New Course Teaches "Shidduchim"

COLlive exclusive: Marriage classes are a must among Chabad couples. Now a pre-dating course of 8 sessions was developed in Crown Heights.

By COLlive staff

Chanie felt the pressure, the confusion, the stress. She had been dating Yossi for over 2 weeks already. They had met 6 times. He felt that he was ready to commit to marriage. But she was unsure.

There were still some things that made her feel unsettled. Her parents and friends were telling her to go for it - that Yossi was a great catch. It was all so overwhelming.

She did speak to Yossi about some of her concerns. She also referred to her notes from her recent Adai Ad pre-dating course and conferred with one of the facilitators of the Adai Ad program.

Together, they worked to unpack the confusion, to release the stress, and do what was best for Chanie – not for the others, for Chanie.


Every day, more and more young Chabad adults are getting involved in Shidduchim, yet it seems like it's only getting harder. Frustration, lack of clarity and no plan are some of the things that for many seem to be too-common experiences.

The first of its kind, 'First Points' is a pre-dating course offered by the Adai Ad Institute offered for young bochurim post shlichus and girls post seminary, separately.

Presented in 8 sessions, it is structured and organized to address many important aspects of preparing for successful marriage. Small groups, in a round table format, make for a comfortable and sensitive environment. Because participants are assured of confidentiality, they feel comfortable talking about these issues.

Created through countless conversations with young Lubavitchers, parents, mashpi'im, mashpios, and professionals, the course was built with real hard data, real stories, and real experiences. It serves as a helpful tool to navigate the shidduchim process.

The Adai Ad Institute is an organization co-founded by Moshe and Faigie Rubashkin and Devora Krasnianski to strengthen marriages and ease the Shidduchim process.

The very name of the program, Adai Ad, expresses the vision: from the outset, marriages should be built to last forever and ever. Beginning with its signature 'First Points' course, the Adai Ad Institute hopes to grow and offer other Shidduchim and marriage related services.

The next classes will begin Cheshvan 6 (October 22). As the groups are small, classes fill up quickly; register for the next class at adaiad.org/registration.

"The encouragement from the mashpiim, mentors, coaches and professionals who contributed to the development of the course and then the enthusiastic response from participants and their parents has has B"H been overwhelming. It's a testament that this program is addressing a real need," said Mrs. Krasnianski, developer of the courses.

An extensive "beta process" of teaching the course to both girls and boys, getting their input, and modifying the course were just some of the many things done to ensure a valuable learning experience. Initially by invitation only, the courses are now ready to go mainstream.

What's unique about the course is that it is offered to both boys and girls thus enabling them to get the same information, and be on the same page - a crucial component to the success of their marriages. The topics covered are beyond what is typically learned in Bayis Yehudi classes in high school or seminary.

The course is loaded with important information including the stages in a relationship, especially important in dating. It also includes practical dating guidance including a comprehensive resource entitled 'possible topics of conversation', how to ask productive questions and how and what to share about oneself. 'First Points' also covers 'what to know before committing to marriage'.

Participants also learn new perspectives and mindsets about successful marriage.

C.M., a 'First Points' alumna, now happily married, said "I learned that you'll never know everything about your spouse before marriage, and there will always be surprises and that's completely normal". She felt "just knowing that beforehand made me feel comfortable and more prepared for when I experienced it later on."

The course also provides a series of series of exercises through which participants can become more aware of themselves (and what they can still work on), and as a result become clearer on what they need in a spouse.

Mr. Yisroel Schulman, a Manhattan Attorney and President of NYLAG (New York Legal Assistance Group) said that he thinks the course is "terrific". I believe that many cases I come in contact with including within the frum and Lubavitch community could have been prevented or minimized through education at the earliest stages."

"The best time to take the course is before getting involved in Shidduchim and before the pressure begins", said Mr. Moti Zigelboum MA, LMHC a certified marriage therapist, who was the men's 'First Points' facilitator during the beta testing. "That's when one can think clearly and objectively and it also allows for thinking over time."

"Taking the course early on also allows for time to deal with and work on certain personal attributes and character traits," said Mrs. Bronya Shaffer, a lecturer, counselor and mentor who was the women's 'First Points' facilitator during the beta testing.

"Participants can also confer privately with the program's facilitators and professionals, thereby allowing them the ability to get help with more serious matters that are integral to a successful marriage."

To see the schedule of the Adai Ad courses - starting right after Simchas Torah, more detailed course information and for registration information visit adaiad.org

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Opinions and Comments
thank you
amazing idea. thank you mr moshe and fiegie and mrs krasienski
(10/6/2012 12:31:08 PM)
wow bh we r attacking the problem in such a beautiful and constructive way kol hakavod for all those involved and lots of hazlocho
(10/6/2012 4:58:10 PM)
It's about time
I'm going to suggest my child takes the course even though they're not yet ready. This is a great thing, but may I suggest a course for parents as well? Too many parents put pressure on their kids or interfere or look for shidduchim that just aren't shayach for their child. What do you think?
(10/6/2012 7:40:39 PM)
non ch res
will it be available on phone conference?
(10/6/2012 8:01:57 PM)

How about people try to make shidduchim THROUGH this program....
(10/6/2012 8:33:23 PM)
went out with a girl ...
was instructed not to discuss the concerns she had although i think we should have, she ended it something tells me if we would have we would be married now ....
(10/6/2012 8:42:11 PM)
great idea... but, but... I have 2 suggestions: before your course on teaching the shidduch process :
1. please give a lesson to the Parents how to appreciate and trait yr shadchan, people involved that invest their time in yr child's shidduch, even a shiddush that did not end up to be, but it's time consumed AND kal v'chomer for a shidduch that worked as they find their real bashert ...very important isn't it ??? to teach how to be a mentch,
2. also teach the friends and classmates how to share names for boys and girls, train them to think for each others, very bad ..IT WILL BREAK THE CRISES OF SHIDDUCHIM !! thank you
(10/6/2012 8:44:05 PM)
2 weeks?!
you can not make a decision about marrying someone after only 2 weeks of dating. no wonder many marriages dont work out in the frum community.

you guys dont have your priorities straight, the men dont work, the women work menial jobs, they are both not educated, and they are way too young/immature when they get married.
(10/6/2012 9:07:35 PM)
Waste of time
I am of marriageable age and I think that for myself these courses are a total waste of time. I don't need to sit for 20 hours and listen to a bunch of "experts" to tell me how to treat a lady and what not to say on a date. I was lucky to have been raised by two caring and loving parents, who have taught me by their actions what makes a marriage work.
Maybe some people need this, but I don't need someone who doesn't know the first thing about me to give me dating or marriage advice.
I have been to a few of these courses and some of the things that are said are nonsense. If I need any advice, I will go to the people that know who I am and where I am coming from.
(10/6/2012 9:19:41 PM)
You write "marriage classes are a must among chabad couples" ... really? I dont think so. maybe if you grew up in a dysfunctional home and you have no what the heck you are doing. I will be just, without your help, thank you very much.
(10/6/2012 9:22:25 PM)
Bad example
Nobody should feel pressured to commit after only 2 weeks! good gracious!
(10/6/2012 9:40:16 PM)
great idea..
#5, great idea. all taking the course will be on the same page... and are looking to improve their respective outlook,,,,
(10/6/2012 10:03:40 PM)
i love it
(10/6/2012 10:15:43 PM)
what about....
Having some classes for married people as well.
The bochurim have no idea how to treat their wifes. The kollel
Should provide this chizuk and putting your hashkofos straight. But they dont.... And even the most kind and chsiddish bochur can turn out to be selfish and not respectfull to his wife and emotional needs. As a woman who went trough this with the most amazing bochur in the dates turn out to be a horrible husband. getting his ego hurt when a problem was oppenly discussed with the goal of improving the feelings....wasnt a horrible husband because
(10/6/2012 10:52:26 PM)
"Marriage classes are a must among Chabad couples."

Really? A must? I guess I should be amazed that coupled were able to marry and stay married the past few thousand years.
(10/6/2012 11:04:36 PM)
Where is the funding coming from
(10/6/2012 11:22:34 PM)
Go Shloime!!!!!
Your ideas are always helping the future of chabad!
(10/6/2012 11:23:03 PM)
TO #9 AND #10
Sometimes one tends to think that he perfect and doesnt need anybody to tell him what to do, but the fact is, you dont know what you dont know. you may think that you know everything about marriage, but who says what you know ( or what you think you know) is legitimate? besides the fact that the classes have nothing to do with YOU on a personal level. its a much more general idea of the commitments and values of marriage. Nobody in these courses are telling what to do or how to think, its simply a test for yourself, and a moment to pause, and think what is important to you, who are you, and how do you react to certain situations. So before you assume that you know it all, take a second to listen to people that have been married for much longer than yourselves.
(10/6/2012 11:38:51 PM)
took the courses- great idea!!
more than the courses- the access and flexibility of the instructors both during and after the courses was great!
(10/6/2012 11:52:13 PM)
Agree with #8!
My husband and I live in crown heights. We are both educated professionals. Many of my old highschool friends are currently living in Crown Heights, in poverty. The women, who were bright in highschool are now stuck teaching 3 year old kids in preschool. The men are in kollel. It hurts me to see that while we have high-flying jobs, these couples were never given the academic and social tools to go out into the secular world and develop themselves professionally. Needless to say, financial stability plays a tremendous role in maintaining a happy marriage.
(10/6/2012 11:52:48 PM)
I completely agree with #8 and #20. If only more people thought like you, the young Lubavitch community wouldn't live in such poverty!
(10/6/2012 11:57:56 PM)
We need this on phone conference
(10/7/2012 12:38:16 AM)
Can you...
...make this available online for those of us who are not living in Crown Heights?
(10/7/2012 1:16:58 AM)
This is why your not married look and see how your talking...
(10/7/2012 1:18:15 AM)
To 3:
I don't believe somebody who is not ready yet should take the course for two reasons:
1. They will not internalize as well as they would when they're actually in the stage.
2. They, being younger, would make the older girl/boys uncomfortable.
(10/7/2012 1:20:19 AM)
Phone conference
Will this be available via phone conference or online
(10/7/2012 1:21:55 AM)
Waste of time? Really? Huh? (9,10,15)
Are you seriously saying that 8 courses can possibly be a waste of time when what's at stake is your biggest life investment ever?!!!

You're not even talking about any particular course rather saying that your future is not worth the investment of 8 courses?

I think that there is no such thing as a waste of time when you're talking about valid education that may improve your marriage or future marriage. Read books, listen to speeches, talk to smart friends, talk to professionals and look into any courses available. You're marriage is your most important and probably largest investment you'll ever make.
(10/7/2012 1:24:26 AM)
The Rebbe knows best
According to the Rebbe here are the real tips for clarity in shiduchim & a happy marriage:

1) Have a worthy mentor (one who's personal marriage shines)
2) Have good middos, work hard on refining your character via Tanya, ch"hN & frank discussions with ur mashpia (over years this will help make you a mentch)
3) Yiras shomayim, When you are principled & self disciplined & always seek to do what H requires of you regardless of your moods, your likely to be a great spouse even when it's not easy
4) Taking a hachlata to live in conformity with Halacha (especially laws pertaining to Family purity & Modesty) this infuses passion & beauty along with general brochos of health & nachas
5) Chitas & Rambam daily
6) Seek a partner who is truly a YIREI SHOMAYIM & BAAL MIDOS TOVOS
7) if it's your bashert hashem will make him/her attractive to you aka there must be Hamshochas halev!!!

1) Focus on the positives in your partner
2) Taharas hamishpocho & tznius behidur!
3) Aseh lecha rav, (regular monthly duch) even if you have no questions
4) never be too arrogant to seek guidance from Yedidim Mevinim!
5) Chitas Rambam

Remember what makes a marriage work is two mature partners with a common Yiras hashem & good middos seeking together to build a beautiful dwelling for Hashem in which to raise a new generation to know Hashem!
(10/7/2012 1:25:48 AM)
Sounds awesome but...
Hopefully s1 there will make sure not to have older/younger brothers or sisters in the same class-VERY important. And is this geared toward a specific age- or does it make sense to take it when you're 21 and have been dating..
(10/7/2012 1:26:13 AM)
what is this?
maybe a shiduch is all we need NOT a class
(10/7/2012 1:29:47 AM)
28 wow!
(10/7/2012 1:33:29 AM)
Mrs Shaffer
I was in her class she is AMAZING. She should give many more. Lets not take anything for granted she talks tachlis! Thank you to the organizers.
(10/7/2012 1:36:17 AM)
To all those who think Parnasa comes only from a college degree
-the naturalistic-view that keeps popping up in these coments is patantly unchasidic or jewish!

i'm reffering to the view that casts "nature" as the main and only factor at play in determining who will be employed and who will be jobless
From the comments above it seems that too many self described chasidim have lost touch with their own teachings as to how the world really operates,

according to chasidis isn't nature merely a mask? a shell? isn't nature to be followed only because god in his torah requires us to go through the motions of following nature "bchol asher taaseh" not to really on miracles??  but as we go through the motions of nature, we do so with the constant awareness that its god and his will that really runs the show, only that god does so from behind the curtain of nature, and that we must be careful not to get carried away thinking that nature is actually the main equation to success or failure
some of the comments seem devoid of any semblance of jewish ideology, people need to be a bit more open minded and more intellectually honest and realize that the -naturalistic- world view has been long been proven incomplete and incompetent to explain much of what happens,

chasidus teaches that there are two simultaneous systems designed by god, the naturalistic system needs to be followed but only minimally as a "taful", while the other system must be followed as the main factor in determining the outcome
perhaps many of our problems can be remedied and prevented by more people adopting the rebbe's recommendations as practical and literal in its impact on our day to day well being
case in point, the rebbe and chazal claim that, checking mezuzos and dressing tznius draws hashem's protection and prevents harm from coming to us and our loved ones
if this were true literally, shouldn't caring people who want to prevent tragedy in our community, shouldn't we all be encouraging our loved ones to "behave" at least out of decency and public consideration??
how many financial, health & other crises could have been avoided had people trusted the rebbe's warnings and pleas!!
(10/7/2012 1:39:51 AM)
To #28 agree with you 1000%
Amaizing! Yashakoach!!
(10/7/2012 1:41:20 AM)
# 29
21 and took this while in the process- personally
i think it was helpful and beneficial to take while dating...
(10/7/2012 1:43:13 AM)
#33 the best quote in your lenghty post is...
"people need to be a bit more open minded and more intellectually honest and realize that the -naturalistic- world view has long been proven incomplete to explain much of what happens"

Keli yes but Birchas Hashem is essential!!
(10/7/2012 2:09:38 AM)
#28 very very nice!
so are you for it or against the course?

as an insider i can reassure you that the course BH does include all your points!
(10/7/2012 2:12:38 AM)
re post 28
looks like you copy/pasted the silibus for the adei ad course
(10/7/2012 2:13:44 AM)
how does it work?!
is it different classes for different ages and "stages"?!
not such a good idea to have 19 year olds with older singles, people that havent gone on a single date with people that have been in the system for a while now...
(10/7/2012 2:19:17 AM)
#28 great advice! Thank you thank you!
Im a ahadchan in CH & really liked your summery if the Rebbeh's view, i will print out your comment for future reference! Thank you!
(10/7/2012 2:37:43 AM)
a positive factor
My daughter was in Mrs Shaffers course, and it definitely was a positive experience. Since then the classes have been improved and sensitively adjusted to meet the needs of the girls. It does not replace parents guidance and the role of a mashpia but is definitely helpful. I believe that bochorim need it desperately, Many, especially those who have not been home for years, have only been exposed to dormitory bochorim life, during the formative post teen age years, and need guidance and direction , beyond what a mashpia offers. Thank you to the organizers for being pro-active, seeing a need and taking action
(10/7/2012 2:48:24 AM)
Now someone will tell me how to date what's wrong with you
(10/7/2012 2:53:47 AM)
Sounds really nice
This sure sounds nice, but im sorry, writing that the program was developed with mashipim and mashpios without putting up their names seems ludicrus.
(10/7/2012 3:34:28 AM)
To #33
Let's turn the tables. Perhaps you need to be more open-minded. There are small 'keilim' and big 'keilim'. If you would like to make a comfortable living in today's Frum society, you need to become a professional. Many would consider a professional education (college + graduate school) as a 'minimal requirement' to opening a keili for a birchas Hashem, biharchava. Hashem works in nature, but becoming a pre-school teacher and making a 6 figure salary, is not natural.
(10/7/2012 8:37:15 AM)
What an opportunity
BH Here in SA we have something called Marriage Prepare. Every jewish couple wanting to be married by a rav must take this course. It consist of 6 hours of Taharas Hamispocha halacha and hashkofa taught by a teacher separately for males and females. And 5 hours with a trained counselor on practical skills. I'm so happy that you have tailor made a program for our own. Yasher Koach.
(10/7/2012 8:51:01 AM)
to #10 etc...
They probably mean taharas hamishpacha classes....
(10/7/2012 9:33:20 AM)
agree with 39, 30 & 7 please focus on shidduchim, make events with singles more often and not a class, we don't need a class to teach the a b c in life how to trait a man/woman, we need more single events as a non profit and not as a bussiness. advice:
Lets focus Mrs. Shaffer and Krasnianski on making shidduchim and yr course will come along if necessary we are not dumb to register/pay a course on dating/marriage advice/service. WE DON'T NEED A CLASS ON THAT MATTER, WHO NEEDS ADVICE WILL RESEARCH A GOOD MASHPIAH .WE ARE NOT EXPOSING OUR DIRTY LAUNDRY OUSIDE... ..We had also with someone else as a psychologist in Crown Heights and I personally did go to her class sitting and listening but where is the tachlis "DATES" that what we need not a class. NON SENSE AND PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER I HAD EXPERIENCED JUST A WAST OF TIME JUST RESEARCH IF NEEDED HELP WITH YOUR OWN MASHPIA THAT KNOWS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, I will support more shadchanim/mashpiim in this community with real experience in shidduchim not as a bussiness, that cares for you, and not a class as a DUMB I do repete..........BTW still available great catch in my mid-30s handsome, tall FFBfrom FFBparents bochur with a successful bussiness, frum & cool, find me in 770
(10/7/2012 10:49:46 AM)
To 43
Your language and syyle realy makes you a REAL CATCH.
(10/7/2012 11:05:53 AM)
to #45
You are probably still single because of your attitude. The women pick up on your negitivity and dont want that in their lives. You probably could benefit from a good class before you meet any other women and waste their time and yours.
(10/7/2012 12:12:26 PM)
to #20
nobady is stoping you from getting a job and becoming a socssesful profetional, you dont have a job you are teaching in pre-school, thats becous your not talented enough to socsead, becous if you were worth somthing you would have learnt a trade ect. and get down to work, and leave the men alone for tew or three years and then they will get a job and support your family like the world was running for the past 5000 years.
(10/7/2012 1:40:45 PM)
After Checking out the syllabus..
Almost all of these topics are covered in most seminaries, especially Mrs. Morosow in Bais Rivka CH who has a incredible bayis yehudi class. Other sems known for this are Italy and Tel Aviv. I believe that the girls are taught more about relationships, dating, and marriage than the boys are, so I wouldn't be surprised if most participants are bochurim.
(10/7/2012 1:58:31 PM)
Make a keli (whilst consulting a Yedid Meivin) = you'll surely succeed!!
Finding your bashert spouse,
Finding your bashert parnasa,
Finding your bashert nachas etc etc
all that is required (according to our Rebbe is

1. a firm commitment to Halacha
2. Consult compliant Mashpiim in each respective area (Yedid u Meivin)
3. Chitas, Rambam, & Make your best effort in accordance to your "mentor" (meivin)
(10/7/2012 2:37:27 PM)
the rebbe knows best!
The Rebbe knows best
According to the Rebbe here are the real tips for clarity in shiduchim & a happy marriage:

1) Have a worthy mentor (one who's personal marriage shines)
2) Have good middos, work hard on refining your character via Tanya, ch"hN & frank discussions with ur mashpia (over years this will help make you a mentch)
3) Yiras shomayim, When you are principled & self disciplined & always seek to do what H requires of you regardless of your moods, your likely to be a great spouse even when it's not easy
4) Taking a hachlata to live in conformity with Halacha (especially laws pertaining to Family purity & Modesty) this infuses passion & beauty along with general brochos of health & nachas
5) Chitas & Rambam daily
6) Seek a partner who is truly a YIREI SHOMAYIM & BAAL MIDOS TOVOS
7) if it's your bashert hashem will make him/her attractive to you aka there must be Hamshochas halev!!!

1) Focus on the positives in your partner
2) Taharas hamishpocho & tznius behidur!
3) Aseh lecha rav, (regular monthly duch) even if you have no questions
4) never be too arrogant to seek guidance from Yedidim Mevinim!
5) Chitas Rambam

Remember what makes a marriage work is two mature partners with a common Yiras hashem & good middos seeking together to build a beautiful dwelling for Hashem in which to raise a new generation to know Hashem!
(10/7/2012 4:36:21 PM)
re College & Keli for parnasa...
the Rebbe was very very cear re college before chasuna as an abselute NO NO!!
(re After marriage or learning a non college-trade, the Rebbe required permission from a Rav for these exeptions)

the Rebbe's negation of college for a single boy or girl was abselute & without exeption so without a clear Heter from a Rav Moreh Horaah ur playing with fire by advacating something the Rebbe rendered as Assur & dangerouse!!

(10/7/2012 4:47:55 PM)
to #28 & to 54
finally! a breath of fresh air
thanks for using this forum to share the Rebbe's view so ppl can know how to succeed & if their failing Ch"V they can know what they need to fix to maximize Birkas Hashem!
(10/7/2012 5:29:44 PM)
no need for courses if (yes IF) only people who call themselves followers of the Rebbe actually FOLLOWED the Rebbe
if only everyone followed the Rebbe's advice (as summed up in #28)
there would hardly be any need for these classes
but unfortunately people don't follow the Rebbe yet expect things to work out as blessed as if they were following the his Hadracha
(10/9/2012 7:31:22 PM)
to 56
if a young man or women are not wise enough to follow the rebbe
to be a Mentsh, Middos tovos, & committed to a higher power in life, they are basically not gonna be helped by this course either UNFORTUNATELY!
(10/9/2012 9:06:30 PM)
To # 54
Can you please cite your source. I've heard people say it many times, but I looked and couldn't find it written anywhere. As far as I know, the Rebbe was against it being a "thing" that you automatically go to college because, many, if not most times, it's unnecessary and destructive. But that doesn't mean for every person. I've recently heard a shiur from Rabbi Friedman, where he confirmed my thoughts on this. If I'm incorrect, please correct me by citing a source.
(10/10/2012 3:04:23 AM)
to #58
here are a number of well versed mashpiim etc (easily accesible) who are familiure with the Rebbe's stance on College as a vehicle for Keli in Parnasa
Rabbi Michoel Selgson
Rabbi Leibel Groner
Rabbi Shloma Majesky
Rabbi Sholom Charitonow

Rarely did the Rebbe permit someone to go to college for his parnasa

Agav, today more than ever, one's creativity, ingenuity, discipline & work ethic has allot more relevance as to whether they are employed in today's new economic landscape

many many college educated are unemployed in today's new economy!!!

its up to Mazzal aka Birkas Hashem (hee taashir)
if a chossid does everything al pi torah & atzas yedidm meivinim Hashem gives sayaata d'shmaya!
dont be fooled by batlonim who look (from the outside chasidish) but dont really follow the Rebbe's takanos in their personal day to day life, be it, Duch to mashpia, Chitas Rambam, Zman Tfila Bminyin, etc etc

those who follow the Rebbe have the Rebbe's Brachos!
(10/10/2012 2:43:37 PM)
To #59
If you read my comment, you'll see I agreed that college is often, if not most of the time, not good. However, my comment to #54 is that 54 said the Rebbe's view was very clear in every case, but I couldn't even find one source for that, and you didn't provide it either. I'm not trying to give my own opinion - just clarify the Rebbe's, but it could be that 54 misrepresented the Rebbe's opinion.
(10/10/2012 3:51:54 PM)
mother of chosson who took the course
my son felt that he benefited from the course. Those who are opposed to it should understand that there were those who opposed Dor yeshorim testing and now it is standard procedure for shidduchim. I think that classes such as this will eventually be the norm as well.
(10/10/2012 5:27:38 PM)
to #58 #60
i spoke to Rabbi Leibel Groner tonight to ascertain the Rebbe's typical response to college & if/when he made an exeption

Rabbi Leibel Groner said as follows:
The Rebbe considered colledge "Sakana gedola"
& even for a Married women with for children who was teaching in Beis Rivka
who stood to gain much by a colledge degree in Sterns colledge! She would automatically get a higher salary! as well as prestige & credibility for Beis Rivka to the government & outside velt
the Rebbe strongly objected & added that it is "Mufrach Bchlal" "uB'frat Vos velen Talmidois zogen vegen Colledge oib m'zet az zee gate!!"

The Rebbe also told the founders of Turo College that to say that a jewish college is ok will Ch"V eventually open the door to Columbia & other secular colleges & universities

Today leider leider we see soo many unsuspecting neshomos falling down in college even those who on the outside keep their frum exterior!! the pain, misery & confusion to our youth in college is inevitable as they never truly acclamate to their treif surroundings & stumble around like a fish out of water showing a smile to the world all the while miserable & unsettled on the inside

in the Mafteach there are 100s of Igros kodesh repeating the Rebbe's opposition to college (as Toxic & a serious Sakana)
(10/10/2012 9:36:06 PM)
Online Course
I wish they could offer this course online for people who dont live in Crown Heights..
(10/11/2012 3:23:48 PM)
Great idea
I don't see why people are hating on this; if you don't think it'll be beneficial, no one's forcing you to go. I'm sure we can all agree it would benefit SOME people. It would be great for guys right after smichah.
I second the online idea.
(10/11/2012 4:08:44 PM)
to #33
the Rebbe disagrees with the view you put forth
namely that Going to College is a kosher way to make a Keli for Parnasa
since the Rebbe said its Mufrach, a chossid trusts that Hashem is big enough to find him ample Parnasa from a non colledge degree Keli
one needs only to follow the Prescritions of our Rebbe
1) Aseh Lecha Rav
2) Consult (& follow) a Yedid Meivin
3) Minyin, Chitas, Kvius itim,
(10/11/2012 8:14:11 PM)
correction not to #33 to #36
(10/11/2012 8:18:43 PM)
esther frenkel
great course .yasher koach would love to offer it in australia is it available online pls send contact no for adaiad cant open your website thanx kol tuv melb aust
(11/14/2012 6:23:46 PM)
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