Aug 28, 2012
Mivtzoim App Is a Hit

A Chabad Tefillin app originating from Crown Heights has strapped itself into Israel's Top 30 Apps in the education category.

By COLlive staff

A new Chabad Tefillin app has strapped itself into a spot on Israel's Top 30 Apps in the education category, with similarly impressive positions on the top 100 lists of France, Ukraine and South Africa.

"The Tefillin Guide," now available on iPhone and Android, is apparently the new "don't leave home without one" item for Lubavitchers everywhere.

It contains everything you need for helping people put on Tefillin on the spot, as well as handy tools for regular Tefillin users and those new to the task. Its freshly launched 2.0 version is available in English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Persian, with a "full version" (including the entire Shema and Ach Tzadikim) and an "on the go version" in each language.

Such coveted spots on the top lists are easy to explain for this game-changing technological invention.

The app was developed by the Saber Team, a New York based developing company which counts the "Chayenu" booklet and Tzivos Hashem's "Jewish Kids Got Talent" among its clients. The team developed the app to be smooth, effective and super easy to use, a sure-fire way to get high rankings in an increasingly complicated world.

Another compelling virtue is the way the app was brought to life by graphic designer Chaya Mushka Klein, who works at Merkos Suite 302 at Lubavitch World Headquarters and is in high demand.

The Saber Team managed to secure this designer for the app, who fashioned the sleek, sophisticated, yet uncrowded interface which drew it such rave reviews.

Some of the updated features of the new version include a front-facing camera, which can be used as a mirror to make sure Tefillin are positioned properly, as well as new languages. Word is that the next upgrade, which we have learned is scheduled to come out in late September, will integrate social networking into the experience as well as a compass that faces Yerushalayim.

The app is completely free, sponsored in loving memory of Nochum Hersh ben Ephraim.

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Opinions and Comments
moshiach times!!!
go Saber Team GO!!!
(8/28/2012 11:07:40 AM)
Graphic Designer -Chaya Mushka Klein
I'm glad this INCREDIBLE talent is not being kept secret any longer!!! She is unbelievably gifted and an amazing person to work with!
(8/28/2012 11:26:27 AM)
Amazing app
who ever thought of this idea is a genius!
(8/28/2012 11:30:07 AM)
Really cool
(8/28/2012 11:34:13 AM)
Go saber design!!!
Go saber!!!
(8/28/2012 11:35:13 AM)
Use it
I use it to put tefillin on mivtoim. the large lettering is perfect.
(8/28/2012 11:46:11 AM)
I use it
It is really good for mivtzoim, and the way peaple react when you take out your phone for them to say Shema is just amazing. However I have to say tgat I think it is missing some things the rebbe wants, for example "hareini mekabel",and it does not have ach tzadikim in all languages, aswell it would be appropriate to put Birchas hatorah in aswell.
(8/28/2012 12:03:48 PM)
Go Chaya Mushka!!!!!!!
Ur the coolest
(8/28/2012 1:31:17 PM)
yasher koach
(8/28/2012 1:33:20 PM)
Great Job
i found this thru a website online
(8/28/2012 1:36:00 PM)
awesome design
chaya mushka klein - one of the top 5 designers in lubavitch, for sure. amazing talent
(8/28/2012 1:46:23 PM)
Awesome Designer
CM Klein Design you're the cream of the crop! Keep up the good work!!!
(8/28/2012 1:54:59 PM)
Awesome App
Use it all the time :)
(8/28/2012 2:42:57 PM)
Saw it in the Canadian post
Saw an article about this app in a Canadian newspaper. Moshiach times
(8/28/2012 2:45:23 PM)
The app is awesome
Brilliant idea. That's to whoever thought of it
(8/28/2012 2:45:43 PM)
Android App
The android app is a horrible port from the iphone app. Just because it looks good on an iphone doesn't mean it will look good on an android. Would be nice if they did a redesign for the Android.
(8/28/2012 3:39:08 PM)
Go Saber!
A little light disspels much darkness!!!
(8/28/2012 9:02:43 PM)
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