Jul 15, 2012
Singer Returns to Alma-mater

50 women and girls gathered at Merkos Women in Melbourne for a candle-lit evening with singer Rivkah Leah Cylich.

By COLlive reporter

Merkos Women, a Sem Beis Advanced Learning Program in Melbourne, hosted a special musical performance attended by over 50 women and girls from across the community.

Featured at the candle-lit evening was former Merkos student and singer-songwriter Rivkah Leah Cylich, who sang heart-felt niggunim and original compositions from her recently released debut album "Silent Prayer."

Between songs, Cylich spoke about how Merkos Women impacted her life, and the lives of women around her, enabling them to nourish their neshamos through the unique learning atmosphere.

Organizers from Merkos Women said they look forward to hosting more musical evenings to inspire students in the program and women from the wider Melbourne community.

To find out more, visit merkoswomen.com.au

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Opinions and Comments
We are really looking forward to an unbelievable sem bais year!!!
(7/16/2012 1:20:09 AM)
(7/16/2012 4:34:01 AM)
A treasure down under
What a warm and inspirational evening
Looking forward to many more!!
(7/16/2012 5:46:29 AM)
MerkosWomen Rocks!
as a past student this brings back amazing memories. Miss you Merkos! Well done Rivkah Leah and team!
(7/16/2012 8:02:25 AM)
sounds interesting
Is the Sem Beis program full yet? are they still accepting students?
(7/16/2012 9:07:53 AM)
Bravo from the Olivers in Baltimore!
(7/16/2012 2:04:39 PM)
Robin Aron has the best voice!!!
(7/16/2012 3:38:33 PM)
To #5
There are still places for the coming shana bais year. See add on the top right corner of colLive
(7/16/2012 11:41:25 PM)
correction to #5
go to website www.merkoswomen.com.au
(7/17/2012 1:10:18 AM)
Amazing Sem
Merkos Women is the best, Rabbi Hoch's chassidus is the best.
(7/17/2012 11:46:44 PM)
this is the best sem ever
(7/19/2012 7:47:39 AM)
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