Mar 18, 2012
How to Praise Kids Effectively?

Rabbi Nochem Kaplan, Director of the Merkos Chinuch Office, presents a series of videos on Education. Lesson 4: "How to Praise Kids Effectively?"

In this fourth segment in the series, Rabbi Kaplan discusses the fact that children need our feedback; they crave our attention and are constantly look for our approval. With proper encouragement and praise, we can reinforce good behavior and change the bad. Learning how to use praise effectively is an invaluable asset in the parenting skills-repertoire of any parent or teacher.

For more inspirational Jewish video, check out:!

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thank you collive!
Great stuff thanks for posting this!
(3/18/2012 11:26:23 AM)
I Was Going To Praise The Shiur,But There Are More Installments I didn't want it to seem premature .
(3/18/2012 11:45:04 AM)
Mrs Chazan
this class is a most watch for all parents!
(3/18/2012 12:26:16 PM)
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