Jan 24, 2012
Chabad Composer on Radio Show

While appearing on the Nachum Segal radio show, composer Sarah Dukes told how she came up with the title of her song 'Star Catcher' from a lesson she learned from Rebbetzin Sarah Kaplan of Tzfas.

Sarah Dukes and Yaron Gershovsky appeared on the Nachum Segal radio show this morning discussing the new hit CD, 'Finding Forever.'

Sales reports for the CD, released a month ago, have been extremely good, with multiple reorders of Finding Forever being placed by Aderet Music.

Finding Forever is an all new solo piano CD featuring Sarah's original compositions performed by the legendary Yaron Gershovsky.

You can purchase the CD or Download through MostlyMusic.com

Click here for audio of the show

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Opinions and Comments
Yay! Sarah! Good for you!!! You look great!
(1/24/2012 4:19:24 PM)
wohoo!!! THATS MY SISTER-IN-LAW!!!! you rock!! and yur music is amazing and inspirational!!
(1/24/2012 5:01:56 PM)
I think it's fantastic that you teach and spread a message while publicizing your music.
I can't wait to get the CD
(1/24/2012 5:28:40 PM)
samples online
by the way you can hear samples of all the songs online on her website www.sarahdukesmusic.com
(1/24/2012 5:56:58 PM)
So proud of you!
Really happy for you Sarah! May this be a blow out success for you! Esther Freeman
(1/24/2012 6:55:32 PM)
student of machon alte
giveret kaplan is realy great woman!!! we have a lot to learn from u...!!! hope to see u bekarov!!!
(1/24/2012 7:18:26 PM)
From Ayala Hoch
The more I listen to your music, the more it grows on me. It's absolutely moving, inspirational, beautifu.
(1/24/2012 8:13:54 PM)
Don't leave us hanging!
whats the lesson learned from Rebbetzin Kaplan from Tzfas?
(1/24/2012 9:23:37 PM)
i play piano
and would love to play these songs. can you sell the sheet music too?
(1/24/2012 10:08:51 PM)
Moshiachdik music
I have been waiting for something like this!
(1/24/2012 11:59:25 PM)
A seminary friend
Sarah! I had no idea! This is beautiful! I will for sure buy a CD on my way home from work today! I remember when Mrs. Kaplan taught us that in class-I love that lesson as well! Thanks for reminding me of it!
Your website is beautiful too! Yasher Koach for this tremendous accomplishment!
(1/25/2012 12:13:10 PM)
great music...
first of its kind
(1/25/2012 7:56:11 PM)
All your years at Stern College's Chabad Club and I had no idea! Wow.
BC Metzger
Chabad of Midtown
(1/29/2012 12:06:31 AM)
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