Apr 30, 2011
Challah from the Prime Minister

Guess who was giving out Challah for Shabbos in Montreal: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a visit to support Saulie Zajdel, a Lubavitcher candidate.

By COLlive reporter

Saulie Zajdel, a member of the Chabad community in Montreal, has received a political boost on Friday from the head of his party, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Hours before Shabbos, the two were seen together at the popular Kosher Quality grocery in Snowdon, home to many Chassidic and Sephardic Jews.

Zajdel, running for Parliament on the Conservative ticket, is facing a tough battle against the Liberal candidate Irwin Cotler.

Supporters of Zajdel, who was a city councillor for the districts of Victoria and Darlington for 23 years, say a vote for Cotler would be a confidence vote for the Liberals foreign policy.

The Conservatives support for Israel, Zajdel said in a campaign video, "has been stellar, stalwart and the strong of any prime minister this country has seen.

"When times were of though for Israel, Harper and his government were there 100% and it's certainly one of my motivations to run."

Zajdel is married to Helen, and is the father of 5 children, alumni of Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch and Beth Rivka Academy for girls.

Elections will be held on Monday, May 2. All members of the Anash are asked and encouraged to go out and vote to show our support for the Conservative candidate Saulie Zajdel. For more information please call the Campaign office at 514 316-7204.

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Opinions and Comments
Zahava Krevsky
Solly and Helen @Kosher Quality! You guys rock now and always!!!!
(4/30/2011 9:30:24 PM)
This man is a legend, no PM or PRES in history has ever been so pro Jewish and pro Israel as S Harper.

Say Tihillim, he needs to win a majority govt.

Carlton Ave, Montreal
(4/30/2011 9:50:32 PM)

"There are, after all, a lot more votes -- a lot more -- in being anti-Israeli than in taking a stand. But as long as I am prime minister, whether it is at the United Nations, the Francophonie or anywhere else, Canada will take that stand, whatever the cost." -Stephen Harper
(4/30/2011 10:08:24 PM)
VOTE HARPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm a pruod canadian that our potential and current prime minister is the ONLY true supporter of israel!!!!!!!
(4/30/2011 10:15:35 PM)
Go Menny!
(4/30/2011 10:19:04 PM)
he has stood by Eretz Yisroel
go out and vote for him
may Hashem repay him and his family with many brochos
(4/30/2011 10:49:17 PM)
Harper - the only choice for a person with a conscience
Harper is the only choice.

He is fighting a very tough race. Every person should vote for Harper unless you want to pay higher taxes, have a govt led by anti-Semites like Leighton or Ignatieff.
The Liberals and the NDP have excused terrorism, believe in taxing us to the hilt, and destroying the Canadian economy.

FOr the first time in a long time, the Canadian dollar is so strong. Our economy is strong. We dont have the US financial crisis. We are being led by a responsible govt.

Vote Harper.

The guy is the real deal - and stands up to the anti-Semites, the liars and fakers.
(5/1/2011 12:04:59 AM)
go stephen
wohhoooooo stephen harper
(5/1/2011 12:08:59 AM)
vote for him
he is the most pro israel prime minister!
funny to see him at kosher quality!
(5/1/2011 12:11:49 AM)
saulie the man for the job
(5/1/2011 12:13:41 AM)
Go Irwin
Go Irwin, unbelievable man!
(5/1/2011 12:28:08 AM)
to comment 2
i agree 1000%, he is truly m'chassedey umas haoloam, may hashem bless him and may he win the next term and keep leading CA as good as he has until now!
(5/1/2011 12:50:27 AM)
Harper and Zajdel
Vote for Zajdel on May 2nd!!!!!

(5/1/2011 1:07:53 AM)
proud daughter #4
Steven Harper has Always supported Israel 100% and Saulie Zajdel, is right by his side sooo VOTE CONSERVATIVE n show your support on MAY 2 !!!
(5/1/2011 4:48:08 AM)
VOTE YONI!! he's not running for anything but he should - he's the man. Keep up the good work.
(5/1/2011 8:48:09 AM)
he must win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
(5/1/2011 9:36:57 AM)
Jews have a tremendous responsiblity
To vote for Harper, because this is a very, very tight race.

You cant vote for someone because he is Jewish, or because he cut a ribbon for your Shul.

You have to vote for the person who will stand up to the thugs and terrorists in the worldwide stage. Now is not the time for nepotism, and voting for people because they speak nicely or because they cut a ribbon.

Now is the time to vote for Harper. Anyone who does not has to make a sincere Cheshbon Hanefesh with the Ribono Shel Olam and to our brothers in the Holy Land.
(5/1/2011 11:20:27 AM)
Facts are Facts
According to Mr. Cotler he is proud that:
-He brought in gay marriage into Canaa
- He pressured Begin to give up the Sinai and sign the Camp David accords
-He was working on bringing Mahmood Abbas into Canada, but the was not permitted by the gov't
-He is a Human Rights activist

Why wpuld any Orthodox Jew feel comfortable to support this man?

Its obvious. Harper is the man to vote for. He put himself out for the Jewish people and it cost him big time. He also doing a fanstastic job with the economy. Canada is booming and the dollar is doing so well, thank to Harper.

(5/1/2011 11:35:41 AM)
GO ZAJDEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whoever wrote Go Irwin, is nuts. You should stand by your fellow Lubavitcher especially if he is the right man for the job. I will vote for Zajdel, he is definitely worthy of this position!! GO ZAJDEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ZAJDEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone should come out and vote for Zajdel, every vote counts!! He is counting on you too!!!
(5/1/2011 11:39:41 AM)
harper and zajdel
vote for zajdel
(5/1/2011 12:10:29 PM)
VOTE FOR HARPER - Vote Conservative
If the NDP or the Liberals come in big, the Canadian Dollar is going to take a huge whoopin.

If Harper gets a majority, the dollar will remain strong.

Vote Harper, or literally, get ready to see the Canadian economy go down, down the drain.

Harper is good for Canada. Harper is smart leader who has managed this country excellently.

If the NDP and Liberals form a coalition, business will run, run, run from Canada.

(5/1/2011 4:18:09 PM)
" zag solie arnt u proud of yr self " something rabbi faigelstock would say ...go solie make the Rebba proud
(5/1/2011 8:41:37 PM)
just vote-4 Saulie, because if you don't, it might be YOUR responsibilty if liberals or NDP get in- You will have a bunch of French Canadian Anti-Semites leading this country and everything will turn french! Harper is THE ONLY choice!
(5/1/2011 9:26:48 PM)
proud to be a CANADIAN
3 Cheers for CANADA!
(5/2/2011 12:54:48 AM)
conservative all the way
stephen harper at montreal kosher serving customers.cool :)
(5/2/2011 8:46:34 AM)
go harper!!!!!!!!!!!!
harper is by far the best prime minister canada ever had hope he wins by majority
(5/2/2011 2:34:38 PM)
(5/2/2011 9:08:58 PM)
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