Apr 10, 2011
Trump's Man Crashes at Chabad

Donald Trump sent his attorney Jason Greenblatt to buy a Virginia winery on Friday, but Shabbos was near so Chabad Shliach Shlomo Mayer got involved.

By COLlive reporter

Charlottesville, Virginia is usually a quiet and low profile place. But this past Thursday saw some movers and shakers come from all over the country in hopes of snapping up the Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyards for a good price.

American billionaire and TV personality Donald Trump sent his entourage to the foreclosure auction. When the sale took longer than expected, his representative and lawyer Jason Greenblatt inquired about a place for Shabbat.

Greenblatt, who has worked for "The Donald" for more than 15 years, is a Shabbos-observing Jew.

The Trump team secured the winery (for $6.21 million) but had run into several setbacks with paperwork, which ran late into Friday. The seller, Mrs. Patricia Kluge inquired and understood.

Upon hearing his dilemma, she quickly remembered meeting the local Chabad Shliach Rabbi Shlomo Mayer at a dinner in November 2010.

A phone call from her led to last minute arrangements for Greenblatt at a hotel and a spot at a Shabbos table set for 65 people at the Chabad House at the University of Virginia.

Students were in for a special treat when Greenblatt enthralled them with tales of the lengths he goes to to honor the Shabbos.

"I've worked for 48 hours straight on big deals, I'm talking about 800 million dollar deals, when I've just gone to Mr. Trump and said as apologetically as possible, 'I've done all I can and the holiday starts in 2 hours.' Donald would say to me, 'Go home and pray. Go be with your family.'"

Students were shocked to hear that Trump had called on Friday just to make sure Greenblatt was set up for the Shabbos. Deeply impressed, one student announced it was time for him to finally make the commitment to keep Shabbos.

It seems like even before he announces his presidential run, Trump has made a positive impact on many.

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Rabbi Shlomo Mayer and a friend at Chabad Charlottesville, Virginia
Rabbi Shlomo Mayer and a friend at Chabad Charlottesville, Virginia

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What a

Kiddush Hashem!
(4/10/2011 8:11:19 PM)
Trump is a true Mentsch.
And believe me, it isn't just that he's wealthy. A lot of wealthy gentiles can learn from this that Moshiach will come closer with these small acts of kindness. And this one gets marked down as a "BIGGIE" Yasher Koach Donald.
(4/10/2011 8:24:02 PM)
Trump For Prez!
I would vote for Trump!
(4/10/2011 8:53:34 PM)
Yay Mayers!!!!
You guys are as amazing as ever!!! - The Atkins
(4/10/2011 9:33:55 PM)
thank you for this story
wonderful to hear
(4/10/2011 10:11:15 PM)
da rabbi
the chabad rabbi gets the biggest applause from me. he is there to make shabbat for any/everyone, with/without advance notice, every week. trump man or no trump man.

if trump was the big man, he'd send a big ($$$) thank you to the chabad rabbi for allowing his man to do his deal so close to shabbat. (or maybe make the new vineyard kosher and the rabbi a partner in the profits).
(4/10/2011 10:17:01 PM)
thanks for sending this
nice story
(4/10/2011 10:44:06 PM)
purim 5771
Rabbi Mayer and uva in the news again
(4/11/2011 12:28:31 AM)
Trump likes the spot light but he is not a bad guy..
(4/11/2011 8:03:08 AM)
Jewish grandchildren
pregnant Ivanka (Yael) Trump Kushner is a shomeret shabbat (converted k'halacha)
(4/11/2011 8:20:47 AM)
Always hated Trump, not anymore
I always hated how Trump so flaunts his wealth but recently seeing how gutsy Trump is on taking on Obama, I've become his greatest fan. I used to call his disease of always thirsting for fame 'trumptosis', but now I hope he'll be our president in 2013, irrespective of his 'trumptosis'. Trump is the ONLY candidate to call out Obama on his birth certificate fraud. He's got the guts to get us out of the mess that we're in.

Trump 2012!
(4/11/2011 11:39:20 AM)
The "birth certificate" is authentic
I don't understand the hysteria surrounding the President's birth certificate. He has released it to the public, the Governor of Hawaii (a Republican btw) has declared that it is authentic, but for some reason a whole "conspiracy" has grown up around it. There is no smoke. There is no fire. By fueling this stupid "birth certificate" nonsense, Mr. Trump has proven that he is unfit to hold public office.
(4/11/2011 12:29:35 PM)
#12 is either a fool or a liar
No birth certificate has been released. The state says it can't release it without the president's permission. How do you explain that, if you think it was already released? Various state officials have claimed that a certificate exists, but they all refuse to say what's on it. There's plenty of smoke, all right; the only question is whether there's a fire, or just a smoke bomb.
(4/11/2011 12:39:09 PM)
I am saddened
I am saddened that this "birth certificate" mishugass has even spread amongst frum Jews. The President has released his birth certificate, there is no "secret birth certificate" hidden away, and yet there are still some foolish people who insist there must be a "conspiracy" just like there are some who claim "9/11 was an inside job."
(4/11/2011 5:36:14 PM)
that picture is at chabad of tysons!
great story nonetheless!
(4/11/2011 6:28:44 PM)
if there was a birth certificate released it woudl be all over the place. show one link to it.
(4/12/2011 1:49:27 AM)
response to # 12
The only thing Obama released is a certificate of live birth. This is not the same thing as a birth certificate.
(4/15/2011 5:19:11 PM)
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