Apr 8, 2011
Summaries Help Learn Semicha

Written summaries help bochurim break down complex subjects at the Chovevei Torah semicha class in Crown Heights. "The handouts proved most helpful," said Heshy Mishulovin of California.

As Pesach break approaches, talmidim at the Chovevei Torah semicha class in Crown Heights roll full steam ahead in their studies of Hilchos Taaruvos, placing extra emphasis on the many ramifications relating to Hilchos Pesach.

The bochurim were previously tested on Hilchos Melicha and Basar Becholov by the Rosh Yeshiva of Central Lubavitch Yeshiva 770, Rabbi Zalman Labkowski, and are set to complete their third section by the end of the zman.

The program, launched this past year by Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Chovevei Torah, is headed by young Rabbi Yosef Barber, who has gained the admiration of his talmidim both for his scholarship and dedication.

"He is always available to answer our questions and is very patient in explaining the material until he is sure we understand it thoroughly," said Berry Nash, a student in the class.

The program boasts comfortable learning conditions, a nice dorm, good food, and most importantly a conventional yeshiva environment with a structured curriculum.

Daily shiurim outline the sugya from its source in the Gemara, the various interpretations of the Rishonim, down through its presentation by the poskim.

"The shiurim provide important background information and context so we don't feel lost as we delve into the unfamiliar concepts of Yoreh Deah," said another student, Shlomo Katz.

This comes in addition to bi-weekly shiurim highlighting important issues addressed by the later poskim. Helpful summaries are also provided, adding much clarity as they break down complex subjects in a unique format.

"There are many seforim out there on Yoreh Deah, but Rabbi Barber's handouts proved most helpful for me," commented Heshy Mishulovin, a class participant from California.

Applications are now being accepted for the school year 5772.

"Building off the tremendous success of our first year, we expect very strong interest for this coming year," said Rabbi Barber, adding that the class size will be limited to ensure individualized attention and hadracha.

For more info, visit SemichaClass.com

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Opinions and Comments
(4/8/2011 7:56:29 PM)
This really is the greatest Smicha option out there. You can si be in 770 for chassidus in the morning and night and be by all the farbrengens, and si you have a real yeshiva atmosphere with plenty of elbow room!

And Rabbi Barber is absolutely the best!
(4/9/2011 9:19:55 PM)
ShloMichel is the man
Keep up the good work!

- your Rabbi
(4/9/2011 10:22:19 PM)
A Montrealer
Heshy!!! You Da Man!!Remember ur roots!
(4/9/2011 11:20:17 PM)
Rabbi Barber is ...
Rabbi Barber is the most devoted hanholoh
member i ever had in all ways, and takes interest
in haw the bochurim get along with each other, WITHOUT
desturbing our "space"
(4/10/2011 12:18:18 AM)
mamash an eideler tziur
(4/10/2011 4:07:46 AM)
All the malos
Imagine you have all the Malos of learning in 770 Plus!!!!
We eat all our meals in Lubavitch yeshiva, we dorm across the street . we can daven all the davenings with the rebbes minyan.
(4/10/2011 11:44:19 AM)
others programs
One of the only advantages in a Smecha program is, that you know the material better but you also have many disadvantages.
with this place however , you dont have those disadvantages cause you are in 770 in a way...

So if you are looking for a place to learn , and very well. without loosing your Bochurkeit that you have attained all these years , than learn with Rabbi Barber
(4/10/2011 11:50:00 AM)
(4/10/2011 12:23:16 PM)
Thank you!
Thank you Rabbi Barber for such a successful program!
(4/10/2011 1:02:36 PM)
Learning styles
Yasher Koach to the students and to COL for publicizing how they used different learning styles.
(4/10/2011 1:51:38 PM)
Great Program, Great Rabbi, Intense Learning, Kol Torah, and nice learning environment.
(4/10/2011 2:10:12 PM)
Rabbi barber fan
it's about time we have a smicha program that's done right!
(4/10/2011 4:17:24 PM)
bochurs dream
rabbi barber has the best combination- clear, patient, dedicated, down to earth, devoted... the list goes on and on....
much hatzlocha!!
(4/10/2011 4:21:55 PM)
happy mother
my son is in the program and i've never seen him so happy in yeshiva!!!!
(4/10/2011 4:23:21 PM)
Heard about this program from my friend. We need more of such devoted Rabbi's in our Yeshivos. The ones that are not just there for the money, but actually want to teach and make sure that everyone knows the work. My friend says he never had such a Rebbe in all of his Yeshiva years. Rabbi Barber- keep up the great work!
(4/10/2011 5:35:17 PM)
Ther is no one like Rabbi Barber!!! He really wants us to know the information!!!
(4/10/2011 10:57:34 PM)
go hirsh
go hirsh from L.A. !!!!
(4/10/2011 10:58:35 PM)
Go uncle Yossi
We are so proud of you Uncle Yossie !!! Keep up the Great work!!!
(4/10/2011 11:00:36 PM)
moshe h
best smicha ever!!!! da!!!!!
(4/10/2011 11:01:31 PM)
Finally! We needed a smicha like this!!!
Finally! We needed a smicha like this!!!
(4/10/2011 11:02:16 PM)
my son is so happy with Rabbbi Barber. His devotion and dedication to the bochurim is geshmact. Keep up the Great work your doing!!! hope you continue with your great work!Hatzlacha Rabba! Cant wait to send my next son!
(4/10/2011 11:05:19 PM)
(4/10/2011 11:06:32 PM)
(4/10/2011 11:07:23 PM)
it's about time
smicha is not about being yotze zein but really knowing the info...thank you!!!
(4/10/2011 11:12:49 PM)
sounds too good to be true
where do i sign up??
(4/10/2011 11:14:14 PM)
Rabbi Barber
Such a young man and all the talmidim love him
(4/10/2011 11:15:32 PM)
rabbi barber u do great work
keep it up:)
may u go higher and higher!
(4/10/2011 11:16:03 PM)
bochur who regrets he didnt join program
i personally know a bochur who is in the program who loves it-this is amazing
(4/10/2011 11:16:46 PM)
uncle yossi
keep it up:)
u do great work
we are so proud of u!
(4/10/2011 11:17:10 PM)
Go Uncle Yossi
Keep on going! continue going from strenth to strenth!
(4/10/2011 11:18:50 PM)
this smicha is the best!!!
(4/10/2011 11:24:39 PM)
to #14
Your words are all mamesh emes i just have more to add to the list to make it more geshmak! Rabbi Barber is clear, patient, dedicated, down to earth, devoted x2!!!
(4/10/2011 11:28:44 PM)
GO Berry Nash!
(4/10/2011 11:30:32 PM)
geshmake program
its mamesh a geshmak to see my son smile on the way to yeshica !!!
(4/10/2011 11:37:35 PM)
this smicha program is the way to do it!!
real good for the shchuna!!
kan tziva hashem es habracha!!!
(4/10/2011 11:41:03 PM)
they look like such ERLICHE bochurim!
(4/10/2011 11:42:58 PM)
go rabbi barber
(4/11/2011 5:02:28 PM)
we love u uncle yossi
(4/11/2011 5:02:50 PM)
keep it up
its amazing how s/o so young can put t/g such a beautiful program
(4/11/2011 5:03:57 PM)
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