Mar 2, 2011
Drizins Honored in Park Slope

The Drizin family will dedicate Park Slope's first women's Mikvah, Rabbi Shimon & Sarah Hecht announced at a gala dinner held at the Picnic House.

Chabad in Brooklyn, under the dynamic leadership of Rabbi Shimon Hecht and his wife Sarah, recently celebrated 25 years of service to the Brownstone Brooklyn Jewish community with a gala dinner and silent auction held at the Picnic House in Prospect Park.

Highlighted at the event were Chabad's many accomplishments, especially in the areas of Early Childhood education, social services, and construction of the magnificent Park Slope Mikvah.

Honorees at the dinner were long-time friends of Chabad, Drs. Harvey, Allan and David Dosik along with Dr. Lederman of the nearby Methodist Hospital.

They were acknowledged and thanked for their commitment to the Jewish community in Brooklyn and for all they do at New York Methodist Hospital.

Michelle and J.J. Berney, parents of two children attending Chabad's Chai Tots preschool, were honored for their outstanding commitment to the growth and success of Chai Tots.

The Berneys thanked Chabad's Chai Tots preschool for its superb education of the community's Jewish children. "The love for Yiddishkeit that the dedicated teachers instill in our children remains with us for a lifetime, and, positively impacts the entire family."

Sarah Hecht, Director of the Chai Tots Preschool, acknowledged the success. "It is amazing to see from a Mommy and Me consisting of 3-4 Jewish children in our living room 20 years ago, to the growth of what Chai Tots has become today.

"How many lives were touched, how many hundreds of children throughout the years educated in a Jewish atmosphere, gives us all tremendous amount of pride and joy! We look forward with G-Ds help to continued growth, success, and expansion", Mrs. Hecht concluded.

The crown of Chabad in Brooklyn's achievements is, undoubtedly, the construction of a new and luxurious Mikvah to service the many families in the Brownstone Brooklyn region. The renowned Drizin family was honored and thanked for their generosity towards this project.

They dedicated the Sara Drizin Campus in honor of the Bubbe of the family. The campus will house Park Slope's first women's Mikvah, a number of Hachnosas Orchim suites, a men's Mikvah, and administrative offices.

Mr. Zevi Drizin, a close supporter of Chabad of Park Slope, thanked his parents for their exemplary philanthropy, and, for helping so many Chabad institutions around the world.

He expressed his appreciation to his parents for being living examples of Baalei Chessed and Baalei Tzedakah. Zevi described to the dinner guests how it was Rabbi Hecht's enthusiasm and legendary energetic commitment to all aspects of Yiddishkeit that was the catalyst for him to become involved in this vital project.

The dinner and silent auction fundraiser was a huge success. It raised $300,000 that will be used for the building of the new beautiful mikvah, and to further spread the growth of Chabad's activities in the Brownstone Brooklyn region.

Rabbi Hecht gave gratitude to Hashem for the expansion of all the eight Chabad Centers opened in the Brownstone Brooklyn area, as well as the three Chai Tots schools now operating , and filled to capacity.

"The Rebbe's brochos are evident in what we have accomplished up until this point. We humbly trust that we will merit additional brochos to enable us to fulfill the Rebbe's mission of preparing our region for Kabolas P'nei Moshiach", said Rabbi Hecht.

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mendel ciment
mendel ciment looking good!
green carpets....time has not taken your million dollar smile!
Cuzy wuzy shimon my heart swells with pride!
Your father the great askan and tzadick JJ obm is oisek bishamyim norah on your behalf ....for sure!!!! CHAZAK keep it up
(3/2/2011 8:24:31 PM)
great pics
who took the photos
(3/2/2011 8:32:46 PM)
You are looking good!!!! I miss you!!!
(3/2/2011 9:03:16 PM)
(3/2/2011 9:32:14 PM)
(3/2/2011 10:28:42 PM)
Drizins are the Best
Kol Hakavod
Just wondering where the very Chashuver Drizin Einikel and Zevi's first cousin and Chaver, Reb DovBer Pinson is? He so happens to be the neighboring shliach closest to park slope.
(3/2/2011 10:58:45 PM)
Zevi Rocks!
Go Zevi
(3/2/2011 11:07:22 PM)
Go Drizins
May Hashem give the Drizin familiy gezunt and koach and the ability to keep on doing for klal. They are amazing. May Hashem bless them with nachas from their children, einiklach and ur einiklach
(3/2/2011 11:24:47 PM)
Drizin's are real chassidim
Its nice to see the Chasidishe Drizin family, ie; the Gevrim in "hats", reb shalom ber and zalman moshe, reb nachum pinson. You don't need to take off your hat! A Lubavithcer Chasid goes with a hat, period
(3/2/2011 11:59:15 PM)
nice to see you
(3/3/2011 7:24:57 AM)
thank g-d for col
or i'd never get to see these pics...
from jeru ;)
(3/3/2011 7:26:43 AM)
Thanks for reminding people what a chosid should look like. It is so true. What with jeans and no hats etc. the young won't remember what a chosid should look like. That doesn't take away from all the good things that are being accomplished by those that don't
(3/3/2011 8:56:38 AM)
Shoshana you look beautiful :)
(3/3/2011 9:07:46 AM)
go kugel
i see u mirele! lookin good! go kugel!
(3/3/2011 9:45:37 AM)
Zevi Drzin
you are an inspiration to all of us.. not only for giving tzedoka to so may places but HOW YOU GIVE IT.. all balei tzodoka should learn from you how to make ppl feel when they give tzdokah

UR # 1 Fan

(3/3/2011 10:17:44 AM)
I Second #15
I wish i knew i would have came
(3/3/2011 11:48:07 AM)
i spotted you!!!!!
go cm moscow...ur an awesome hc!!!!!
(3/3/2011 12:40:47 PM)
Hey Moish
Paisley looks good on you. :)
(3/3/2011 12:44:06 PM)
wheres moosha?
(3/3/2011 2:01:16 PM)
Go Yit & Mirelle!! Looking gorgeous as always :) :) :)
(3/3/2011 2:03:45 PM)
the best people ever!!
(3/3/2011 5:18:11 PM)
I spy parkslope midwives?!?!?
I see Dona and Anne of the park slope midwives!
not in scrubs, wonder what's their connection?!?!?!
ooohhhh probably showing support to Dr. Lederman
(3/3/2011 5:25:24 PM)
we love sara sara sar hecht
(3/3/2011 7:16:45 PM)
former teen camper
Sarah hecht rocks the house!!!!!!!!!!!1
(3/4/2011 10:53:57 AM)
We love you, Zevi. Brocha V'Hatzlacha in everything!
(3/4/2011 11:30:05 AM)
mazel tov
nice crowd
(3/6/2011 9:22:05 AM)
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