Feb 16, 2011
Climate Expert Warns at Chabad

Australia's Parliamentary Secretary for climate change Mark Dreyfus told a crowd at Chabad Melbourne that "it's a huge problem."

Rabbi Chaim Herzog, Director of Chabad of Melbourne CBD held a luncheon for business people on the relevant topic in today's time and world - "Taking Action On Climate Change."

The speaker was Mark Dreyfus QC MP, who is the Federal Minister for Issacs and also a cabinet secretary as well as Parliamentary secretary for climate change and energy efficiency.

Mr. Dreyfus stressed that taking action today on climate change would leave the world a better place for our children.

"Climate change is a huge problem," he said. "The more people there are the more green gas being released into the air and the carbon emissions lead to climate change."

In November 1996, the Kyoto Protocol Scheme was formed this will end in its present form in 2012. Most of the worlds developed countries signed it including India and China - the U.S. did not, he noted.

"You cannot organize 192 countries at one time so they were broken up into smaller groups. The next Kyoto Protocol World Conference will take place next year in Durban," he said.

Dreyfus then took Q&A's from the participants.

One of his answers were how Australia is the largest exporter of coal in the world and that because we have had a late start in dealing with green house gases we can expect a 2 degree temperature rise and a one metre rise in waters, at the end of 2050.

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Ban Coal?!
These climate nut jobs want to ban coal, how are you going to power ur electric car without coal powered power plants?!
(2/17/2011 10:48:41 AM)
What the...
Chabad goin green?!
(2/17/2011 12:42:39 PM)
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