Jan 9, 2011
Jews Must Teach Non Jews

Video Archive: The Rebbe on the importance of not only teaching Torah to Jews, but also teaching the 7 Noahide Laws to non-Jews.

In a sicha on 8 Adar 5742, the Rebbe spoke about the importance of a Jew not only teaching Torah to Jews, but also teaching the Seven Laws of Noah to non-Jews as well.

VIDEO: Courtesy of Living Torah by JEM

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UNITY reflects Respect to H'B
We all need to built on what we all have in comon and not waste any effort in our differences.
Thank G-D we are all different
(1/9/2011 1:14:00 PM)
Boruch N. Hoffinger BS"D
I started a new 'shiur' in 'The 7 Noahide Laws' with Mr. Don Goodman as the teacher.
We hold class, 2x per mo. at the Sephardic Shul on President, btwn. Kingston and Albany.
The class is free. Jews welcome.
(We also have a radio show and are trying to get funding.)
Any volunteers please contact:
For further info: bhoffinger@aol.com sweetjudgements@aol.com
(1/9/2011 5:26:32 PM)
Rabbi Riece!!
Rabbi Riece!!
(1/9/2011 8:29:13 PM)
concerned for our own
If we don't have all jews following the torah how can we expend energy on non jews.we aren't living in King Solomon's time
(5/9/2012 5:11:56 PM)
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