Dec 30, 2010
Rabbi Lazar Meets Top Mufti

Russia Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar agreed on cooperation with Mufti Muhammad Rakhimov, head of the All-Russian Muslim Board.

Ahlul Bayt News Agency

Russia chief rabbi Berel Lazar agreed on cooperation with the head of the recently established Russian Association of Islamic Accord (All-Russian Muslim Board), Mufti of Stavropol Muhammad Rakhimov.

On Friday meeting in Moscow they discussed inter-ethnic relations in Russia and exchanged opinions on interreligious dialogue in the country, rabbi's press secretary Andrey Glotser told Interfax-Religion.

During the discussion, Lazar noted that "many positive changes in the field of religion" take place today in Russia, "unique relations among all the country's traditional religions" are established and "foreign countries have things to learn from Russia in the field." Rakhimov expressed hope that such relations in Russia would further develop.

The mufti also asked the Russia's chief rabbi to help Muslim pilgrims visit Jerusalem on their way back from Mecca when they go on hajj and Lazar promised "to spare no effort for it."

"We'll be glad if people come in Jerusalem, if they learn more about holy places of the world religions. Lack of knowledge often give reasons for conflicts. If people strive to learn more about other religions, it will give them a chance to better understand believers of other religions," the rabbi is convinced.

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Hes great! (also a great speaker :D)
(12/30/2010 10:19:57 PM)
Vehazman gromo bismichus l'chof daled taivais yom hahilulo shel K"K Admu"r Hazokein b'oifen shel Podoh B'sholoim Nafshi
(12/30/2010 11:16:42 PM)
Do you guys think that this also appeared on the Mufti's website?
(12/31/2010 12:40:00 AM)

wow!!! rabbi lazar is some diplomat!!
(12/31/2010 2:00:16 AM)
This is the type of thing that should generate 200 positive comments, as opposed to those sensationalist, negative articles and op-ed pieces.
(12/31/2010 3:56:44 AM)
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