Dec 16, 2010
Florida Youth Runs 7 Parades

Chabad Youth Network of Florida lit up the streets with 7 Menorah Parades, with their trademark orange Menorahs seen all around Florida.

Chabad Youth Network of Florida lit up the streets with 7 Menorah Parades, with their trademark orange Menorahs seen all around Florida.

Weeks before Chanukah began, preparations were underway for all the parades, organized by Rabbi Shmuly G. of CYN, with the help of a few dedicated bochurim. The group was busy building Menorahs - sawing, painting, and assembling to produce hundreds of beautiful menorahs.

On Thursday the first parade took place in Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens, with Rabbi Vigler with a 30 car parade. On Sunday there were three parades - Palm Beach Synagogue with Rabbi Scheiner with a 25 car parade, Chabad of Kendall with Rabbi Harlig with a 30 car parade, and Bal Harbor with Rabbi Lipskar with a whopping 70 car parade.

On Monday a parade took place in Chabad of Daytona with Rabbi Ezagui with a 30 car parade, and finally on Wednesday in South Orlando with Rabbi Konikov with a 40 car parade and Miami with a 45 car parade.

Hours before each parade began, members of the community drove in to receive a menorah atop their car along with a CD full of inspiring and enlivening Chanukah songs. Many parades had a police escort to lead the way, and stretch hummers for all the Hebrew school students to ride in style.

Speakers blasted Chanukah songs to further spread the joy and light of Chanukah. Spectators on the streets waved and smiled and even took pictures of the amazing procession of cars, all with menorahs!

Also in the parade was a 7 ft dreidel on a pickup truck, with the letters nun, gimmel, hey, and shin, illuminated. The truck stopped every so often as Rabbi Shmuly G. juggled and danced in the streets. As the parade came to a close and everyone exited their vehicles, the joy on their faces was apparent for all to see. Each person marveled at the incredible feeling of joy and Jewish pride they felt being part of this parade. Many even kept the menorahs on their cars for the remainder of Chanukah.

At the end of the Parade route, each city held a different event with a beautiful menorah lighting ceremony.

With the hundreds of people participating in the parades and the thousands observing them, it was a Chanukah sensation in Florida. The lights of Chanukah burned bright.

Special thanks to Shimmy Korlitzky, Shloimy Gutnick, Yossi Gutnick and Orit Katan.

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Keep rocken
Shmuly keep it up
Your the best
(12/16/2010 5:41:54 PM)
Go Yankie and Rafa!!......... I spot DL :)
(12/16/2010 5:51:05 PM)
great to c u!
rabbi zvi konikov greatest shliach ever!!!!!!
(12/16/2010 6:28:46 PM)
Go Rabbi Yosef Konikov
You just manage to pull off those great events!
(12/16/2010 6:38:09 PM)
(12/16/2010 6:38:45 PM)
(12/16/2010 7:08:37 PM)
lovelove love it!!!!!!!!
do you mind if here in l.a. we copy this brilliant idea?
these menorahs really stand out!
(12/16/2010 7:13:49 PM)
Great Job Rabbi G.
We were part of the Bal Harbor parade. It was amazing - the highlight of our Chanukah!
(12/16/2010 10:48:55 PM)
Palm Beach Synagogue
Where are the pictures of Palm Beach Synagogue menorah parade? 25 cars lit up the Island of Palm Beach for the first time ever Chanukah Parade!
(12/17/2010 10:00:59 AM)
wow wa wee wa
alex looking good soo happy to see your haveing fun
(12/17/2010 2:15:03 PM)
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